How to Know if Your Online Pharmacy is Legitimate

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With the increase in the number of scam and fraudulent online pharmacies in the recent years, customers have become more cautious to avoid the unfortunate experiences of others. Many buyers have experienced paying for their orders but not receiving any shipments. Others have experienced getting their credit cards charged for amounts that are far above the amount of the meds that they purchased. Some others have experienced receiving nearly expired or already expired drugs that could be fatal when taken. Others who were not so fortunate had their debit cards sucked dry of funds and there was nothing that they could do to get their money back.

These are all the work of fake pharmacies that pose as legitimate ones, fooling even seasoned customers into trusting them only to find out in the end that they’re not real online drugstores. Most of the time it’s already too late when buyers find out that the site that they purchased from is just a sham and the damage has already been done. The people behind these dangerous websites are expert hackers that only use these fake stores as fronts for stealing credit card information. But there’s a way to avoid falling for these traps and know if the online pharmacy that you’re going to buy drugs from is 100% safe and legitimate.

How to Buy Safely

Make sure that the website has been verified and marked safe by fraud-checking sites

Before proceeding on making purchases at an online pharmacy, customers must first check its domain name in fraud-detection websites.

Sample Scam-Checking Site

These sites help a lot in determining whether a certain online pharmacy is indeed a genuine one or if it’s a rogue drugstore. Fraud-detecting sites will immediately tell a customer if the site they are accessing is dangerous or if a site safe to use. They have a global database that helps them separate the fake sites from the real ones for the safety of the customers. If buyers don’t have a trusted website yet, they should make it a habit to always check the domain of the online pharmacies that they visit before they shop.

Avoid falling for super-bargains

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably is. Most fake pharmacies use this as a lure to draw lots of people in and before they know it, these stores already have their card numbers and other personal details. That’s why customers should beware of offers that seem to be too good that it makes one suspicious. Legit online pharmacies still offer deals but not like the fake ones that sell a drug that costs a hundred dollars to prices that are almost for free.

Look for its license

Legitimate online pharmacies have a license and it should be visible on their website. These licenses are only issued by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), the governing authority in permitting online pharmacies to operate.



Without the NABP-issued license, these pharmacies are likely to be fraudulent and operating as a scam website.

Avoid pharmacies that sell unapproved drugs

There are countries where certain drugs are not approved for use for failing a criterion that was set by that country’s health agency. If a certain online pharmacy allows a customer to purchase that certain prohibited drug, it would be a violation of that country’s law. It would now be obvious to the customer that they are dealing with a fraud website because a legitimate website knows the restrictions in each country and would not break the laws just to make a sale. Some drugs are approved in other countries and some are not and genuine sites are aware of them. Legit online pharmacies adhere to the prohibitions and would not dare cross the line.

Avoid purchasing from online pharmacies with no verifiable contact information or address

Any online pharmacy with no phone hotlines to contact them or any emails that offer correspondence to its customers should be avoided at all costs. These sites are the most common fraud pharmacies where the customers will have no way of contacting them back. Genuine pharmacies are complete with all the necessary contact information and even offers its customer service hotlines to assist them with their questions and concerns. Its street address is also indicated on their website for the buyer’s verification.

Additional Tips

Just to be extra sure in buying your medicines online, customers should not divulge their birth date, social security numbers, and credit card data unless they know that the online drugstore they are purchasing from is safe. These details are so important that if the hackers get their hands on these, they can do a lot of damage to the buyer’s finances. Shoppers should avoid unfamiliar pharmacies at all costs and should look for largely recommended sites instead.

Upon checking their purchases out, customers should check if the checkout page uses SSL certificates to encrypt all the information that is required of them to be sure that their forms are encrypted for their safety. Without these SSL certificates, customers should just try and find a safer online drugstore to avoid the risk of compromising their credit information.

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption

It is also necessary for clients to first take a look at a pharmacy site’s privacy policy to view the settings and know what that pharmacy does to your personal information. A certain website should not sell your personal information to survey sites and other data collecting pages unless a customer consents to it. Pharmacy sites that share a customer’s personal information to third party sources should be avoided since legitimate pharmacies are all about keeping these details confidential.


A customer should be vigilant enough to avoid being victimized by online threats such as scam websites and fake online pharmacies. Before going ahead with ordering, buyers must first make sure that the sites that they are dealing with are legitimate to protect themselves. A single mistake can result in a very great loss to the customer’s end so it really pays to be extra cautious.

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