Pharmacy Mall Prices and Assortment

Pharmacy Mall Prices and Assortment

Pharmacy Mall is a renowned supplier of generic and brand name medicines certified by Canadian boards like CIPA Rx and MIPA. The shop started its service in 2001 and has now continued to sell medicines to the benefit of consumers all over the world.

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Because of its one of the hottest internet drugstores today. Buyers are always eager to purchase their products on the shop due to the store’s enticing products with amazing prices. What’s with Pharmacy Mall items that consumers are too hyped about them? Let’s find out!

What Products Can I Find at Pharmacy Mall?

There are a plethora of products available at Pharmacy Mall and they include mainly generic medicines from various international manufacturers. Unlike your local pharmacies which are probably limited to carrying medicines from native brands, the shop Pharmacy Mall has stocks from manufacturers in various continents. According to Pharmacy Mall, all of its medicines are carefully selected (the shop only chooses affordable yet high-quality medicines) and sourced directly from manufacturers to ensure that the medicines are all safe to use. Besides this, all of the products sold at Pharmacy Mall are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which further reinforces their safety and effectiveness.

Apart from the generic medicines at Pharmacy Mall, the shop also has brand name products available for consumers. However, these products are still considerably cheaper than the same brand name drugs seen in local drugstores.

What is the difference between brand name and generic medicines at Pharmacy Mall?

Honestly, the main difference between brand name and generic medications is their prices. Branded products from famed manufacturers are usually expensive, while generic alternatives are commonly more affordable. Branded treatments are typically steeply priced because the manufacturers have spent considerable time and resources formulating these brand products. Generics, on the other hand, incur less manufacturing costs because they were only patterned after the compositions of the brand-name medicines.

Despite the price discrepancies between brand and generic medicines, there is little difference between the function of generic and branded products.

Generic medicines and brand name treatments have the same active ingredients and are expected to yield the same effects in the users. Generic medicines are equally approved by the FDA—these medicines cannot be termed as “generic” counterparts of the brand name medicines if they fail to meet the same standards as the generic medications.

Summary of the differences between generic medicines and branded medicines:

  • Price. Brand medicines are more expensive while generic products are cheaper.
  • Appearance. Even the appearances of the branded medicines are patented and may not be copied by generic products.
  • Distribution. Branded medications are more widely distributed (worldwide) while most generic products are confined to local distribution.
  • Inactive ingredients. In some cases, generic medicines contain inactive ingredients like coloring, flavoring, and other ingredients not present in brand medicines. However, these inactive ingredients do not affect the medicines’ overall function in the patients.

Summary of the similarities of generic and branded medicines:

  • Active ingredients. Generic and brand treatments contain the same active ingredients—generic medicines can’t be called generic if they do not have identical contents with the brand name medications.
  • Function. Since generic and branded treatments contain the same active drugs, they serve the same purpose in the patients and deliver the same results.
  • Onset and duration in the body. Generic and brand name medicines have the same onset and duration in the body.
  • Side effects. You can expect similar side effects from brand-name medicines and their counterparts.
  • Contraindications and drug interactions. Both generic and brand medicines have the same drug reactions and contraindications.
  • Dosage instructions. Regardless of brand, generic meds and brand name meds have the same dose instructions in patients—you don’t need to take more or less of the generic medicines to match the effect of the branded treatments.

Pharmacy Mall Product Line-up

Brand and generic treatments at Pharmacy Mall may be ordered even without prescriptions, but that’s just because medicines on the store are all legal—none of the products are of narcotic nature or addictive.

Medicines on the shop are easily searchable and are arranged according to the medical condition they serve. Here is a brief rundown of the medicines that can be bought via Pharmacy Mall:

  • Pain relief medications
  • Erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Heart disease medications
  • Blood pressure medicines
  • Weight loss products
  • Men and women’s health medicines
  • Hair loss medications
  • Depression medicines
  • Gastrointestinal treatments

Apart from these medications are others more drug categories, including non-prescription treatments for skin care, herbal supplements, and other medical supplies.

Pharmacy Mall Prices

As for product prices, you can expect the greatest deals on Pharmacy Mall because the shop sources its products directly from the manufacturers. You can expect the prices to be utterly affordable, especially the best-selling ones like the following products:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.27 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $0.68 per pill
  • Generic Clomid: $0.44 per pill
  • Brand Viagra: $2.56 per pill
  • Doxycycline: $0.30 per pill
  • Propecia: $0.51 per pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.00 per pill

Pharmacy Mall Offers

Pharmacy Mall Offers

Compared to local drugstore prices, these prices from Pharmacy Mall are comparatively cheaper, especially versus the brand name products. Also, these Pharmacy Mall prices are also more affordable than most online pharmacy prices for the same products.

Besides the cheap products, the shop also offers the following deals for the consumers:

  • Free products
  • Free regular shipping on orders more than $200 and free express shipping on orders more than $300
  • Seasonal discounts and coupon codes
  • Added discounts on orders more than $200
  • Bulk order discounts


Pharmacy Mall is one of the best places to shop both brand and generic medicines from considering its complete product line-up composed of generic and brand name treatments sourced directly from drug manufacturers. Medicines in the shop are great to use (either generic or brand name) because they are approved by the FDA. Prices in the shop are really low and affordable and the shop even provides added discounts for added value to the consumers’ money spent on the store.

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