Trusted Tablets Prices and Assortment: Generics Vs Brands

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Trusted Tablets is a renown online drugstore whose specialty is selling generic medicines. Though the majority of its pharmaceutical products are composed of generic medicines, it also has brand-name drugs available for customers who are looking for them. Going with Trusted Tablets is a very wise choice for customers to make because it offers great savings to all with its very affordable prices. It offers its medicines at very cheap costs, both for the generic and branded ones and customers don’t have to spend as much money as they are spending at the local pharmacies. Cheap prices don’t only mean more savings to the customers but it also means that they can purchase more meds for their future use.

Trusted Tablets

Because of the costly prices of medicines at the local pharmacy which is a known fact, customers can’t get the real value out of their money. Be it generics or brand-name meds, their prices are different compared to what online pharmacies like Trusted Tablets have which are cheap. On top of the expensive prices locally, customers can’t purchase prescription drugs with no scripts from their doctors. This means they have to visit their physicians and pay for the prescriptions before they are allowed to purchase the expensively-priced medicines. With fees here and expensive prices there, it’s no wonder why many patients got few or almost no money left after they purchase their meds at local drugstores. Most of the time, their money can only purchase a few pills of the medicines that they so badly need which makes their treatment somewhat lacking.

But not at Trusted Tablets as it is a drugstore that is dedicated to providing medicines at low prices and customers will get the real value for their hard-earned money. Prescriptions are also not required from them which is such a great relief to many. They no longer have to spend a lot of time in visiting their doctors and they no longer have to spend on prescription fees. They can conveniently purchase their meds with no restrictions or any questions.

Its assortment of drugs is also wide-ranging and buyers are guaranteed to find whatever medicines that they need on its list. They have a complete selection of medicines in diverse categories from alcoholism up to Women’s Health, with 35 other medicine categories in between them. Their meds are complete with all the branded drugs, their generics and their variants which gives the customers a lot of options to select from.

What’s good about the products that Trusted Tablets have is that they’re all safe to use and effective for the health conditions that they will be treating.



All of its pharmaceutical products are FDA-approved, going through all the stringent quality checks and tests before they are green-lighted for online sale.

Trusted Tablets Branded Medicines

The brand-name meds that Trusted Tablets have are not at all different to those branded medicines being sold at the local drugstores. Its branded drugs came from its original manufacturers and customers can be assured of that. Some customers may then ask why are their prices cheap if they’re the exact same brands which are sold expensively at local pharmacies. The answer to this question is because Trusted Tablets sources them directly from their manufacturers and not through distributors. Because it is able to get the products directly, Trusted Tablets is able to sell its branded drugs at significantly lower prices than the pharmacies that are local. In getting branded drugs at Trusted Tablets, customers will get savings for as much as 80% compared to when they shop meds at their drugstores. They also get the chance to save more in purchasing in bulk quantities, up to hundreds of dollars in savings which is not offered by the local pharmacies.

For buyers who are specifically looking for branded meds among the wide assortment of Trusted Tablets’ products, they can easily spot them as there’s a “brand” word before the names of the medicines. To make up for not requiring its customers to provide prescriptions, Trusted Tablets have made sure it has completed all the information that they will ever need about their drugs. It’s complete with all the instructions, warnings, drug interactions, side effects, and others to guide customers on how to properly use their meds.

Trusted Tablets Generics

Generic medicines are the kind of medicines that are commonly underestimated by most customers, thinking they are inferior to the branded medicines. But little do the customers know that generic meds have the exact same effects that a branded drug can give since it uses the same active ingredients. The generics sold by Trusted Tablets are of the best quality and one can say that its generic meds are on par with its branded medicines.

The first part where these meds differ to each other is their manufacturers. Generic drug manufacturers are various, while the branded drug only has one. The next one is the appearances as generics vary from the branded drugs in color, shape, and forms. The next difference is the name as generic brands have to use their own name or the generic name of the drug, not its original brand name. Lastly, the most striking difference between the two is the price. Generics cost a lot cheaper than the branded medicines that’s why these drugs are more popular with the customers.

Trusted Tablets Generic Prices

Trusted Tablets Generic Prices

With the exact same effects as the branded medicines but much cheaper prices, the generic medicines are a wiser choice for customers. Since only very few generics are available at other online stores and local pharmacies, Trusted Tablets is the best place to get them.

Trusted Tablets Bestsellers

The most popular products that Trusted Tablets has are the pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. They both have branded drugs and generic versions for them and their generic ED pills are much cheaper in comparison. For as low as $0.69 USD per pill, customers can already purchase one tablet of generic Viagra at Trusted Tablets and compared to the price that the local stores have, they can save for as much as 95% of what they usually spend.

Generic Viagra Price

Generic Viagra Price

Generic Cipro, an antibiotic, can also be bought at an affordable price of $0.97 USD. Other bestsellers include generic Nolvadex, generic Lasix, generic Clomid, generic Propecia and many more, all can be bought at prices below $1 USD for each pill.


Trusted Tablets is indeed the best place to get drugs from because it only charges low prices for its branded meds and even lower costs for its generics. All the medicines that the customers need are here, whether generics or brand-name drugs, they can all find it at Trusted Tablets. Its products are all approved by the FDA, perfectly safe and effective for everyone to use.

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