Securetabs vs Other Online Pharmacies

Securetabs vs Other Online Pharmacies

When shopping for medicine, it is best to do comparison-shopping. Comparison-shopping is the art of comparing two e-stores and picking up the best one. Although we trust Securetabs when it comes to purchasing erectile dysfunction medicines, we cannot say that we can rely on it when it comes to ordering a drug for hair loss treatment. In addition, we do comparison-shopping to determine which e-store offers the best price, best coupon, and best shipping method. If you are going to compare Securetabs with other internet drugstores, here are the reasons why you should stay as a Securetabs customer.

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Why Securetabs?

There are thousands of online pharmacies on the web but if you will compare Securetabs to any of it, you will just have to stick with Securetabs. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. They have a license. According to their license information found on their website, Securetabs has been around since 2001. It is an affiliate of a large pharmaceutical company called Canadian Pharmacy Limited. Securetabs is a network of online pharmacies that offer generic and branded medicines at the lowest cost possible. With a license from the FDA, MIPA, CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, we can say that this e-dispensary offers quality medicines
  2. Their legitimacy checks out. One of the risks of ordering medicine online is being a victim of fraudulent online pharmacies. Fraudulent online pharmacies are scattered on the internet and choosing the right one is a challenge for anyone. Fraudulent online pharmacies are selling fake and substandard medicines that are dangerous to anyone’s health
  3. They have logos from trusted health agencies. Securetabs is a member of CIPA, MIPA and the FDA. These logos mean that these agencies have certified all drugs offered by this e-store
  4. They offer the best price on the web. According to their homepage, the prices of medicines offered by Securetabs is the cheaper you can find online. This must be true because after checking two other online pharmacies; their $0.27 generic Viagra tablet is the cheapest so far. Their branded Viagra that costs $2.56 per pill is also the cheapest among all websites that offer branded Viagra.
  5. They have a wide range of drugs to offer. Securetabs has one of the longest list of ED brand available that we saw online. Their list is very extensive as they offer other forms of ED medicines like Super Active, Jelly, Oral Jelly, Professional and Extra Dosage.

In addition to these five items, we also found out that Securetabs is one of the few e-dispensaries that has a clear terms and conditions when it comes to polices as an e-store. They want their customers to understand what they are getting once they process an order with Securetabs. What we liked most on their policies is this – they will return and refund your order or do a reship free of charge if the cause of the problem is unpredicted. However, if the reason for this mishap is you, that you gave an incorrect delivery address, Securetabs is not responsible for it.

Why Compare Internet Pharmacies?

The FDA has reported that at least 96% of internet pharmacies are illegitimate or operating illegally. These stores are selling fake and counterfeit medicines. They are probably selling substandard and expired drugs hence the price is at its lowest. With so many options online, it is also important to compare so you can pick the one that has the most benefits to you. What to consider when making comparisons? Let us look at this list!

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  • You can check which one has enough stock to meet your order or needs – If you are going to purchase online, you might want to avoid the hassle of waiting for too long hence you will just purchase in bulk. What if you want to order at least 90 or 120 tablets but they don’t have enough?
  • You can check different offers simultaneously in one sitting – with an internet connection, you can check the offers of two or three different internet pharmacies. Compare the brand of medicines they offer and check which one has the best brand or has the best pricing
  • You can check which one offer the most savings – savings can come in the forms of discount or freebies. Some e-store offers free pills or bonus pills while other e-stores offer free delivery. Which will give you more savings?
  • You can check which one is more reliable – as you read customer reviews of two or three websites; you can easily identify which store has customers that are more believable. Remember that not all reviews are genuine, some are fakes too that are meant to entice clueless customers

When comparing internet pharmacies, you should have a goal as to why you are making a comparison. Are you looking for the cheapest offer? Are you looking for an e-dispensary with the best customer reviews or you just want to use an e-store that offers the most discount?


After comparing Securetabs with at least 2 other online pharmacies, we decided to stay with Securetabs for reasons mentioned above. Securetabs has more than a million customers already and they have plenty of good customer reviews. In addition, this website offers the cheapest price for generic medicines online. We were surprised with their long list of offers as well. Most internet pharmacies offer different drugs but the offers of Securetabs is excessively long. For their generic erectile dysfunction medicines alone, they have more than 40 brands.

Comparing drug websites can be done in three different ways, you can manually search each e-store and read about them, you can ask a friend about their trusted internet drugstores or you can check websites that offer to do e-store comparisons automatically.

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