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No matter how flawless or structured an order and delivery system is, it’s not a strange thing for problems to arise in the process from time to time. Online pharmacies such as Trusted Tablets also experience problems occasionally with sending the orders of the customers because of the constantly changing external circumstances which are beyond control. Events such as weather disturbances, natural calamities, and customs checks can delay the customer’s orders for weeks more, postponing the arrival of their much-needed medicines. This can turn into more complicated issues since these medicines are necessary for the treatment and wellness of a customer that’s why these issues must be rectified fast.

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In anticipation of these unavoidable circumstances, Trusted Tablets have already prepared for these kinds of situations and have arranged measures to help customers with their delivery problems. Customer service hotlines have been made ready for customers to contact and the customer support team will be assisting them with all of their concerns. If they need updates concerning their orders that haven’t yet arrived, the customer service representatives can give them accurate information as to the current status of their packages. Trusted Tablets have a way of knowing where they exactly are, assuring their customers that their orders will surely arrive. The customer support team will be coordinating with the couriers, the postal office, and even the customs just to provide the customers the information that they need for their peace of mind. It’s great to know that Trusted Tablets is willing to go to these lengths just to give the right answers to its clients, letting them know that their orders are safe.

But in extremely rare circumstances that the orders of the customers become damaged in the delivery process, go missing or lost or even stolen, Trusted Tablets guarantees its customers that their orders will be reshipped free of any charges. For customers who prefer to be refunded, Trusted Tablets also provides full refunds to them, granted that they make it clear to the customer support team that they want refunds instead of getting a free reshipment.

Here are some reviews from the customers who had some issues with their orders but due to the effort made by customer services department, the issues got fixed.

Customer Service Reviews

“I ordered some Viagra, got package and was missing some items. I was thinking I would never get what I wanted. I sent the email had a response the next day. They shipped out my order next day to exactly what I wanted! Great company to do business with!!”

– Jim, online user

Jim, who was a customer from the web, made an order for the erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drug Viagra and successfully received his orders. But upon checking the pills that he has received, he noticed that his orders were incomplete and that some of it is missing. This may be due to a problem at the sorting facility or an issue with the packaging of his orders that’s why the number of pills that he got is incomplete. He almost thought it was hopeless, that he would never be able to get the remaining part of his orders. Deciding to try, he contacted the customer support team through the mail and to his surprise, he got a response the following day with a message that says the missing part of his orders will be shipped to him. True enough, the remaining portion of his orders got dispatched and he eventually received them. He was happy with his experience and praises the company as a great place to do business with.

“I am very satisfied with my purchase. Customer service was very helpful when I had a question about my order. The package arrived in about a week. Thank you.”

– Tm68, online customer

Customer “Tm68” doesn’t have any particular problems with his orders it’s just that he needs an assurance that his purchases are going to arrive to him. So to have peace of mind and have answers to his questions, he decides to contact the customer service department and inquire about his orders. He was happy with the response that he got and a few days after, his order has arrived. He tried the medicines out and he was just satisfied with the results.

Since there are not many reviews from customers who had problems with receiving their orders, here are some reviews from customers who are simply glad of their experience.

“The customer service was excellent, with great communication and follow up. Delivery was much faster than anticipated. The sample package was amazing; I will look forward to future purchases.”

– Frederick, online user

Like the previous customer reviews, Frederick is simply in admiration of the excellent service that he has received from the customer service team. He likes the way that the team constantly communicated the status of his orders to him as he followed up on them. He was also happy with the deliveries of his orders that did not take very long, arriving earlier than his expected date. It’s very likely that Frederick has opted for the express international mail as the means of his order’s delivery which only takes 5 to 9 days waiting period.

Frederick also appreciates the packaging of his orders which are packed discreetly for his privacy. Only the customer will be able to know what medicine was delivered to them since Trusted Pharmacy packs them in a non-marked wrapping. Because of these impressive services that he has received, Frederick plans to make more purchases in the future.


Trusted Tablets would never allow its customers to be left helpless in situations where their deliveries encounter problems and delay are inevitable. Its customer support personnel are always ready to provide assistance through phone or mail, all to help the customers get their problems fixed. Just in case anything happens to the customer’s orders, Trusted Tablets is ready to provide full refunds or free reshipments to its clients.

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