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Online Rx is a friendly online pharmacy that provides its customers only the safest and the best medicines. It has been operating since 2001, 17 years in service to its international clients. It has a very wide selection of medicines that rivals even the assortment that the local pharmacies have. The only difference with Online Rx is that their products are a lot cheaper compared to the expensively priced medicines locally. It’s also more convenient shopping at Online Rx since it can be done online unlike at local pharmacies where they have to go out, drive and fall in long lines just to get their hands on the medicines that they need.

Online Rx

The products that Online Rx sells are also exceptional since they are only sourced from Good Manufacturing Practices-certified international pharma companies. These manufacturers are qualified by the World Health Organization because of their excellent manufacturing facilities and great raw materials for drug production. All of its medicines are also approved by the FDA which assures the users that they are effective and safe for use.

Due to these advantages and many other benefits that customers get from ordering at Online Rx, they can’t help but leave reviews and testimonials just to let other customers know of the good things that they have experienced. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of these reviews and discuss the qualities of Online Rx that made its customers happy and satisfied with its service and the reasons given by its customers for their respective testimonials.

Testimonials for Online Rx

“I have had a few problems with the delivery of my products because of the postal service. I contacted customer support and received an explanation and received my product as promised. Great job.

– Norman, online customer

Norman encountered an issue where he was expecting his orders to arrive at a certain date but it never did. Anxious about what happened to the meds that he has ordered, he contacted the customer support hotlines provided on the site where the problem with his orders was clarified. The customer support team advised him that his orders were delayed because of some issues with the postal service and after that, he has received his orders after a few days. Norman appreciates the service that he has received from the customer support team and is thankful for their commitment in helping the customers like him in getting problems such as delivery issues sorted out. Because of this resolution to his problem, Norman will continue to be a loyal customer.

“My first order was lost replacement order arrived with a few perks for the delay. GREAT COMPANY HONEST AND EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT PLUS GREAT PRODUCTS.”

– Nburgh, online customer

Unlike Norman whose orders were delayed, online customer Nburgh was unfortunate to get his orders lost by the courier service. He was obviously upset about it since his previous efforts of ordering and waiting would just be for nothing. As unfortunate as this event may have been for him, his orders are covered by the site’s reshipment policy where orders that are lost, stolen or damaged during the shipment will be replaced. True enough, Nburgh received the reshipment of his lost order with additional freebies as apologies for the trouble that he experienced. Nburgh got help from the customer service team and appreciates them as exceptional and honest as they dealt with his shipment problem. He is also happy with the products that he has received, remarking them as great medicines.

Further Reviews for Online Rx

“I have been extremely impressed with the standard of excellence of the medications, as well as the quality of service I have had consistently with this online drugstore. The meds seem to be authentic beyond any doubt, and the attention to detail of the service staff has been remarkable. I highly recommend this very valuable company.”

– Lorin, online customer

Sample Medicines from Online Rx

Sample Medicines from Online Rx

Lorin’s review is different from the first two testimonials as she had experienced no problems with the shipment of her orders. She simply wants to express her appreciation for the “standard of excellence” that the online pharmacy has for the meds that she has received. She was also pleased with the great quality of service that she has constantly received from this store which is unlike the other online pharmacies that she has tried before. What caught Lorin’s attention is the authenticity of the medicines that she has received which just proves this pharmacy’s dependability. Like many others who have purchased from this online pharmacy, Lorin is also happy with the remarkable customer service experience that she had. Lorin concludes her review with a recommendation for this online pharmacy.

“I ordered products off of the website and I received them much quicker than anticipated.”

– Lakers19, online customer

Online Rx Shipping Services

Online Rx Shipping Services

Online customer Lakers19 is just amazed at the fact that he received his orders much quicker than the expected. At this online pharmacy, orders are processed within just 24 hours and after processing, the orders are immediately dispatched to the customer’s end. Online Rx basically has two shipping options and the quicker one is the express mail service. It only takes 5 to 8 days before the customers receive their purchases compared to its standard airmail that takes 2 to 3 weeks before the orders arrive. He mentioned no specifics with regards to the products that he has ordered or with the site’s other services but was simply surprised to get his medicines much earlier than he expected.


Online Rx is truly an online pharmacy of great quality as it has not only dedicated its strength in the quality of its products but has also improved the service that it provides to the customers especially the customer service and the delivery of orders. Its excellence can be measured by the good reviews that its customers have provided for it, attesting to its dependability. Customers should start purchasing their meds from Online Rx for them to experience the same convenience and benefits like the other clients did.

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