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Snags in orders and deliveries are unavoidable since circumstances always change. In the ordering process, that fact is applicable to all businesses and online pharmacies are not exempted. The ordering and the shipping process have been carefully devised and studied by experts to make the purchasing and delivering of goods a flawless system. But due to the ever-changing circumstances which are imperfect, to begin with, it constantly encounters various issues beyond the control of the online pharmacies and the customers.

One of the most common problems that the clients encounter with online pharmacies is the delay of their order’s arrival. Since this is a usual concern of many customers, their expectations have already been set in most policy pages that the delays in some orders are inevitable due to mandatory custom checks, unfriendly weather conditions, natural disasters, and other factors beyond control.

Weather-Inflicted Delivery Delays

Weather-Inflicted Delivery Delays

But in spite of these unpredictable factors that cause the delays, some online drugstores like Pharmacy Mall still manage to turn the situations around to their customer’s favor.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the reviews from customers whose problems with their orders were resolved by Pharmacy Mall. We will be reading their testimonials and know how Pharmacy Mall helped them with the snags that they have encountered.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend.”

– Benjamin from Andorra

Pharmacy Mall would not wait for its customers to do the follow-ups but it takes the initiative in contacting their customers to update them on the status of their orders. Benjamin was very happy with the medicines that he has purchased and his girlfriend as well. No particular issue was mentioned by Benjamin but the follow-up made by Pharmacy Mall did a very large impact on boosting the customer’s confidence while he was still waiting for his purchases to arrive. Benjamin did not specify whether the follow-ups was through phone or mail but what’s important is he was contacted and he was very happy.

“I thought I might not receive my order this time because I usually have it within 7 days. This time it took over 2 weeks because sometimes it gets held in customs for 10 days. I emailed Pharmacy Mall 3 times, and each time they promptly replied. Pharmacy Mall reassured me that with the guaranteed policy I would not lose my money. Also, its great service when Pharmacy Mall will reship your order in case it is lost or stolen at no extra cost to you, the customer.”

– Carl, online customer

Carl has been a customer of the pharmacy for a very long time and this is the first instance that he failed to receive his orders in time. By the speed in which he usually receives his orders, we can say that he has been availing the express mail service which only takes 5 to 8 days before his meds arrive to him. But in this occasion, nothing arrived for 2 weeks making him worried about the status of his purchases. He is aware that the products can sometimes get held in the customs for weeks but it was unusual since it never happened to his previous orders.

So what Carl did was he contacted Pharmacy Mall through email in three separate occasions and he got a prompt response from the email team every single time. He was reassured that no matter what happens, the shipping policy guarantees that he will not be losing his money. If for any reasons his orders fail to arrive, Pharmacy Mall guarantees a reshipment of his orders with no extra costs to him. Fortunately, even with the delays, Carl eventually got his orders which is a proof of Pharmacy Mall’s reliability.

Policies and Customer Service

The shipping policy of Pharmacy Mall states that the parcels are sent to the customer’s local post office and the postmen are the people who will be delivering them to the address that the customer has indicated. It also says that all of the orders are processed within 24 hours and they are sent out by Pharmacy Mall after this given timeframe. This means that it always sends out the orders as soon as possible and if there would be any delays, it would not be on the part of Pharmacy Mall but with the delivery service.

Nevertheless, Pharmacy Mall still makes every effort and exhausts its resources just to make sure that the customers will be getting their orders in time. They make all the necessary follow-ups with the customers and if they found out that the orders were lost, stolen or missing, it is ready to provide a reshipment which is free of charges. It also provides the same coverage for orders that were damaged during the shipment.

To make sure that all the needs of its customers are covered, Pharmacy Mall has made customer service hotlines available for clients to call if ever they have any questions, suggestions, or if they need assistance with the processes or its products. The customer support team is always ready to help, available 24/7 to answer calls and provide the callers with excellent assistance.

Pharmacy Mall Hotlines

Pharmacy Mall Hotlines

For clients without any mobile phones or landlines, they can still contact Pharmacy Mall through email and the email support representatives will be more than willing to provide them with a detailed response to their inquiries. If there’s anything that they would like Pharmacy Mall to know, they can detail their concerns in the email that they will send and they will be receiving a swift and comprehensive response.


Snags might be unavoidable in the ordering and shipping process but a reliable store like Pharmacy Mall is always ready to help its customers until they receive the medicines that they have purchased. Customers can reach its representatives via phone or email and they are guaranteed to receive a speedy response and solution to their problems.

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