Online Rx Prices and Assortment: Generics Vs Brands

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Online Rx is a pharmacy website that has a very wide array of pharmaceutical products for customers to choose from. It is one of the best sources of medicines on the internet as it sells high-quality drugs at very cheap costs. Its aim is to help customers get quality medicines without spending too much, offering them a much better alternative than buying their meds local drugstores where it’s expensive. Most of the medicine stocks at the local pharmacies are brand-name drugs and Online Rx has them as well, along with its great selection of similarly effective generic drugs. For both branded and generic meds, Online Rx doesn’t charge costly prices. It has international pharma companies as its direct suppliers that’s why it can give its drugs at very generous prices, unlike the other online pharmacies and even the local ones who acquire them from distributors.

Prescriptions are good but it is not required of the customers here at Online Rx when they buy prescription meds. To give them more savings and to save more of their time, Online Rx doesn’t require them anymore to maximize the convenience of the customers shopping on its store. Every medicine that the customers need is here and their medicine categories stretch from allergy and antifungal drugs up to Women’s health and weight loss meds. They have great selections for generics drugs and the branded ones, giving the customers a lot of options to choose from.

All of its products are guaranteed effective and safe for use as they are approved by the FDA and was subject to various quality tests and assessments prior to being marketed. Online Rx also doesn’t sell prohibited drugs especially to countries where there are certain prohibitions to certain drugs. Online Rx adheres to the international laws of medicine sale and only sells drugs that are permitted on its customer’s respective countries.

Since Online Rx has a rich collection of branded and generic drugs, we might as well compare its generic and branded meds and see which of these medicines are actually better. It has already been a subject of discussion among many patients and we’ll see which drug really comes on top.

Online Rx Generic Medicines

Many customers still cling on to the misconception that the generic drugs are inferior to the branded ones, weaker and cheaper versions and poor substitutes to the real thing. These preconceptions regarding these humble drugs are actually false since generic meds are the reproduced versions of their branded counterparts. Not exact replicas in terms of appearance which is illegal and prohibited by the trademark laws but effective drugs which use the exact same active ingredient as their branded versions.

Online Rx has a great assortment of generic varieties to most prescription and over-the-counter medicines. This is to help customers afford these medicines since their branded counterparts are expensively sold at the local drugstores. Most generic drugs can only be bought at reliable online pharmacies like Online Rx since local pharmacies don’t sell them due to patent restrictions. As long as the patents of the original manufacturers are in effect to their drugs, the generics are prohibited from being sold locally. But the good news for customers is that drugstores like Online Rx are not covered by these prohibitions, allowing it to freely sell generic meds to its clients.

To guarantee the quality of its generic meds, Online Rx only sources them from the best international manufacturers which are sanctioned by the World Health Organization (WHO).

World Health Organization

World Health Organization

These pharmaceutical companies have excellent manufacturing plants that produce the safest generics with the best quality, using only excellent raw materials to produce them. For this reason, these Online Rx-affiliated pharma companies earned the Good Manufacturing Practices-certification from the WHO.

Quality-wise, the generic meds sold by Online Rx are on par with its brand-name medicines and its advantage is its cheap prices. The only difference that the generic drugs have with their branded equivalents is that the generics are made by different manufacturers and are named differently.

Online Rx Brand-Name Drugs

In the selection of Online Rx, it’s easy for customers to distinguish the branded drugs from the generics. The name of the generic medicines is displayed plainly but the brand-name meds have the “brand” prefix before them. Some customers might have the idea that the branded drugs sold by Online Rx do not have the same quality as the ones sold by the local drugstores. This is clearly a misconception that has no truth behind it.

The brand-name meds sold by Online Rx is legitimate, sourced directly from their manufacturers and this is the reason for their very cheap prices. The branded drugs at local pharmacies and the ones sold by Online Rx is actually the same thing and it would be wise for the customers to choose the cheaper option. These branded drugs came from the same manufacturers and customers will be getting the exact same meds when they purchase, saving for up to 80% of the cash they spend at the local pharmacies.

Online Rx also makes sure that their branded medicines are complete with all the necessary information that the customers are going to need in using them which is not available at the local shops. They can read all about the proper instructions and things to avoid when they use these medicines. It’s like the customers have a doctor with them when they buy their drugs at Online Rx, everything they need to know about their branded meds is indicated.


In the end, the result is a draw since both branded and generic drugs are equally effective. When it comes to price, generic drugs have the slight advantage since it can be bought at cheaper prices than the branded ones. But for customers who prefer using branded medicines, it’s much better to purchase them at Online Rx than the local pharmacies because the prices here are a lot cheaper, giving them the opportunity to save money.

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