Texaschemist Customer Reviews

Texaschemist Customer Reviews

Texas Chemist is a popular online drugstore based in the United States and is catering to consumers only from the said country. This shop is home to generic and brand name treatments mostly for the remedy of erectile dysfunction, but the shop is also selling medicines for other medical conditions like weight loss, bacterial infections, hypertension, and a few more medical conditions.

The shop has proven itself worthy of buyer admiration for its past years of existence. For more than 12 years, this online pharmacy has served its buyers with genuine medications and reliable customer service, hence the buyer appreciation available for this web pharmacy.

Today, we’ll be exploring customer reviews for this store to see if the buyers found the store interesting or if these customers would like to be back for more.

Texas Chemist Reviews: External Comments

Customers wrote their reviews of Texas Chemist even at third-party websites. Clients seemed pleased with their interactions with the store and although there were some delays, the consumers were able to receive all their orders from the web drugstore. Here are some of the customer comments for Texas Chemist:

Texas Chemist External Reviews

According to David, who wrote his comment for the shop in October 2017. So far, this is the most recent comment anyone has written for this online store, for the one web review site, anyway. He only gave the shop 3 out of 5 stars because he was a bit disappointed with his order’s arrival. He ordered on October 8th and only got his orders on the 17th because Texas Chemist shipped his order only on the 12th. However, despite the low star rating for the store, the review was still good considering David was able to receive his order from the web pharmacy.

Another user, “arthur”, wrote his comment for the store in July 2016. He bestowed 5 out of 5 points for the shop and it’s because he was quite impressed with the medicines he received from Texas Chemist. According to him, the Viagra he received from the store worked perfectly and that using the drug, he was able to perform excellently.

“Batman”, yet another client of the website, gave 5 out of 5 stars for his order. He received his items timely and according to him, his orders were well-packaged and have thus arrived to him in excellent condition. As for the products’ effects, he had no complaints so far and even mentioned that he had a great time using the products.

Third-party Website Reviews for Texas Chemist

Third-party Website Reviews for Texas Chemist

More good customer reviews are available for Texas Chemist and surprisingly, they were all positively geared towards the store. Bob, another user, wrote a 5-star review of the shop and related how he was grateful for the store’s reliable service. According to him, he never thought of being able to find an online store such as Texas Chemist—although he admitted to not receiving his orders within the time advertised (1-3 days), he always received his orders within a week.

Heisenberg, another user, rated the shop 4 out of 5 points, not as high as the other ratings for the store, but still a good score, and mentioned that he was glad about using Texas Chemist due to its authentic/genuine pills. According to him, he’s tried other shops before and ended up getting fake pills, but with Texas Chemist, he got real Vardenafil tablets that worked. However, he mentioned that the shipping is quite slow, hence the 4-star rating instead of the perfect 5 out of 5 score.

Newman, one of the earliest commenters of the web drugstore, rated the store 5 out of 5. He related that he ordered Propecia from the shop and ended up being quite happy with his order’s result because he received the order within 3 days.

More Customer Reviews for Texas Chemist

Apart from the reviews above, more buyer reports were given by customers for the shop Texas Chemist. Surprisingly, all of them are quite happy with their purchase from the store. Here are the most common themes that customers have when it comes to their testimonials for Texas Chemist:

Excellent Delivery

Buyers were always thankful for Texas Chemist’s reliable delivery. Most of the customers thanked the store for being able to deliver and buyers confirmed their receipt of the items from Texas Chemist, indicating the store’s legitimacy.

Consumers were happy with the earlier than anticipated deliveries and though some have complaints about delays, all of the customers eventually received their orders from Texas Chemist.

Low-cost Products

Apart from the fast and reliable delivery, customers also thanked the store for selling low-cost medicines for their consumption. Buyers were grateful that they have found Texas Chemist and stated that they will order again from the store.

Besides the cheap prices, consumers also appreciated the fact that the store had other deals in place, like bulk discounts, freebie pills, and added value discounts for their use. According to most customers, prices of the items on Texas Chemist were cheaper than most local drugstore prices and even more affordable than the usual drugstore prices.

Reliable Support Team

Clients are also thankful for Texas Chemist’s reliable support team. Some of the buyers related how the support people were able to answer their queries and were able to help them place their orders in the store.

The consumers also appreciated how Texas Chemist’s client support was responsive, unlike other stores’ support team which takes ages to respond.


It is no secret that consumers responded well to Texas Chemist service—it is not surprising at all considering the store has reliable delivery, friendly support team, and affordable products. Although the shop had its share of complaints about delayed deliveries, all buyers eventually received their orders from the store. All in all, customers planned to reorder from the shop in the near future due to their pleasant experience with the store.

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