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Online Pills is a renowned online drugstore known for selling some of the cheapest medicines on the market. This store started its service in 2001 when consumers are still unaware of online pharmacies and generic products that cost up to 70% less than the brand name counterparts available in the market. Because of this, Online Pills lasted long in the market and became popular with consumers although it was not as modern as its online drugstore counterparts.

Online Pills

To know more about Online Pills, it is a good idea to take a good look at its products and prices and see why the consumers were too eager to purchase their medicines from Online Pills.

What are the products available at Online Pills: Generic versus Brand Name Medicines

Medicines available at online pills include mostly generic counterparts of brand-name treatments. Consumers are given a wide range of choices for their treatment options—they were given brand name products, although the buyers were encouraged by the shop to purchase generic medicines for the advantage in prices.

Generic versus Brand Products at Online Pills

Generic versus Brand Products at Online Pills

What is the difference between generic and brand name drugs anyway? Here are some of the things you need to know about generic and brand name treatments:

  • They contain the same active ingredients

Generic and brand name products contain the same active content—the FDA would not grant approval to generic medicines if they do not have a similar active ingredient as the brand name treatments. Even if you’re paying for tens or hundreds of dollars more for a branded pill, its cheaper generic counterpart is still identical in terms of content.

  • They have the same therapeutic effect

Considering their similar active ingredients, the brand name and generic treatments have the same overall effect in the patients. You can expect the generic medicines to be as potent as the brand name ones—the price discrepancy between the brand name and generic treatments do not have an effect on their overall effectiveness in the patients.

  • They have the same medical considerations

Customers can expect the same medical considerations for the generic medicines and brand-name drugs—the patients will be given the same dose as the brand name medication. Side effects and dosage interactions are also constant for the generic and brand name medicines since they contain the same active ingredients.

  • These drugs may differ in terms of inactive components

The FDA allows slight deviances when it comes to the inactive components of generic medicines, such as food coloring, flavoring, and other additives that will not have an effect on the therapeutic effect of the medications.

  • Generic medicines are cheaper

Generic medicines are cheaper than the brand name treatments because their companies have had fewer manufacturing expenses than the brand name companies that created the pioneer medications. Research, marketing, and clinical trials are added expenses are some of the factors contributing to the enormous price tag associated with these added costs in manufacturing. Apart from the fewer manufacturing costs, generic medicines are also cheaper due to intense competition—when the generic medicines are approved, they face competition from a lot of generic brands are approved by the FDA.

Product Line-up of Online Pills

What are the medicines available at Online Pills? Here are some of the items that buyers can consider purchasing from the store:

  • Branded medicines
  • Generic medicines
  • Herbal treatments
  • Skincare medicines
  • Medical supplies

According to the store, all of the medicines in the shop are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and should be safe and effective to use. Consumers should not worry about the quality of the medicines found in the shop since they are sourced directly from the manufacturers.

Here are some of the most popular treatments at Online Pills and their corresponding prices:

  • Prednisone: $0.30 each tablet
  • Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate): $0.90 each tablet
  • Lasix: $0.25 each tablet
  • Propanolol: $0.27 each tablet
  • Xenical: $0.79 each tablet
  • Doxycycline: $0.30 each tablet
  • Clomid: $0.44 each tablet
  • Propecia: $0.51 each tablet
  • Levitra: $1.00 each tablet
  • Amoxil: $0.39 each tablet

The Online Pills store actually has a lengthier list of products under its belt—you can check the other popular treatments by visiting the store.

Concerning prescriptions, customers are not obliged to provide their Rx for these products, but they are urged to consult their doctors first before using any product from the shop. Buyers will be accountable for their purchase decisions and should not hold the store liable for any circumstances related to their failure to consult their doctors prior to the use of any particular drug.

Are there deals available for the consumers of Online Pills?

To further assist the buyers in their purchases, Online Pills is offering a couple of buyer deals that can help maximize savings. Here are some of the promos available at the store:

  • Bulk pill discounts. Consumers with larger pill orders are given special prices—for instance, customers with orders of 360 pills and above of generic Viagra are entitled to the lowest prices of the product.
  • Waived shipping fees. Buyers with orders more than $200 will have their shipping fees waived.
  • Special discounts for large orders. Consumers with orders over $200 are also given an additional 10% off their orders.
  • Special coupons. Consumers can also enjoy special holiday codes from Online Pills, so they are advised to connect with the shop regularly.
  • Freebies. The store is often sending complimentary pills to its consumers, regardless of their order sizes.


Consumers can enjoy shopping from Online Pills since the store provides the best medicines at most affordable prices. Buyers are not only entitled to cheap medicines at the store—they are also given extra deals to enjoy, such as free shipping, freebie pills, special coupons, and other special offers. Buyers looking for a shop to use for their medical concerns can find Online Pills helpful.

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