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Pharmacy Mall is truly a great pharmacy offering a lot of benefits to all of its customers. It has already been in the business for more than 20 years and it still continues to provide the same excellent service to its clients all over the world. There are so many other online pharmacies on the internet but Pharmacy Mall simply stands out as one store that customers keep coming back to. So the question is, what sets it apart from others? What makes Pharmacy Mall a better drugstore than all the rest?

One of the most important traits that the buyers are looking for in an online drugstore is reliability. A store must be reliable enough on its service to its clients and the products that it sells. It must always provide what its customers need and that doesn’t only mean the medicines and other products but the support and assistance as well. Its products must also have the same reliability that when used, they will surely treat the condition that needs to be treated. Integrity is another important trait of an online pharmacy that clients want to see and experience. A store must not only be reliable but should also be fair and honest. A good online pharmacy keeps their end of the deal, delivering the products that the customers need, deducting only the right amount in their cards, keeps the personal and card information confidential and provides truthful information regarding its products. Both of these mentioned traits, reliability, and integrity, are admirably demonstrated by Pharmacy Mall for its 20-plus years of service, no wonder it has outlasted many of its counterparts.

But aside from these two excellent traits that Pharmacy Mall has, we will be looking at more specific characteristics that make it the best among the rest. These are specific features that no other online pharmacy has and characteristics where Pharmacy Mall is much better compared to others.

What makes Pharmacy Mall a Better Choice?

Very affordable prices

With the prices that Pharmacy Mall has for its medicines, customers can never ask for more. It has the lowest prices on the web, helping its customers maximize their savings.

10% Discount on Orders Over 0

10% Discount on Orders Over $200

Discounts are also available on top of these already-cheap prices that they have. In purchasing medicines amounting to more than $200 USD, they get an outright 10% discount and purchasing meds in bulk quantities will save them hundreds of dollars.

Free pills with every order

Aside from the meds that the customers manage to purchase at very cheap costs, Pharmacy Mall always adds free pills to their orders. Not all online pharmacies have this kind of offer since free additional pills may be a loss on their part. But not to Pharmacy Mall because it has direct suppliers, drug manufacturers that provide them high-quality meds at even lower prices, enabling them to share free ones with all of their clients with every purchase they make.

Free shipping

Everyone knows that sending out goods cost money and it’s not cheap. But for its customers, Pharmacy Mall is offering to send their orders for free as long as they will be able to purchase medicines with a total amount of only $200 USD.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

The shipping fees will be waived for clients who will be able to purchase with this amount. Other online drugstores don’t have this offer and always charges the shipping fees to the buyers however big the amount of their purchases are. But for customers whose purchases won’t be reaching $200 USD in total amount, it’s still not a problem because Pharmacy Mall charges very cheap shipping fees compared to others. The fees that they charge for the shipping is so painless that clients won’t even feel them.

Wide selection of medicines

Compared to other online pharmacies with an incomplete assortment of pharmaceutical products, Pharmacy Mall has every medicine that a person would ever need. No more need for the customers to visit their local drugstores as Pharmacy Mall is an online one-stop shop for meds. Brand-name meds and their generics can be found in them and if the customers can name it, they have it. Its complete array of products offers its customers more options to choose from unlike other pharmacies with very limited choices for them. It’s just like visiting your local pharmacy but with more products and cheaper prices.

24/7 Customer Service

To make sure none of its clients get left behind, Pharmacy Mall has telephone hotlines that customers can contact if ever they will be needing help with anything. Its customer service representatives are always ready to answer their calls and provide them their needed help or answer their queries and concerns. On its Contact Us page, Pharmacy Mall can also be reached through email. This was made specifically for clients with no mobile phones or landlines so that they would still be able to send the store their concerns. Pharmacy Mall’s email support team will be speedily responding to any of their questions with a comprehensive answer to their satisfaction.

Other Benefits

Clients will find the website of Pharmacy Mall very easy to use as its website is very user-friendly. It uses light colors which is easy for the eyes and the fonts that it uses are also easy to read.

Unlike the other pharmacies whose webpage is very cluttered with unimportant details, Pharmacy Mall has its products and options arranged in a very organized manner which allows customers to access what they need with ease.

Pharmacy Mall is also a member CIPA Rx and MIPA, Canadian pharmaceutical associations that protect the customers from harmful medicines and fake pharmacies. All of its medicines are also approved by the FDA which guarantees its product’s effectiveness and safety for use.


There’s no other online pharmacy like Pharmacy Mall who has steadfastly provided excellent services, effective medicines, and very low prices in the past 20 years. Its track record speaks for itself and the positive testimonials coming from its satisfied customers will confirm of its good reputation.

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