Good Pills vs Other Online Pharmacies

Good Pills vs Other Online Pharmacies

The internet is home to thousands of online pharmacies and Good Pills is one of them. Good Pills is a network of online pharmacies that offer affordable and quality medicines. They offer generic and branded drugs and they offer Rx and over the counter drugs. Does it sound new? The truth is – it is not. Thousands of online pharmacies actually have the same introduction.

Good Pills Store Front

Good Pills is just one of the thousands of internet drugstores that have enticing offers. But then, what are the things that Good Pills can offer? Since we are not familiar with other online pharmacies, we are mainly focusing on the things that Good Pills can offer to their customers.

Here are some of the best things that this e-store offers:

An easy to use website

The website of Good-Pills network is designed for not-so-savvy computer users. It means that anyone who is not ‘that familiar’ with computers or internet can still use it. Ordering a medicine can be done by searching for the drug you need using the search box or by looking for it from the list of available medicines. All medicines are arranged by category. It means that Viagra is under erectile dysfunctions medicines and Amoxil is under Antibiotics category.

They have a contact information

For their contact information, you can reach Good-Pills via phone at 1 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. They can be reached as well thru their ‘contact us’ page. Most online pharmacies don’t have a phone support and they only ask their customers to contact them thru their ‘contact us’ page.

Their website has no grammatical or spelling errors

According to some reports, one of the ways to identify an illegitimate website is by checking how the site was created. Look at the interface of the website and check for misspelled words or grammatical errors. If you are starting up a legit website, you will definitely spend time and money in ensuring that everything looks okay and perfect.

They have a wide range of available medicines

Good-Pills has a large pool of drugs to offer. They have more than 20 medical categories that they cater with and they offer more than 30 types of erectile dysfunction brands. This means that they have endless options for you if you are looking for an alternative ED medicine. We found some online pharmacies that offer specialty medicines only like ED drugs alone or only drugs that can be used to treat diabetes.

Good Pills offer medicines to treat allergies, infections, diabetes, hair loss, weight loss, anxiety, depression, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, and smoking addiction. They also offer medicines for women and men’s health as well as herbal medicines.

Good Pills Offers

Buying medicines online can be advantageous to most people. It saves them time from traveling to and fro their local pharmacy and it saves them money for gas or transportation. With online buying, there is also a chance of getting a discount or a coupon code that you can apply on your next order.

With these reasons, most people are just refilling their prescriptions online like from Good Pills among other online pharmacies

With these reasons, most people are just refilling their prescriptions online like from Good Pills among other online pharmacies. But then, why would you stick with Good-Pills if there are a lot of options out there?

Good-Pills offer one of the cheapest generic Viagra medicines that you can find today. They offer generic Viagra for only $0.27 per tablet. They also offer generic Cialis for $0.68 per pill. For $1, you can get their generic Levitra and for only $3, you can get a branded ED medicine from this e-store. A branded Viagra costs $2.56 and a branded Cialis costs $3.72.

Aside from ED medicines, they also offer generic medicines that can help people suffering from hair loss. For as low as $2, you can get Finast or Proscar to treat your hair loss problem. If you want something cheaper, you can also order Dutas, Finpecia or Propecia. Rogaine 2 and Rogaine 5 are also available in this e-store. Generic weight loss pills like Alli, Xenical, and Orlistat are also available on this website.

To sum it up, Good Pills has more offer than most online pharmacies. They offer generic and branded medicines and they offer prescription drugs as well. For Rx medicines, they distribute it even to customers who don’t have a prescription. Their advice to their customers is simple, talk to a doctor before taking any medicine or changing your prescription drug.


The competition among online pharmacies is real as there are more and more internet drugstores emerging online. Most of these online pharmacies are offering the same, promising the same and offering the same products. If you are new to online prescription refill, you should ask an expert to help you before making an order online. It is also important to make your own research on which online pharmacy to trust and which online pharmacy to disregard.

Good Pills is just one of the internet pharmacies that you can come across with if you are going to do a research online about trusted online drugstores. The Good Pills is a reputable online pharmacy and they are one of the most trusted and most reviewed websites. They have hundreds of available medicines on their shelves and everything is FDA approved. The medicines they offer are safe and effective for human use. So far, Good-Pills is just one of the few internet drugstores that you can contact via phone.

The pride of Good-Pills is the number of happy customers they already have – a million happy customers. For years, they have been serving their customers with gusto and in return, their customers keep on coming back for more. This has been proven with their numerous positive reviews that you can find on their website.

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