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Order problems are very rare to happen at Online Pills because of its very structured system of processing each customer’s purchases up to shipping them to the addresses that they have specified. Online Pills also make sure that items that are out of stock are indicated properly so that the customers won’t be able to order the medicines that are not yet stocked, avoiding the possibility of any order issues. For the shipping of orders, Online Pills only partners with the most reliable couriers and most trustworthy delivery services to make sure that the orders arrive intact and safely to their destinations. But in spite of all these excellent services to the customers, as infrequent as it may be, shipping delays are inevitable due to the constantly changing circumstances, not only those that are faced by the delivery services but also of the individual customers that will be receiving the orders.

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Unpredictable weather conditions, natural calamities or disasters, and plain customs checks can delay a package for weeks, severely affecting the health conditions of the customers who are waiting for their much-needed medicines to arrive. Courier and delivery services can only do little in the face of these situations since these events are beyond their abilities and control. But even with these overwhelming conditions that cause the postponements of the customer’s orders’ arrival, Online Pills is more than able to help its customers with its 24/7 customer support team that can coordinate to the customs and the courier in behalf of the customer. The customer support team of Online Pills will be updating the clients with the status of their purchases and can even expedite the arrival of the delayed parcels for them.

The customer service team of Online Pills can be contacted through the hotlines that can be found on the top part of Online Pills’ site and they can also be reached through email on their Contact Us page. In this article, we will be reading some of the reviews from the customers who have been greatly assisted by the customer service with their order concerns and had them sorted out.

Customer Reviews

“Great products and customer service. Product did not arrive in 7 to 10-day window as advertised but I received prompt responses to all inquiries.”

– Michael, online customer

Michael starts his testimonial by saying that the products that he has received are great as well as the customer service. Due to reasons that were not mentioned in the review that he has given, his orders did not arrive in the specified timeframe that he was given. So what he did is he contacted the customer support team to get some updates concerning his orders and received quick responses to all of his questions. His medicines eventually arrived and the assurances that were given by the customer service team gave him peace of mind that his orders are on their way.

“I had a small problem with the payment for my order, but the customer service person helped resolve it in one day. Very knowledgeable and helpful.”

– Mike, online customer

On the other hand, Mike’s problem is not about the shipping or the processing of his orders but it has something to do with the payment not being accepted or not going through. Without the payment being accepted, his orders won’t be processed which means he won’t be receiving his medicines. Because of this issue, he contacted the customer service department for help and he was not disappointed. His issue got sorted out speedily and his payment was successfully accepted. He compliments the customer support representative that helped him as “very knowledgeable and helpful”.

“I have to admit; I was not sure if this site was legit. But they have kept me updated on the shipping, the tracking number, and its location. I have to admit I am very impressed. I know I will order from this company again. Great service….an exceptionally friendly, with great service. Thank you very much.”

– G. Philipps, online customer

Mr. Philipps was honest to admit that he was first doubtful with the genuineness of this site but he still decided to give it a try. But he was actually in good hands as he was constantly updated by the customer service team through mail with the status of his order until he received it. He was so impressed with the whole experience and looks forward to ordering again in the future. He also complimented the customer service team as “exceptionally friendly” and thankfully ends his review.

Online Pills Return Policy

Online Pills Return Policy

“I have been dealing with this company for 2 years now and besides having great prices, their customer service is second to none. You have a question? Done, you have a problem? Done Great Product, Great Prices, and Great Service… What more can you ask for? I will be continuing doing business with these folks for years to come.”

– Joe, online customer

Joe has been a customer of this pharmacy site for 2 years already and what he likes more than the cheap prices offered here is the excellent customer service which he describes as “second to none”. All questions and all problems are delightfully sorted out by the customer support team to make sure that the customers only experience the best of its service. This store gives the perfect combination of great prices plus an excellent customer service, leaving customers with nothing more to ask for. Like Mr. Philipps in the previous review, Joe is also looking forward to doing business with this pharmacy site for more years to come.


Online Pills is not only an online drugstore that sells medicines but it’s also a store that values its customers by providing them their much-needed help especially in situations where orders get delayed or if there are any issues with the ordering and the payment process. Online Pills only gives its customers the best; in products, in prices, and especially in excellent customer services.

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