Trust Pharmacy Prices and Assortment: Generics Vs Brands

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Trust Pharmacy is one of the best online pharmacies that offer very cheap prices for its high-quality assortment of drugs. Compared to purchasing at other online drugstores, customers will immediately notice the difference in the prices that it offers since they are very low, allowing them to save more money. The contrast will be much greater if the prices of Trust Pharmacy is compared with the local drugstore’s prices. Buyers will get the best value for the money they spend purchasing at Trust Pharmacy because they can get their medicines for just a price of a few cents, while local drugstores are known for selling medicines at very costly prices.

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Brand-name medicines or generics, it makes no difference at Trust Pharmacy since both medicine types can be bought at very affordable costs. It’s also amazing to note that the branded meds that fetch at great prices at local pharmacies can only be bought for a few dollars at Trust Pharmacy. Its generic meds are even better choices as they can be purchased at lower prices but the effects and benefits that they give are just as good as the branded ones.

The assortment of products that Trust Pharmacy is quite huge. Every medicine that the customers can find at their local drugstores is also available on its selection and many more since it also offers different effective variants that the customers can choose from. Its assortment is not as limited as what the local stores have but one can say that the selection that Trust Pharmacy has is complete since its medicine categories cover a wide range of medical applications and conditions from Allergies to Women’s Health, complete with all the drugs from A to Z. Generics or branded meds, all of the products of are approved by the FDA which is a guarantee of their effectiveness and safety for use.

Trust Pharmacy: Brand-Name Medications

On Trusted Pharmacy’s selection of medicines, customers can easily find the branded meds by the word “Brand” which is located before the name of a medicine. These brand-name meds that Trust Pharmacy has are sourced from the same manufacturers that local drugstores get them from. This fact will now correct the common misconception of some customers that the medicines sold by online pharmacies such as Trust Pharmacy are not of the same quality as the meds sold locally. The brand-name drugs at local drugstores and the brand-name drugs at Trusted Pharmacy are exactly the same, coming from the same pharmaceutical companies.

Profit is the only reason why local drugstores have expensive prices for their medicines. Trust Pharmacy, on the other hand, can sell its branded medicines at much lower costs as it sources its products directly from the manufacturers and not from distributors. Purchasing branded meds don’t have to be expensive for customers who prefer to buy them. They can simply go to the drug categories of Trust Pharmacy and look for the branded drugs and buy them. Buyers can save for up to 70% of what they spend at their local stores in getting their branded meds from Trust Pharmacy. They can get the exact same medicine that they are looking for at Trust Pharmacy without having to spend too much money for them.

Another thing is that Trust Pharmacy does not require its customers to provide prescriptions whenever they purchase prescription meds, unlike local pharmacies. Buyers can simply look up the prescription drug that they need and proceed to the checkout page and pay for their medicine. No questions asked or any other mumbo-jumbo, their prescription meds will be sent to them by regular airmail or a courier service whichever they prefer. On top of the affordable prices that they got their drugs for, they no longer have to pay their doctors for scripts, saving money and time.

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The price difference between the branded meds of Trust Pharmacy and its generics is somehow considerable when compared to each other. For example, a single pill of the branded Viagra 100 mg costs $3.38 USD while the generic Viagra 100 mg costs $0.27 USD per tablet. The generic meds are still cheaper but when the price of Trust Pharmacy’s Viagra 100 mg is compared to the price of the locally-sold 100 mg Viagra, Trust Pharmacy has a way cheaper price tag.

Trust Pharmacy Prices

Trust Pharmacy Prices

Trust Pharmacy: Generic Medicines

Not all generic medicines can be bought at local pharmacies since most of them are denied the legal right of sale due to the patents that the original drug manufacturers have for them, especially the prescription drugs. As a result, many customers are unable to purchase cheaper alternatives to their expensive meds since the only ones available locally are the costly meds. But to meet the needs of the customers for cheaper but equally effective medicines, Trust Pharmacy has made generic medicines its focus.

Indeed, Trust Pharmacy has branded meds for sale but the bulk of its pharmaceutical products are affordable generic versions of the popular but expensive medicines. The quality of their generics is already proven since they are all FDA-approved as mentioned earlier. There are only two differences between a branded drug and its generic version and it is their manufacturers and their appearances. A generic drug may be made by a different pharmaceutical company but it still uses the same active component as its branded counterpart. The shape, color, and size of pills may vary but the effect that a generic medicine has is identical to what its brand-name version can accomplish. With these facts, it would show that generic medicines give its customers more value for their money as they are a lot cheaper but has effects that are similarly effective to their branded equivalents.

The only reason why generic medicines are cheaper than brand-name meds is because its manufacturers only reproduce the drug that has already been manufactured. The expenses of generic drug manufacturers for reproducing a medicine are not as large as the cost that was spent by the original manufacturers in research, development, production, marketing and advertisement, making the generics a lot cheaper.


In the end, it will all go down to which the customers are more confident if purchasing, either the branded ones or the generics. But whichever they choose between the two, it’s a win-win situation at Trust Pharmacy since all of its products are of the best quality and are of the best prices. The generics meds have the advantage of the affordability while the branded ones have the advantage of being first.

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