Good Pills Customer Reviews

Good Pills Customer Reviews

Good Pills is an online drugstore that offers bonus pills on every order. It is an e-dispensary that gives away special offers from time to time to keep their customers loyal and to attract new ones. it is an online shop that offers fast delivery with a guarantee that if you don’t receive your order for some reasons, they will resend it to you free of charge. This is what Good-Pills is about. The question is, is Good-Pills true to their word and are they able to fulfill these promises?

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Let us take a look at some of the customer reviews and testimonials that we found for Good Pills.

Good Pills Customer Reviews

After searching the internet for some time, we found reviews shared by their customers from different countries. We found a review from Deutschland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Good Pills Reputation

Good Pills Reputation

The first review for Good-Pills was shared by Michael from Deutschland. In his testimony, he shared that he ordered from this network of online pharmacies because of the pricing. Michael said that he checked a few e-stores and compared them until he found Good-Pills. Since he learned about Good Pills, he already placed four orders and is looking forward to placing more (although we think he doesn’t wish to get sick). Michael’s reasons for staying with this e-store are its price and drug quality.

The next review we found was shared by David from Germany. David shared that after receiving and using the ED drug he ordered, his wife had become happier. David was just happy that he found this store and its quality products.

We also found a review from Jessica of Austria and Charles who was also from Deutschland. Jessica’s main reason for ordering from this internet shop is the price while Charles loved the bonus pills. Charles also loves the convenience of online shopping hence he preferred to purchase his medicine from an internet pharmacy rather than to travel to their local pharmacy.

Aside from Michael and Charles from Deutschland, Jessica from Austria and David of Germany, we also found reviews shared by a customer from Italy and France.

Leeroy from Italy shared that his last three-prescription refill from an online pharmacy was done with Good-Pills network and he was extremely satisfied with the result every time. He said he was expecting for a long delivery time because of his location but then he didn’t have to wait that long. Leeroy was satisfied with the quality of the medicines he received, the packaging and the pricing that he is getting from Good-Pills.

Sophia from France was another review we found for Good Pills. Sophia said that it is her first time to write a review and her only reason for doing so is to let other people know about Good Pills. Sophia said that other people deserve to know about this online pharmacy because they will surely benefit from it. Sophia complimented the easy to use the site of Good Pills, the popular list of medications they offer, and their fair price. Sophia was just happy that she no longer have to purchase her hypertension medicine from their local drugstore anymore.

Good Pills customer reviews are about three things – quality products, fair price, and timely delivery. If we are about to order a drug online, trying Good Pills could be our options.

Good Pills Customer Reviews 2018

With so many reviews for Good Pills, we decided to further look and find newer testimonials. The Good Pills network seems to be a large one with a lot of happy customers and here are some of the new reviews we found.

Good Pills 2018 Reputation

Good Pills 2018 Reputation

Reviews from US customers named Matthew and Simona were among the testimonials we found. Matthew said the delivery of his order was okay and Simona seemed to have the same experience. Simona said that her order arrived as promised and she was happy with the service.

Two other customers from the UK also shared their experience with Good-Pills. Smith S and Kaiman shared that they had a great experience ordering from this internet store and that they described the service as efficient and excellent. Kaiman added that he was able to place an order without much ado.

Aside from these verified customers from the US and the UK, Good-Pills also have reviews from Samuel of Irish France and Sarah of Spain. According to Samuel, he received a constant update about his order and that he was provided with progress report until its timely delivery. Samuel has been using this e-store for his prescription medicines for years now. As for Sarah, the fast and courteous service she experienced from the staff of Good-Pills was the force that led her to share her experience online. Sarah was just thankful for the website and the people working for it.


Great customer reviews are like free advertisement. It is the most effective advertisement that any company can have because it is effective in instilling trust among people. A very satisfied customer can tell her story to her friends and friends of friends that can eventually lead to more people trusting your brand. Good-Pills knew this hence they are trying their best to keep their customers as happy as it can be. They believe that their happy customers are the keys to a more successful online pharmacy operation.

Good Pills has a lot of great customer reviews. Most of their customers are talking about the great product they received, the good customer service representative who assisted them, and the timely delivery of their orders. These could be the reasons why Good Pills remain to be operational until today – they have people who trust them. Indeed, they have a million happy customers and we would love to try it ourselves.

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