Good Pills Prices and Assortment

Good Pills Prices and Assortment

Good Pills is a network of e-dispensaries that are offering medicines at the most affordable price possible. This e-store offers Rx and non-Rx medicines as well as generic and branded ones. Their bestsellers are mostly generic medicines though.

Good Pills Home

Good Pills has a long list of medicines to offer. They have different medical categories where each medicine belongs. For example, they have a category for erectile dysfunction where at least 20 drugs are listed – both generic and branded ED medicines. If you are looking for an ED medicine and you don’t know which brand to take, you can compare the ED drugs they offer.

Good Pills Assortment

At Good-Pills, you can find a wide range of assortment of medicines. They offer drugs for erectile dysfunction, allergies, infections, anxiety, arthritis, and asthma. They also offer birth control pills or different brands of contraceptives, medicines to treat or control high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems. They also have drugs to treat hair loss, heart diseases, herbal medicines, muscle relaxants, weight loss pill and sleeping aid medicines.

Good Pills Catalog

Good Pills Catalog

Good Pills also have a category for men and women’s health, for people who want to stop smoking and people who have skin problems.

For example, you are suffering from hair loss but you don’t know which drug to take, you can click on the hair loss category to find the available medicines they offer. Once you click a particular medicine, you can learn more about it such as the available dosages for the said medicine, its active ingredient, its indications, instructions on how to use it, how to store it and side effects. It also comes with information about safety and what to do in case of missed dose or overdosage.

If you don’t want to go through the different categories of medicines they offer, you can also check the bestsellers of Good Pills. Their bestsellers are just on the home page. Once you visit this E-store, you can find a list of their blockbuster products.

Good Pills Prices

The price of medicines offered at Good-Pills is good. They have the cheapest ED medicine at $0.27 per pill for a generic Viagra. The price of their branded Viagra is very affordable too at $2.56 per pill. Good-Pills is offering generic and branded medicines. Although not all drugs have a generic counterpart, it is good to know that you can save more from purchasing from this e-store because their offers are mostly generic medicines.

Aside from branded Viagra, they also offer branded Cialis at $3.73 per pill and $3.71 for branded Levitra. A generic Cialis tablet costs $0.68 per tablet and their generic Levitra costs $1 per pill.

Aside from popular generic ED brands that they offer, they also have other brands such as Kamagra, Sidalis, Silvitra, Malegra, Tadapox, Nizagara, Tadacip, Suhagra, Fildena, Tadora, Zudena, Eriacta, and Zenegra. These generic ED medicines cost less than $2 per tablet.

The most expensive generic ED medicine they offer is Extra Super Avana that costs $6.98 per pill. Super P-Force Jelly is also expensive at $6 per jelly. The rest of the ED drugs they offer cost around $0.27 to $3.

Other Generic Medicines Offered by Good Pills

To identify a drug if it is a brand or generic medicines, Good-Pills added the word ‘brand’ on the name of the drug they offer. It means that if you see a drug name and it doesn’t have the word ‘brand’ next to it, then it is a generic medicine.

Good Pills Generics

Good Pills Generics

After checking their website, we noticed that most of the medicines they offer for anxiety are generic medicines that cost less than $1 per tablet. Some of these medicines are Cymbalta, Atarax, Buspar, Desyrel, Emsam, Lexapro, Pamelor, Phenergan, Serpina, Sinequan, and Tofranil. They also offer generic medicines for Diabetes such as Amaryl, Duetact, Glycomet, Metformin, Micronase, Precose, and Prandin. These diabetic medications also cost less than $1.

In the weight loss category, all offers are generic medicines such as Alli, Orlistat, and Xenical. The generic Orlistat offered at Good-Pills costs $1.18 per pill while Alli costs $0.89 per pill and Xenical costs $0.79 apiece.

With this list, we conclude that most of the offers of Good Pills are generic because it is easier for people to continue and complete their medication if they can afford their medicines.


With affordability comes quality, this is the maxim that Good-Pills is living and operating by. They want to make their medicines as affordable as possible to anyone in the world hence they are producing quality generic medicines. Knowing that generic drugs are as effective as its branded counterpart is, there should be no reason why you will still pay for an expensive branded medicine.

Good Pills is a known online pharmacy to more than a million happy customer. They offer 100% fast delivery and they pack orders in the most discreet way possible. Good-Pills is a network of e-dispensaries that offer refund and reshipping of orders if the cause of the issue is from their end. It means that if the cause of undelivered order is the incorrect address provided by you, then they are not responsible for resending your order free of charge.

We believe that this e-store wanted to help their customers but they won’t allow anyone to take advantage of them hence they have policies when it comes to returning orders. They are also offering the lowest price possible because they worked hard in collaborating with known pharmaceutical companies but it doesn’t mean that they can give those pills for free. This is the reason why some of the drugs they offer still cost a lot while some cost less. If you are looking for a good network of online pharmacies to try in the future, check out Good-Pills.

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