Trusted Tablets Customer Reviews

Trusted Tablets Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important to every online business since they give the consumers an insight on what to expect from a certain shop or service. Since online pharmacies now about on the web, it is getting harder and harder to identify which online drugstores have excellent service and which ones do not.

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Since reviews are essential to online businesses including online pharmacies, we searched for customer reports for the pharmacy network Trusted Tablets from the web. It is good to take a look at the buyer opinions of Trusted Tablet so we may be made aware if the pharmacies involved in this network are reliable or if they are not.

Third-party Reviews

The first reviews I looked at for Trust Pharmacy are the ones available on third-party or independent review sites. Here are several customer testimonials from the buyers of Trusted Tablet stores:

Third-Party Review from a Trusted Tablets Client

Third-Party Review from a Trusted Tablets Client

One consumer rated Trusted Tablets 4 out of 5 stars for its service. According to him, he’s been suffering from a lot of medical concerns like heart disease, PTSD, and several others. However, he related that he’s lost his health insurance hence his motivation to search for online drugstores to help him afford his medicines. This user mentioned discovering Trusted Tablets tried the drugstore since he had not much of a choice when it comes to his meds.

According to him, he received his medicines timely and to his surprise, the medicines worked. All in all, he was satisfied with his purchase experience with Trusted Tablets, as well with the store’s medicines. This user also recommended the shop’s use to other consumers who are looking for affordable medicines. The person, however, did not state why he rated Trusted Tablets only 4 points out of 5.

More customer reviews were available for Trusted Tablets like the following ones from another third-party website:

2010-2011 Reviews for Trusted Tablets

2010-2011 Reviews for Trusted Tablets

Reviews for Trusted Tablets were posted as early as 2010-2011, like the ones featured in the image above. According to Oliver, who posted in November 2010, Trusted Tablets was a good website, hence his 5/5 star rating for the store. Oliver mentioned that Trusted Tablets was able to deliver exactly what he ordered, unlike with another online shop which ripped him off. Oliver attested to receiving genuine medicines from Trusted Tablets and because of that, he stated that he will continue to use the store.

Another review, from Emma, rated the store 5 out of 5 points in November 2010. According to her, she was able to experience first-hand why Trusted Tablets was amongst the highest-rated online pharmacy networks in the market. Emma mentioned that she enjoyed the cheap shipping rate and the no-spam feature of the site, so overall, she had a great experience with Trusted Tablets.

Amber, from Chicago, rated the store 5/5 because of her quick order turnaround. She mentioned ordering on January 25 and receiving her order on February 7. It was her first time ever to order from an online drugstore and she was impressed by Trusted Tablets’ performance.

2012 Reviews for Trusted Tablets

2012 Reviews for Trusted Tablets

Customers were still in awe of Trusted Tablets in 2012, although some consumers have had concerns with the store’s shipping.

Darrell rated the store 5 out of 5 points in April 2012 and mentioned that he had a “very smooth transaction” with the store. According to him, the shop shipped his order within a day, which left him quite impressed with Trusted Tablets’ service. Darrell said that Trusted Tablets service was fast, but his orders still got a bit delayed in customs; however, he did not blame the shop for the delay and mentioned that Trusted Tablets did not have control over customs and still reassured the other consumers that Trusted Tablets is legit.

A user named Jen also posted her review of Trusted Tablets and gave the shop a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. According to her, Trusted Tablets is legit and the medicines were great. However, her only complaint was that the shipping took “a long time” and some of the prices were more expensive than other online drugstore prices.

Dave Jones, like Jen, also rated the drugstore only averagely—he gave 3 out of 5 points for the shop instead of a perfect score. He did so because although he was able to receive his orders from Trusted Tablets, he got his items “two weeks late”.

So far, the most recent reviews for Trusted Tablets were only from 2013 and though old, the reviews were still positive about the stores performance

So far, the most recent reviews for Trusted Tablets were only from 2013 and though old, the reviews were still positive about the store’s performance.

According to Norman, he ordered from the store and he was able to receive all his items from Trusted Tablets. Contrary to the complaint of Jen, Norman mentioned that Trusted Tablets had competitive prices that he found the Trusted Tablets store great to order from again.

Another user, “Some Dude AZ”, also wrote his review in 2013 and gave the website 4 out of 5 points. He mentioned that his order got so delayed that he thought that he was ripped off by Trusted Tablet. However, his orders still came although it took more than a month before his items arrived. He was satisfied with the items and even encouraged the consumers to be patient with their orders and to have faith that they will eventually arrive despite the delays, just like what happened to his order.


Trusted Tablet reviews were available online and most of the customer comments for the shop were positive. Buyers were happy with the turnaround of their orders and consumers also appreciated that the medicines are genuine and effective to use.

The only complaint of consumers against the store was the slow shipping—some customers even thought that they were scammed because of the lengthy waiting period—but the consumers eventually got their orders from the store. Overall, buyers had a positive experience with Trusted Tablets.

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