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The ordering systems of online pharmacies may be organized and the flow of delivery processes may be flawless but it is unavoidable for problems to arrive from time to time due to the ever-changing situations and various factors. Prompt deliveries and impeccable ordering procedure is the norm but when some change in the situations arise, the structured system gets challenged and it is sometimes disrupted. As a result, some orders encounter some problems and some deliveries get delayed and customers suffer the consequences of waiting for their orders to arrive in extended periods of time. These are not just any purchases but these are medicines and these delays could mean the postponement of someone’s recovery or deterioration of someone’s health. Since medicines are a serious business, Cheap Pills has dedicated a good amount of its force in the customer service department to help its client’s problems get sorted out.

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These delays are usually caused by natural calamities, customs checks or just plain bad weather. Whatever the cause of these delays may be, Cheap Pills is more than willing to extend its assistance to its customers through customer support and constant communication with its delivery services. But in rare cases that that a customer’s orders get stolen, damaged or lost during its delivery, Cheap Pills guarantees that customers would never have to worry since they will take care of the issue by sending a reshipment of the missing orders for free or by giving its customer a full refund whichever they prefer between the two options.

Below are some of the customer reviews from clients whose order and delivery issues got sorted out by Cheap Pills and we will be taking a closer look on how their problems were fixed with the assistance of the customer service team.

Cheap Pills Customer Reviews


– Michael C., online customer

Since the customs is the place where very tight inspections are done for incoming shipments, Michael’s shipment got held up and he had to wait for a little bit more for him to receive his orders.

Shipments at Customs

Shipments at Customs

There’s no way that Michael would have known this except that he called the customer service department and inquired what’s happened to his orders. He never mentioned in his review if he called or if he sent an inquiry through email to the customer service team but it is positive that he was informed of the status of his orders since the customer service has a way of knowing of what happened to the orders that it has dispatched. But all was good since his orders were eventually cleared for release and he was very happy when he finally received them.

“Happy with product. Email communication with tracking number was quick and ordering was painless”

– Joshm67, online customer

Customer Joshm67 never expressed any ordering issues on his review but he simply wanted to let the other customers know that he is happy with the products that he has purchased, satisfied with the effects that he got from his meds. About the delivery of his orders, he was also glad in the fact that there was a constant email communication between him and the customer service team and he was able to follow the movement of his orders using the tracking number that he was given. He also described the delivery of his orders as “quick” meaning that it has encountered no delays or issues along the way. Joshm67 also mentions of the painless ordering process where he was able to effortlessly finish without any problems.

More Reviews

“This company is on the ball! I’ve sent several questions to them via email and always receive a quick and more importantly complete answer/response. I’ve been doing business with them since 2016 and will continue to do so.”

– Larry, online customer

Larry is quite satisfied with the fact that he got very quick and comprehensive response to the questions that he has asked from the email support team. He could’ve reached the customer service team through phone but he preferred sending his queries via email where he has the chance to organize his questions and gather his thoughts.

Email Support Team

Email Support Team

Larry did not give us the chance to know about the questions that he has asked from the email team but he simply appreciates the swift response and the complete reply that he got. He’s been a customer for a couple of years now and because of this experience, he will be continuing to do business.

“Customer service is easy to deal with too, part of my order didn’t come but they quickly sent it to me.”

– Bsg453, online customer

User Bsg453 was also glad about the same thing as the earlier reviews as he had a pleasant experience of being able to communicate with the customer service team. He has received his orders but a part of those orders failed to arrive. It might be a misunderstanding on the customer’s end since some purchases especially the large ones get divided into two or more shipments. It might be the reason but whatever that may be, the customer service people responded to his concern and speedily sent him the remaining portion of his purchase. The user’s means of contacting the customer service personnel was not mentioned on the review that he has given but whether through mail or phone, what’s important is that the customer service department managed to resolve his issues.


Cheap Pills is a company that works very hard just to be able to give its customers the best service, even more, when they experience problems with their orders and delays with the arrival of their purchases. Its customer service department is doing a great job by assisting customers and giving them real-time updates as to the current status of their orders. Cheap Pills is able to turn the situation around by listening to its customers and acting upon the issues immediately.

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