Problems with Your Order: Securetabs Customer Service Experience

Problems with Your Order

Securetabs is an experienced internet drugstore with a history that started in 2001. In their homepage, it shows that they are an affiliate of a Canadian pharmacy. Their homepage also boasts the logos and licenses they have as an internet drugstore from the FDA and some Canadian health agencies. With an operating experience of more than 15 years, they have developed systems that work for them and for their customers, two systems they have that work for them is their customer service support team and their policies on return and exchange.


Return and Exchange Policy

Return and exchange of order is often the issue that customers report to customer support team of Securetabs. When a customer calls in, it is to check the status of their order, to check for delayed orders, to ask why their order is missing some pills, and to ask where their order is (lost order). No customer has ever called to say that they have received their order when someone calls in, it is all about a problem with their order and the customer support team of Securetabs knew this.

In order to handle these issues with orders properly, Securetabs has laid their brick and mortar policies related to orders. Before you make a report about your late, missing or incomplete order, here are the things that you need to know first:

  • Securetabs allow delivery of orders on a PO Box address. If your local mail carrier has a problem with this set-up, they will contact you to give you options. This is out of Securetabs control.
  • The only available options for delivery are Airmail and EMS shipping. If any of these methods are not available in your country, Securetabs has no choice but to use whatever is available in your country
  • Since your order will be coming from the warehouse of Securetabs and it will be delivered to your country, expect some delays. The delivery time provided by Securetabs is not exact as there can be unexpected delays such as customs delay
  • If you received an incorrect product, you need to report it immediately to support team so they can process a reorder
  • If you received a damaged product, you need to report it immediately to support team so they can process a reorder
  • If you received an incomplete order, you need to wait for few more days because large orders are shipped in parts to avoid customs issue
  •  If you received an inferior-quality product, you need to report it immediately to support team so they can give you options (refund or reship)
  • If your order is missing because the address you provided was wrong, Securetabs is not responsible for sending a new order, you need to pay for the shipping again

Securetabs Return Policies

Securetabs Return Policies

With clear-cut policies on return and exchange, Securetabs can protect its interest as a business. The clear-cut policies of this e-store will allow customers to reflect on their buying decision, making a decision whether it is best for them to order from this e-store or not.

Securetabs Customer Service

For all order issues, there are two ways to contact the support team of Securetabs. The first option is thru 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. These numbers are for UK and US customers only. If you are not living in these countries, you can still contact them via their ‘contact us’ page. Securetabs did not indicate if they have cut-off hours for their phone service. For their ‘contact us’ page though, you can send your query any time.

A Customer’s Experience

On their website, Securetabs claim that they have more than 1 million happy customers. This is a great feat for an online pharmacy that is competing with thousands of internet drugstores. As they are offering and promising a lot including their superb customer service team, we decided to check if they have any customer who called Securetabs customer service.

Securetabs Customer Reviews

Securetabs Customer Reviews

The first customer we found who contacted customer support was Piter N from Italy. As per Piter, he is pleased with the delivery of his order and with customer service. Piter didn’t elaborate the kind of service he received from the team. It looks like he was extremely happy though as he promised to be back for more orders.

The second review we found was from Jacob of France. Jacob was trying to make an order but he was unable to due to some issues with the website. To fix his problem, Jacob contacted the care team. The person he talked to happily assisted him with his order and they even shipped his order in the fastest way possible despite opting for regular shipping.

Piter and Jacob are two of the many customers of Securelabs who tried to contact the care team and got what they need, plus more.


A successful online pharmacy doesn’t just need a good name or a good customer review, it also needs a clear-cut policy on things to protect itself from being taken advantage of and it needs a great customer service support team. If you have clear policies on different aspects of online shopping that your customers can read before placing an order, then you can just relax and let your customer care team handle any order issues for you. If there is a written policy, the care team can easily turn the tables around and make customers understand why certain things are happening to their orders. If the issue is delayed order and it is due to some customs issue, then explaining the strict policy of their country when it comes to importation of medicine will make sense to them. In the end, a good customer care team can always have the power to turn an event and make a bad experience a better one for customers.

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