Online Pills vs Other Online Pharmacies

Online Pills vs Other Online Pharmacies

Although online pharmacies are scattered about everywhere, there are only a few ones we trust. Consumers should not be fooled by the modern graphics and all the other superficial website improvements in one store—some of them are just baits waiting for consumers to click on them.

Online Pills

One of the trustworthy online pharmacy networks in the web is the network of pharmacies called Online Pills. It is by far one of the oldest companies selling generic medicines on the web—despite being low-key, it is one of the most reliable shops on the web when it comes to dispensing authentic medicines. Compared to other shops or pharmacy networks, Online Pills is reliable and has a guaranteed delivery service that allows the consumers to become confident of shopping at any Online Pills stores online.

What do Online Pills stores have to offer?

To see how Online Pills pharmacies are better than most online drugstores on the web, let us dissect Online Pills’ operations to the smallest detail.

Online Pills is a world-renowned network composed of online drugstores with the same Online Pills or Pharmacy Mall shops. This network started serving the consumers since 1997. Stores associated with the Online Pills network are concerned about delivering quality medications approved by the FDA, whether they are generic or brand name in nature.

According to the company, medicines offered by Online Pills stores are from India, but the company also sources medicines from manufacturers from other parts of the world. Medicines found on Online Pills include the following:

  • Herbal treatments
  • Brand and generic medicines
  • Skin care products
  • Other medical supplies

Customers will find it easy to shop for their medicines at Online Pills stores since the shops have their products arranged by relevance (per medical condition). This enables to the consumers to look up their medicines with only their clinical concerns in mind—for instance, they do not have to look for Propecia or Finasteride for hair loss; they simply need to search for hair loss treatments and the stores will lead them right to Propecia and its generic counterparts.

Some of the medicines available in the store include these groups:

  • Fertility drugs
  • Erectile dysfunction solutions
  • Men and women’s health products
  • Heart disease medications
  • Digestive diseases medicines
  • Hypertension medicines
  • Allergy drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-viral treatments

All of the medicines found in each Online Pills shop can be bought without a prescription. This is so because the store does not have illegal or habit-forming drugs (or steroids) in stock. Consumers, though, are advised by the doctors to use the medicines only under the advice of the physicians.

What is notable about Online Pills stores is that they have a complete lineup of products for various medical uses. The store also ensures that all of the medicines that are listed on the platform are available for consumer purchases, so no one will end up buying an out-of-stock medication.

According to the Online Pills stores, payment methods accepted include VISA and MasterCard credit cards. No hidden fees are charged by the Online Pills shops so customers can be confident that the checkout amount will be the final amount charged to their credit cards. Apart from this, customers are also assured of the discreet service from Online Pills—the labels on the credit cards will be anonymous.

Shipping is cheap at Online Pills shops unlike at other web drugstores that charge impossible fees. Regular shipping at Online Pills online pharmacies is only $10 or $20 depending on their courier preference.

Another thing admirable in Online Pills stores is the policies—these stores do not allow returns but they are willingly processing order replacements and refunds whenever applicable. Customer support at Online Pills stores can be reached using phone numbers or email.

Why should you choose Online Pills stores instead of other online drugstores?

There are reasons why customers should make the shift from other online drugstores to Online Pills. Here are some of them:

  • Affordable products

Not all online drugstores are able to offer reasonable prices for their items. Some online pharmacies are known to price their items so steeply that they nearly have no edge over local drugstore prices. Since Online Pills is able to source the medicines directly from the manufacturers, buyers are given competitive pricing for the products in stock.

  • Reliable shipping

Another excellent selling point of Online Pills stores is the reliable shipping and delivery. Other online drugstores seem to be indifferent about giving their customers assurance that they will replace the products or send refunds in case of (unlikely) damages or problems related to shipping.

  • Awesome deals

Buyers can expect awesome deals at Online Pills stores, apart from their cheap prices. The Online Pills shops are offering free shipping, free pills, discounts, and special vouchers to help consumers maximize their savings.

Online Pills Shopping Card

Online Pills Shopping Card

  • Excellent reviews

Reviews for Online Pills stores are also available on the web and by reading them, it is apparent that the buyers are happy with the overall products and service of Online Pills—customers are praising the store’s delivery, reliable and effective products, and the affordable prices and good deals.

  • Long service

Online Pills, compared to other online drugstores, has a long service history—the 1997 inception is longer than the typical 0-1 year of service.

  • Exceptional customer support team

Customers also admire Online Pills’ customer support team and described the team as helpful and courteous—something uncommon in support teams of other online drugstores.


Online Pills is a network pharmacy that started its service in 1997. This network is composed of a number of online drugstores with the same product offers and the same reliable delivery. Compared to other online pharmacies, consumers often prefer Online Pills stores because of their authentic items and their affordable prices.

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