Problems with Your Order: Cheap RX Customer Service Experience

Problems with Your Order

Cheap Rx is an internet dispensary that offers cheap generic and branded medicines. Most of their bestsellers are under the erectile dysfunction medicines. Being a popular online medicine, erectile dysfunction drugs are now being sold online even without prescription. It is an Rx drug but since most men are ashamed of admitting their problem to a doctor, they often go online and look for an online pharmacy that dispenses it without asking too much. Cheap Rx does not require a prescription when dispensing ED medicines or any other Rx drug. They encourage their customers to talk with a doctor before taking any medicine.

Cheap RX Home

When ordering with Cheap Rx, you should read their terms and conditions first, as well as their policies on return, exchange, and refund. Understanding their policies would put you in a better situation especially if something happens with your order. In addition, if you understand your rights and you need customer service, you can easily explain your situation and your right and demand the right action immediately.

Cheap Rx Customer Service

There are two ways to reach a Cheap Rx customer service support. You can reach them via their ‘contact us’ page or by calling 1 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. The first number is for customers in the US and the second is for their UK customers. If you cannot contact them, the ‘contact us’ page is your best option. Fill up the information needed and request a callback if necessary.

In most cases, customers of Cheap Rx are reaching out whenever they are having issues with their orders. Issues such as a missing package, late or delayed delivery and receiving incomplete package are the common complaints. There are customers contacting the support team because they are not satisfied with the order they received as well. How are these issues being handled? Let us take a look at some of the customer experiences we have seen so far that involved contacting the support team of Cheap Rx.

Cheap Customer Reviews

One of the reviews we found was shared by Jacob from France. According to Jacob, he was trying to place an order at Cheap Rx but the website was acting out. He called customer service and they process the order for him. Aside from the help he received with his order, Jacob was also satisfied with the fast delivery of his order. Jacob is looking forward to placing another order with Cheap Rx.

Another customer who shared her good experience with Cheap Rx customer service was Sarah from Spain

Another customer who shared her good experience with Cheap Rx customer service was Sarah from Spain. Sarah’s story revealed that the customer support team of this e-dispensary were courteous and fast. Sarah was thankful not only with the low-priced medicines she ordered, she was also thankful for the people who delivered it to her.

The last review we found was from Piter of Italy. Piter’s review was short but he did mention how pleased he was with the customer service of Cheap Rx. He even promised to order again in the future. He was also pleased with the shipment and delivery of his order.

Piter, Jacob, and Sarah are just three of the happy customers of Cheap Rx and not just because they received their orders but because they were able to get help from customer service with their issues

Piter, Jacob, and Sarah are just three of the happy customers of Cheap Rx and not just because they received their orders but because they were able to get help from customer service with their issues.

The Effect of Good Customer Service

Aside from providing quality and affordable medicines, Cheap Rx understands the importance of a good customer service. With good customer service, they can continue to win customers and make them returning customers. Good customer service also encourages customers to write a review for them to let others know how reliable they are, not only with their products but also with their support team.

Here are some of the advantages of having a good customer service that Cheap Rx has been enjoying so far.

  • They have free advertisement as their happy customers talk about them thru reviews and with their friends. Word of mouth is one of the most effective form of advertising
  • They retain their customers like Sarah, Piter, and Jacob because they were happy and they believe that they can continue to rely on Cheap Rx and their customer support team
  • Cheap Rx is being referenced by people free of charge. Imagine a group of people where Sarah is in. her friends will be talking about ordering medicines online and Sarah will confidently suggest Cheap Rx because of her good experience with their product and service
  • It increases profit and sales. With good reviews about their good customer service, chances are they will have more people willing to try their service and product. No wonder they have a million happy customers
  • Good customer service gives an impression of a holistic marketing scenario. It means that the entire team is doing whatever they can to maintain customer satisfaction, not just the delivery team or the sales team, it involves the customer support team
  • The customer service team of Cheap Rx serves as their competitive advantage over other online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies offer quality and affordable medicines but not all have the same dedicated team of customer service people


The customer service team of Cheap Rx is easy to contact if you have order problems. So far, most of the people who contacted them are happy with the support they received. It only shows that Cheap Rx and the people working for them are dedicated to ensuring that their customers are satisfied and happy. It also means that they really their customers to enjoy and take advantage of their low-priced medicines. To date, Cheap Rx customer team can be reached via their contact us page and thru phone numbers 1 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092.

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