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It is not a strange thing to for customers to experience delays and other issues in ordering from time to time as it is a common problem that most businesses face. It is also a reality that online pharmacies face all the time since there will always be circumstances that will be beyond their control. As much as they want to get their customer’s orders to arrive just in time, they encounter inevitable delays along the way and as a result, the customers will have to wait longer than their expected delivery dates. One of these unavoidable delays includes custom checks which could last for weeks, extending the customer’s wait for much longer periods of time. Bad weather is also a common cause of the delay in the arrival of orders. Also included in the list are the delivery issues that happen within the mail and courier services which also causes the arrival of the customer’s orders to be late.

Shipping Delays

But even with these problems with the customer’s orders, established online pharmacies like Trust Pharmacy still manages to make it possible for them to receive their orders on time if not reduce the days of their order’s delay. Using its resources and its excellent customer services department, Trust Pharmacy is able to communicate with their courier partners and relay the updates to their clients, maintaining their confidence while getting the issues sorted out at the same time.

Even in the rare occasions that the orders of the buyers become lost, stolen, or missing in the process, Trust Pharmacy still guarantees its customers that they will be receiving free reshipments for their purchases and they will not be losing their money.

Below are some of the testimonials from customers who have experienced the reliability of Trust Pharmacy firsthand and we will be reviewing them in detail.

Trust Pharmacy Customer Reviews

“They ship very speedy and keep you informed as to the day to day progress of shipping. I’ve used them for several years and I’m always very pleased. Very honest, great site.”

– Samuel from France

Samuel from France never experienced any particular issues with his orders at Trust Pharmacy but is just glad about its “very speedy” shipping service. Because of this, there is no doubt that he had no problems with Trust Pharmacy’s delivery service. It basically offers its customers two options to choose from. The first one is the standard airmail which takes 2 to 3 weeks before arriving. The length of the customer’s waiting time for their orders to arrive might be a bit prolonged but this shipping option doesn’t cost very much. The next one is the option which Samuel has availed which is the express mail service. It only takes 4 to 8 days before arriving which is speedy indeed.

Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service

Not only is Trust Pharmacy’s delivery service swift, its customer service representatives also provide updates to its customers from time to time to ensure they are aware of the movement of their purchases before they receive it. This gives the customers the assurance that they will surely receive their orders since the movements of the packages are closely monitored by Trust Pharmacy. Samuel adds that he has already been purchasing his meds from Trust Pharmacy for several years now and he was always pleased with the service that he is getting. Samuel further commends Trust Pharmacy by saying it is a “very honest” and a great website.

“The prices are low. I navigated several pharmacies and can say that this pharmacy is great. I made four orders and received on time.”

– Michael from Germany

Michael from Germany starts his testimonial by saying that the prices that he bought his products for at Trust Pharmacy are low. Michael is not new to shopping his meds through the internet as he has already browsed a lot of online pharmacies and found out that Trust Pharmacy still sells at the best prices. Not only that but the products that he has received are also of great quality, making them safe and effective for use.

No particular issue or problems with his orders were mentioned by Michael but as a testament to Trust Pharmacy’s dependability, he has received all his four orders right on time and without any kinds of delay. This only shows that Michael has made the right choice of going with Trust Pharmacy.

How to Contact Trust Pharmacy

For customers who will be needing help with the problems that they experience with their orders, they can call Trust Pharmacy’s customer service hotlines which are available 24/7 to provide the answers to their queries and assistance to any of their concerns. These hotlines can be found in the top part of its webpage, on the top right part just beside the language options. There will always be customer service personnel who are constantly ready to receive their calls and will be able to answer all of their questions regarding its products and its services.

Trust Pharmacy Hotlines (right)

Trust Pharmacy Hotlines (right)

For clients with no phone lines or mobile phones to use for calling, Trust Pharmacy has already made provisions for them by adding a Contact Us tab on its website that they can use to email their concerns. The emails will also be receiving speedy responses from its email support team who always provides detailed answers to all of their questions.

Whichever means of contact the customer uses, it is 100% sure that they will be getting a response and the team will have their needs properly addressed.


Problems with orders may be unavoidable sometimes but at Trust Pharmacy, customers need not worry even for a little bit. It has an excellent system of communicating its customers through email and phone and also has the ability to get the latest status updates regarding its customer’s orders which are experiencing difficulties in getting delivered to its customer’s end. Not only do they make their customers more confident with this but they also resolve the issues a lot more quickly compared to online pharmacies.

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