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Online Pills is a pharmacy website, an online Canadian pharmacy that provides cheap medicines to all of its customers. Many buyers love purchasing here because the drugs that they sell are of great quality and clients don’t have to spend too much money for them. This is just one of the reasons why Online Pills receive positive reviews from its clients. Many customers honestly wonder how it manages to sell high-quality meds at low prices. The answer is just simple; Online Pills get their medicines directly from the manufacturers themselves with no markups or additional costs, allowing them to sell their medicines at prices that everyone can afford.

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It has a very wide array of medicines that contains all the meds that the customers could possibly need. All medicines from A to Z is available at Online Pills and they are organized and categorized properly for the buyer’s ease. Customers also have a lot of medicines to select from because aside from the branded medicines, Online Pills also have a large selection of generic drugs and their variants. This gives the customers the freedom to choose which medicine they would like to buy based on what their doctors have recommended and the size of their budget.

This and many other benefits such as fast deliveries, excellent customer service, etc. are the reasons why customers have provided great reviews for Online Pills. In this article, we will be reading about those customer reviews and know about the things that made them happy with Online Pills.

Customer Testimonials

“The prices are low. I navigated several pharmacies and can say that this pharmacy is great. buy only here. best price and great quality. I made four orders and received on time with no any delay.”

– Michael from Germany

A customer named Michael from Germany starts his review by saying that the prices that he got his medicines for at Online Pills are low. Based on this assessment that Michael made, it would not be wrong to say that he already tried purchasing from other online pharmacies and found that this one has the cheapest prices around. Browsing the internet, he also checked other online pharmacies and all that he can say is there’s no pharmacy site like Online Pills. As he recommends Online Pills to other customers, he adds that the products here are of great quality.

Rightly so, because all of the medicines that are sold by Online Pills are FDA-approved and sourced only from GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies. Online Pills prioritizes the safety of its customers and makes sure that its clients only get the best medicines. To show other customers how reliable Online Pills really is, he testifies that he has already ordered four times and he always received his orders without any postponements or delays. This is because Online Pills has an impeccable delivery service and excellent shipping facilities. It offers its customers two options to choose from for the shipping of their orders.

The first option is the standard airmail which has a fee of $9.95 and a waiting time of 2 to 3 weeks. This delivery option is cheap and perfect for customers who are making advanced orders for their meds. The next option is the express mail service (EMS), the right option for clients who want to expedite the delivery of their orders. EMS only takes 3 to 8 days of waiting time and only costs $19.95. Online Pills also offers to waive the shipping charges for customers who will be able to make purchases with amounts that exceed $200 in total.

“Fast service…… very helpful customer service….couldn’t get the website to process my order so I phoned and got great help and speedy delivery with regular shipping on the order….”

– Jacob from France

As he was ordering his meds at Online Pills, Jacob from France unexpectedly encountered a problem on the website where he was unable to process his order. This is indeed a serious problem because if his orders will not be processed, he won’t be able to order the medicines that he needed. So what Jacob did was he phoned the customer support team of Online Pills to ask for help and he was not disappointed. He described the help that he got as “fast service” and the representatives as “very helpful”. He finally got his orders sorted out and processed for him with the assistance that he got from the customer support personnel. Like Michael from Germany, he also got his orders speedily and with no delays.

The customer support team of Online Pills can be contacted through the hotlines available on its website and it is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

This is to make sure that no customer gets left behind and all their queries will be answered. And since not all clients have mobile phones or landlines available, Online Pills also made sure they got that covered on their Contact Us page where the customers can contact them through email. The email team is also responsive, providing comprehensive answers to all questions sent by the customers.

Additional Customer Reviews

“i ordered two times from france, 10 days for delivery, no problem with customs, and good quality products.”

– Mark from Germany

Customer Mark from Germany has proved the reliability of Online Pills by ordering twice when he was in France and receiving them within 10 days without any problems with the customs. He has encountered no issues at all with his purchases as the process was always smooth, quick, and easy. Buyers like him would indeed save a lot of time since there would no longer be the need to go out just to purchase medicines, they can simply switch their computers on, visit its site, make their orders, and pay online. This convenience would also save their money since they don’t have to gas up and drive to their nearest pharmacies anymore, they can make their orders from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection.

Online Pills Customer Reviews

Online Pills Customer Reviews

Mark also appreciates the quality of the medicines that he has received, mentioning that they are of good quality.

“I like this company, they keep you updated, send things fast and have a great selection.”

– Alex from France

Alex was just happy with the constant communication that he had with the customer support team from the point that he finishes ordering up to the point where he receives them. He is constantly updated as to the status of the meds that he has ordered, giving him peace of mind. He also points out to the great selection of medicines that Online Pills have as all the meds that a customer could possibly need is available here.


Customers are truly pleased with their experience of ordering at Online Pills since they get what they need and still save a lot of money in the process. The customers can’t just help but compliment the store for its excellent service and great products which truly give them the value of their money. The delivery of the customer’s orders is also fast and reliable, helping them get their needed medicines as quickly as possible.

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