Problems with Your Order: Texaschemist Customer Service Experience

Problems with Your Order

Shopping online is not always a perfect experience. Even buyers shopping at the best online pharmacies can prove challenging at times due to unaccounted for situations like delays on delivery and similar concerns. However, challenges in online shopping can be resolved no matter how intense, as long as the store and the buyer are willing to resolve their conflicts.

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Texas Chemist is one of the most prolific online pharmacies in the market. It is also one of the toughest online shops around, having to endure 12+ years of online selling experience, which is a big milestone for one online pharmacy. Most web drugstores tend to last only for less than a year because they only survive on “free” domains that expire within a year’s use (or have possibly skipped the fees for the next operating year). Texas Chemist reaching more than 12 years of selling experience gives it credibility as an online pharmacy.

However, despite operating in good faith, there are instances where Texas Chemist’s integrity was tested—but in the end, the store prevailed.

Problems that Texas Chemist has Dealt with in the Past and how the Shop Prevailed

Texas Chemist has gone through so much during the past years and it has not been easy for the store. Here are samples of buyer scenarios that challenged the store and the corresponding solutions of the shop to these problems:

  1. Delivery delays.

Probably one of the most common problems encountered by online stores (not only Texas Chemist) is uncalled for delays in the delivery of the products. A few buyers, through the years, have complained about the delays in the deliveries of their items and have called the attention of Texas Chemist.

The shop assisted the consumers in determining where the buyers’ orders are, through tracking the orders and informed the clients about the possible expected delivery dates of their items. Although some of the orders got delayed for days, all of the buyers were able to eventually receive their orders from the online pharmacy.

  1. Missing deliveries.

Quite a handful of consumers complained about not getting their orders even beyond the buffer period for the arrival of the orders. The shop assisted the clients regarding the processing of their refunds and reshipments, but funny enough, the orders still came, giving the clients double the items they paid for.

In the unlikely cases of lost orders, buyers can expect refunds and product replacements from Texas Chemist. Consumers are advised to contact the store so their replacements or refunds may be processed accordingly.

  1. Damaged orders.

Despite the tediousness of Texas Chemist when it comes to wrapping orders, some orders still get damaged due to poor handling by the third-party delivery service providers. In the case of damages, Texas Chemist will not accept returns (as per international regulation regarding pharmaceutical products), but the store will help the consumers file their refunds or replacements for their orders.

Texas Chemist support team has always been helpful when it comes to processing replacements or reshipments when it comes to orders. Buyers are protected when they shop at Texas Chemist so they need not worry much when it comes to getting remunerated for damages during transit.

  1. Wrong orders.

Wrong orders seldom happen at Texas Chemist, but in the case of wrong orders, buyers need not send the items back to the shop. Instead, consumers are instructed to dispose of the medicines properly and are sent replacements free of charge. Buyers can also request refunds for their wrong orders if they prefer those over replacements.

  1. Buyer dissatisfaction.

There aren’t actually cases of buyer dissatisfaction when it comes to the products of Texas Chemist, as most of the consumers were happy with the overall turnaround of their orders from the store. However, in the case of buyer dissatisfaction with the items of Texas Chemist, the store gladly refunds the consumers after determining that the buyer reasons are valid.

Although there were a few complaints about the service of Texas Chemist, the store had more good positive ones than the criticisms.

What are consumers saying about Texas Chemist?

We’ve discussed some buyer complaints about Texas Chemist, but the truth is, these complaints do not make up most of the testimonials available for the store.

Buyers were happy overall with their Texas Chemist experience and most of them mentioned that they will reorder soon from the store. Although there were slight snags with the deliveries, consumers eventually got their orders from the shop and were impressed with the delivery time of their orders (most of the consumers got their orders within a week).

Texaschemist Customer Reviews

Texaschemist Customer Reviews

Apart from the reliable deliveries, consumers were also impressed at the store’s high-quality yet affordable medications. Consumers praised the store’s good deals for its products but also commented on how the medicines were effective, indicating that the store does not compromise when it comes to its products. Men ordering erectile dysfunction treatments vocalized their amazement through writing about their personal experiences with the generic medicines sold by Texas Chemist and according to them, medicines from the shop are potent and helped them perform better sexually.

Besides the reliable shipping, cut-rate prices, and the effective medicines, the shop is also praised for its responsive team. Not all online stores get kudos for their customer service, so Texas Chemist getting mentions for its team is notable.


There is no perfect online drugstore and even the good ones like Texas Chemist still eventually encounters conflicts with their consumers. However, despite this, the shop remained composed and highly professional and settled every issue with grace.

Buyers, overall, were satisfied with the performance shown by the store, remained undeterred by the slightly negative consumer reports, and still planned to reorder from Texas Chemist given the need for shopping in the future.

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