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Slight and minor problems inevitably arise even in the most organized businesses such as online pharmacies. Due to the constantly changing elements such as the unpredictable weather conditions, customs checks or natural calamities, there are just too many factors to consider. Not to include the issues that the postal offices and the courier services encounter on a daily basis, it’s normal and it’s not a strange thing to encounter some delays from time to time.

Online Rx

But at Online Rx, even with these unavoidable conditions, it still manages to get its customer’s orders to safely arrive in their end. Though the changing weather conditions may delay the movement of the shipments in some areas, customers are still guaranteed to get their medicines. Natural disasters and customs checks can sometimes delay the arrival of the medicines for a week or two but with the proper coordination of Online Rx to the concerned parties, it is able to make the deliveries possible. Even in the unfortunate events where the customer’s orders were lost during the delivery, got stolen or damaged due to mishandling, Online Rx guarantees its customers a reshipment of their orders and it is free of any charges. If the customers prefer to get full refunds, yes, it is possible and Online Rx will see to it that its clients get what they need.

What makes these things possible is the responsive and very helpful customer support team of Online Rx. If they have any issues or concerns regarding their orders, they can contact the customer service hotlines that Online Rx has provided on its website and they will be immediately speaking to a customer support representative who will assist them. These hotlines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to cover for the support of the international customers at different time zones.

In this article, we will be reading about the testimonials of the customers who were pleased with the delivery their orders and purchases because of the assistance that they got from Online Rx through its reliable customer service personnel.

Testimonials for Online Rx

“Great company, great service, great product.. This company keeps you updated as to where your package is at all times.. I will only be using this company from here on out.. thanks.”

– Guerasshopper, online customer

User Guerasshopper was just grateful for his experience with his orders that he remarked that everything that he has experienced was great, from the company to the service and its products. He was also happy with the fact that he got constant updates as to the status and the movement of the medicines that he has ordered which gave him great relief in knowing that they’re being monitored. With this tracking option available for his orders, the user has likely chosen the express mail service as the shipping option for his orders.

Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service

It only takes 4 to 8 days before arriving and since it’s delivered through a courier, the movement of his package can be tracked. The user was just happy and pleased with these things that he made a promise to order only from this company from now on.

“I am very satisfied with your online store, referring to your generic products. some shipping mishaps. but solvable. I will keep buying with you.”

– Stix4691, online customer

Similarly satisfied like the first review given by the previous customer, user Stix4691 refers to the generic medicines that he has purchased from this online drugstore. He didn’t say if it’s about the price or the effects of the medicines that he is happy about but it’s either one of the two things or even both. Based on the review that he gave, the user obviously had a problem with the delivery of his orders. He did not mention if it was a delay caused by the customs or the weather but the way that he referred to the incident as “mishaps”, it is possible that his orders got damaged during its shipping or his orders went missing or was lost. But even if the user didn’t specify the exact nature of that mishap, he mentioned that it was solved and he will stay a loyal customer.

“Amazing customer service, everything might not go perfect but it’s nice to know they will take care of u when it doesn’t.”

– J S., online customer

Customer J S. praises the customer service that he has received from this company as amazing. Like the previous review, he simply gave a general remark and gave no specifics concerning the issues that he encountered with his orders. It could be anything, as it might be an issue with the processing of his purchases or a delivery delay but he is happy with the assurance he’s given that whatever might happen to the meds that he has ordered, there’s a guarantee that the customer support team will be there to provide him assistance.

“In my case, I’m very satisfied with the service the only thing is that my package took too long in customs and you try to talk to someone and you have to wait but out of that service is ok and customer service is good could be better tho.”

– Spongy2214, online customer

Even if he was satisfied with the service, user Spongy2214 was just frustrated with the fact that his orders got stuck in the customs for a long time. He eventually got his orders by coordinating with the customer service and waiting it out. Problems like this are unavoidable since custom checks are necessary but the customers have the guarantee that they will be receiving their purchases after the process is done.


Online Rx will do anything in its power to help resolve the issues that its customers are experiencing especially when it’s order and delivery related. Its hotlines are always open and its customer service people are ready to respond to any of their questions or concerns that they need assistance with. Customer experience is indeed the best at Online Rx.

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