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Online Rx is one of the best online pharmacies out there. It has been in the online pharmacy business since 2001 but has roots that date back to as early as 1997, a time where shopping for meds online is not yet as popular as it is now. It’s a good drugstore to purchase from because of its wide selection of drugs and very cheap prices. The reason that it managed to stay in the business for this long is because its products are of good quality, made only by the best manufacturers in the industry. But what edge does this pharmacy have over other drugstores, what makes Online Rx stand out?

Online Rx Home

Among its features that sets it apart from other online pharmacies is its excellent customer service. It has available hotlines that customers can contact whenever they need help and its customer support team will be responding immediately to help them with their queries. It operates round the clock, 24/7 to provide assistance to its international customers in different time zones. Most of the customer testimonials for Online Rx are not only about its effective and affordable medicines but also of the great service that the customers have received from its phone support representatives who were able to help sort their problems out. Not only is its customer support available through phone, customers who have no mobile phones or landlines can contact them through email where they will be quickly receiving a response from its email team. The customers can detail their questions or suggestions in the email that they will be sending and they will be receiving a comprehensive response to aid them with their concerns.

Another advantage that the customers can enjoy in shopping at Online Rx is its complete selection of medicines. Buyers can choose from its great selection of branded and generic medicines for all applications and medical uses. Compared to other online pharmacies who don’t have a complete assortment of medicines, customers will greatly benefit from their wide array of pharmaceutical products. Buyers no longer have to shop for their medicines outside, they can stay in the comfort of their homes or wherever they are and simply order their meds at Online Rx using the internet.

Perks of Shopping at Online Rx

Free additional pills

Not all online pharmacies are generous to its customers and only a few drugstores are like Online Rx that provides free pills to its clients each time they purchase medicines. It doesn’t matter how large or how small their customer’s purchases are; they always add freebies to each order. Of course, the number of these free pills increase as the purchase of the customers also increase. The customers can also choose the pills that they want to add to their orders, giving them control over the giveaways that they get.

Discounts and free deliveries

At Online Rx, the savings that the customers get don’t stop at its cheap prices for its products. Customers have the privilege of getting even greater discounts when they purchase medicines in bulk quantities. Compared to other online drugstores that are very tight with their prices, Online Rx is ready to sell its products at much cheaper prices as long as the customers will be purchasing large amounts of medicines. In this way, customers can get hundreds of dollars in discounts when they purchase meds over 100 pills in quantity. For customers who won’t be able to make purchases in this magnitude, they can still get discounts for as much 10% each time they buy from Online Rx when they spend over $200 USD in the total amount of their orders. Purchases over $200 USD in amount also entitles their purchases to be delivered for free which is additional savings to them.

Online Rx 10 % Discount and Free Shipping Offer

Online Rx 10 % Discount and Free Shipping Offer

Fast and reliable deliveries

Online Rx sends its customer’s orders in two ways, giving them options to choose from. The first one is the express mail service which is the fastest delivery option that the customers can select. It only takes 5 to 8 days before the customers receive their orders which also surprises many as their orders arrive way earlier that they have expected. It is delivered via a courier service which is perfect for customers who want to expedite the delivery of their medicines. The other option that it offers is the standard airmail which usually takes 14 to 21 days which is perfect for customers who make advanced ordering of their medicines. Since there’s no rush in receiving their orders, 2 to 3 weeks is just the right amount of time.

Other Benefits

Online Rx is a member of prestigious pharmaceutical organizations like Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA Rx) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA). These associations that Online Rx is affiliated with guarantees the customers that they are dealing with a legitimate pharmacy and they are secured from harmful elements in the web.

Since its an online pharmacy that deals with international clients, Online Rxs site is flexible as its language can be changed to the customers preferred language

Since it’s an online pharmacy that deals with international clients, Online Rx’s site is flexible as its language can be changed to the customer’s preferred language. It enables the customers to understand the web content better, allowing them to choose the correct options and read all the information that they need to know. The currency on its site can also be changed to their own currency, allowing customers to see the costs of the medicines in their own language.

All major credit and debit cards are also accepted at Online Rx which makes the payments of the customer’s orders easier. It also uses SSL certificates to encrypt all the information that the customers put in, safeguarding it and making it inaccessible to outside sources.


Online Rx is a pharmacy website that has better benefits compared to its other pharmacy counterparts. It boasts of a great selection of medicines both for brand-names and generics and all at very affordable prices. It has the most helpful customer service representatives and also has the effective and FDA-approved drugs, coming only from the most reliable pharmaceutical companies.

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