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Meds for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) are the fastest-selling medicines online. These are the medicines that are usually on the top spot of the bestsellers of online pharmacies which shows that the demand for them is great. ED is a condition that disables men from having erections and ED drugs help them achieve it, enabling them to be functional in sex. And when it comes to the most reliable online drugstores to get them from, Trust Pharmacy is one of them.

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Trust Pharmacy has a great selection of ED medicines which are divided into two: brand-name ED meds and their generic versions. There’s really no difference between them except for the appearances (color, shape) and their manufacturers. Of course, the branded ED meds are the ones that came from their original manufacturers and they are Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), and Viagra (Sildenafil). Their generics have the same active components and give the same results but are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies, the reason for the differences in their appearances.

Branded ED Meds

All in all, there is a total of 70 ED brands in the stocks of Trust Pharmacy and only three of them are the branded ones which were mentioned earlier. Viagra is the most popular of the three and its manufacturer is Pfizer, one of the oldest and most established pharmaceutical companies in the world. Sildenafil is its active ingredient and needs about 1 hour before fully taking effect. The erection that it gives to its users lasts for about 4 to 5 hours, a plenty amount of time before its effects wear off.

The second most popular ED drug that Trust Pharmacy has is Cialis which uses Tadalafil as its active ingredient and is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company. Cialis gives the same effects as Viagra but it has a quicker onset of action of only 30 minutes and has effects that far outlasts Viagra at up to 36 hours. Levitra is the third one and is the product of GSK and Bayer’s collaboration. It has the same onset of action as Cialis and has effects that linger just as long as Viagra at 4 to 5 hours. It uses Vardenafil as its active ingredient, the drug with the least side effects of the three.

In buying these meds from Trust Pharmacy, customers won’t have to spend as much as what they spend at the local pharmacies. The prices that this online drugstore has for them is 80% cheaper than what the local stores can give, giving the customers the privilege to save on money big time. The cheap prices that they sell these drugs for are no secret. Since Trust Pharmacy gets its products directly from the manufacturers and not through distributors, they are able to give it to its clients at much cheaper prices. And unlike at local pharmacies where they would be required to provide prescriptions before they are allowed to purchase they ED pills, Trust Pharmacy requires its customers no such prerequisite. They can get their ED drugs freely without having to first get scripts from their doctors.

Sample Pricing

The difference of Trust Pharmacy’s branded ED meds’ price to its generic ED pills is not even noticeable because of its very low costs. Let’s take Cialis 20 mg for example. Its branded version sold by Trust Pharmacy has a price of $3.72 USD for each pill while its generic version is priced at $0.68 USD. Both of these drugs have the same effects and it simply goes down to which of the two the customer prefers to buy.

ED Drugs

ED Drugs

Generic ED Drugs

The ED generics sold by Trust Pharmacy are no different from its branded ED drugs because aside from the fact that they use the same active ingredients, these generics also came from reputable pharmaceutical companies that are certified by the World Health Organization. All of them are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration which is a guarantee to the customers of their safety and effectiveness for use.

Of the 70 ED brands that Trust Pharmacy has, 67 of them are all generic versions of the 3 popular brand-name ED meds. This is to provide the buyers more options to choose from and for them save more money since generics are a lot cheaper than the brand name meds.

The reason for the overwhelming number of generic meds that Trust Pharmacy offers to its customers is also to raise awareness that generic drugs are on equal footing with the branded ED medicines. Due to the mistaken belief that the generics are inferior, many people refrain from buying ED generics, thinking that they are “weaker” versions of the potent and expensive drugs. This is actually a misconception that makes most customers miss out on savings and getting the exact same effects as what the expensive ED meds give.

Generic ED meds are similar to the branded ones in formulation, strength, and effectiveness and the only reason why they are a lot cheaper is because their manufacturers only reproduce the popular brands. Unlike the pharmaceutical companies who were the original manufacturers that spent millions of dollars in research and development, marketing and advertisement, generic manufacturers don’t have such costs on their backs which allows them to sell at very low prices.

In some ways other than the prices, the generic ED drugs that Trust Pharmacy sells might have some advantage over its brand-name ED meds. The branded drugs only exist in hard pill forms whereas the ED generics have different variants that customers can choose from. Among them are ED soft gel capsules and chewable tablets that dissolve a lot quicker and takes effect so much faster than the standard hard pill drugs. Variants with higher dosage strengths than the standard dosages of the branded ED drugs are also available for customers to purchase. Other ED variants such as sublingual pills and oral jellies which dissolves in the mouth and not swallowed whole are the fastest-acting innovations of generic drug manufacturers, taking effect for as fast as 10 to 15 minutes. All of these are available for customers to purchase at very affordable prices.


Brand-name or generic ED drugs, it simply boils down to the customer’s preference and their budget. Although it’s a wiser choice to go with the ED generics that work a lot faster and costs cheaper, some users prefer to buy the brand ones due to the reason that those were the drugs that they are already familiar with. Still, it’s a win for buyers to go with Trust Pharmacy because of its reliability and excellent pricing for its goods.

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