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Trust Pharmacy is a reliable online pharmacy that was established back in 2001 and continues to provide effective and high-quality medicines at very low costs. Since it is an online pharmacy, it caters to its customers all around the world. Every medicine that the customers need is here since it has a complete selection of medicines for all uses and applications. It has a rich selection of generic and branded drugs that the customers can choose from, all from trustworthy international pharmaceutical companies who have GMP-certified manufacturing plants.

Trust Pharmacy

Because of its excellence, customers always return to purchase and some of them even leave reviews for the website to let other buyers know of their great experience. We will be going through some of these reviews one by one and see how customers were benefited with the products that they bought and the experience that they had at Trust Pharmacy.

Service-Based Customer Testimonials

Below are some of the reviews given by the customers of Trust Pharmacy and we will be examining each one of them in detail, taking note of the points where they were happy with their experience.

Couldn’t get the website to process my order so I phoned and got great help….”

– Jacob from France

The first thing that pleased Jacob with his experience in doing business with Trust Pharmacy is its fast service. Time is of the essence and it is even more valuable than money. Trust Pharmacy excels in saving the customer’s time as the ordering process on its site is very easy. Buyers simply need to click the meds that they need, choose the right quantity for their medicine and go to the checkout page where they can pay for their orders. All of this can be done in just a few minutes, giving the buyers more time in doing other things with their time.

But for some reasons, Jacob experienced a snag during ordering his medicines as he couldn’t process his purchases. So what he did was he contacted the customer service hotline that was provided by Trust Pharmacy at the top part of its website. The customer support team of Trust Pharmacy is always ready to answer the customer’s questions regarding the site and its products and provide assistance to clients who are having difficulties in navigating the site and in doing what they need to do. The customer service hotline is open 24/7 and can be contacted by customers with queries or suggestions anytime.

Trust Pharmacy Hotlines

Trust Pharmacy Hotlines

Jacob got the help that he needed and his orders were delivered in a swift manner. Another way to reach the customer service department is through the Trust Pharmacy’s Contact Us page where they can send a message through email to its correspondence team. This function can be used with customers with no landlines or mobile phones.

I like this company, they keep you updated, send things fast and have a great selection.

– Alex from France

Alex, who is also from France, likes shopping at Trust Pharmacy primarily for three reasons. The first reason that he mentioned is that this company keeps its customers updated. But how? Trust Pharmacy asks for its customer’s email address as a requirement before the transactions are finished. By providing their emails, clients will be receiving automatic updates from Trust Pharmacy regarding the status of their orders until it arrives to them. If they want verbal confirmation, they can also call the customer support hotlines for status updates of their medicine’s delivery.

The next reason why Alex likes Trust Pharmacy is because it sends the orders of its customers in a speedy manner. It basically offers two shipping options that customers can select as a means of their order’s shipping. The first one is the regular shipping which takes 14 to 21 days and is shipped via standard airmail. The next option is the one that Alex chose which is the express mail service. It is shipped by a courier and only takes 5 to 8 days before arriving. Lastly, the other thing that pleased Alex is the great selection of medicines that it has. Like a one-stop shop, Alex no longer had to go out and drive to his nearest pharmacy as everything he needs is found at Trust Pharmacy.

Other Customer Reviews

Here are some more testimonials from other customers of Trusted Pharmacy:

“Much savings to be had shopping here instead of going to a local drug store. They also have free gifts when you order!”

– Charles from Germany

Charles from Germany is delighted with the savings that he got in shopping with Trusted Pharmacy compared to his local drugstore. All of its products are of the best quality but modestly priced, helping clients like Charles get well without spending too much money. On top of the low prices, there are also giveaways for buyers in every purchase that they make. These freebies are in the form of additional pills which helps customers extend the use of their meds for future consumption.

“I have ordered three times. I always got my order.”

– Leeroy from Italy

To let other buyers know of the reliability of Trust Pharmacy, Leeroy from Italy has provided this testimonial to say that he has already purchased for three times and he received his orders every single time without any fails. This only shows that Trust Pharmacy is indeed a reliable online drugstore that commits itself to making sure that no matter what happens, its customers will surely receive their orders in a timely manner.


To help them decide in purchasing, customers can first check the reviews provided by other clients before them to see how their purchasing with a certain pharmacy went. In Trust Pharmacy, the customers will prove that it is indeed a dependable store based on the reviews provided by the clients who have been serviced excellently and were also satisfied with the results that they got with the medicines that they ordered.

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