ED Drugs from Pharmacy Mall: Generics Vs Brands

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) pills are the most popular and best selling drugs online. These pills are the ones that are used for treating male impotence, helping men achieve erections to make them capable of sex. They are in the first list of every online pharmacies’ front page and the same is also true for Pharmacy Mall.

In total, Pharmacy Mall offers 70 medicines under the category of erectile dysfunction. Of these 70 ED drugs, only three of them are branded ones namely branded Viagra (Sildenafil), branded Cialis (Tadalafil), and branded Levitra (Vardenafil). The rest of them are already generic versions of these mentioned brands coming from different manufacturers around the world.

To guarantee its customer’s safety in using these meds for ED, Pharmacy Mall only sources both it’s generic and branded ED pills from GMP-certified drug companies. The World Health Organization is the agency that has sanctioned the operation of these manufacturers which makes them reliable. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved of all the ED medication that Pharmacy Mall sells, making them effective and safe for use.

There’s really no difference between a branded ED drug and its generic version except for their manufacturers and their physical appearances such as color and shape. But with the formulation, strength, and effectiveness, the brand-name meds and their generics can’t be told apart since they both use similar active ingredients. But how well does a generic ED drug version really fare against its branded counterpart? Are there advantages in choosing to go with generics? Or are the branded ones still the better option?

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra

If purchased at local pharmacies, the prices of brand Viagra can fetch up to a price of $83 USD for each tablet. Brand Cialis and Levitra are also priced around the same price locally that’s why it is a great relief that Pharmacy Mall only sells these branded pills for prices as low as $9.14 USD. Profit is one of the main reasons why the local prices for these ED pills are so expensive but not so for Pharmacy Mall because it is a drugstore that is dedicated to providing affordable ED meds to all of its clients.

Quickness of Action

Since the brand-name Viagra sold locally is the same as what Pharmacy Mall has, both work in the same manner. Viagra’s onset of action is 45 minutes to 1 hour after it is ingested and will have effects that could last for up to 5 hours. The expensive Cialis drug locally is also the same brand of Cialis sold by Pharmacy Mall but can be bought at much affordable prices. It has a quicker onset of action than Viagra, taking effect for as fast as 30 minutes after it is taken. But unlike the 5-hour effect of Viagra, Cialis lasts much longer with effects that can last for as long as 36 hours, making it the most efficient ED drug.


The locally sold Levitra which is sold at very high costs is also the same Levitra which is sold by Pharmacy Mall at prices below $10 USD for each tablet. It takes effect just after 30 minutes of being ingested and its effects will linger for up to 5 hours. Its difference with the other two ED pills is that it has lesser occurrences of side effects, perfect for users who want great results minus the possible side effects.

If each of all 67 generic ED pills of Pharmacy Mall is pitted against its three branded ED drugs in terms of effects and benefits, it would not simply be a draw. Yes, these ED generics are identical to their brand-name ED counterparts but these generics are more practical to buy since they are much cheaper. The prices for them start at $0.27 USD for each pill and that’s for generic Viagra, using the same active ingredient and having the same great effects.

Generic ED Pill Variants

What also makes the generic ED pills of Pharmacy Mall better than its branded ED drugs is that the generics are not only available in hard pill forms but is available in many different variants that work much better and takes effect so much faster than the standard pills that are taken with water and swallowed whole. Let’s take the generic Sildenafil brand Kamagra for example. It uses Sildenafil Citrate just like brand Viagra but it is available in various forms which make it more efficient. It is available in effervescent tablets which dissolve quickly in water and after being taken takes effect so much faster than Viagra. Kamagra and other ED generics sold by Pharmacy Mall is also available in chewable tablets, sublingual pills and oral jelly forms which no longer needed to be taken with water and swallowed as they dissolve easily in the mouth. Since these tablets won’t have to go to the digestive tract to be broken down and absorbed by the body, they also take effect faster.

Pharmacy Mall’s ED generics are also available in soft gel (semi-liquid) capsules which also kicks in much faster than the standard hard pills.

Erection gels for external use are also available for customers, having similar effects to the orally taken meds. Other generic medicines such as ED pills with higher dosages and ED pills combined with other drugs like Duloxetine, Fluoxetine, and Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation (PE) treatment can be bought at Pharmacy Mall at very low prices.

Purchasing brand-name ED pills at Pharmacy Mall is still a good thing since their prices are terrific and customers get the opportunity to save money. But in going with generics instead, customers can choose from the wide list of Pharmacy Mall’s different effective generic ED variants which could perfectly suit their needs. They won’t be confined to the traditional limitations of a standard hard pill drug but they have the privilege to enjoy the various benefits that these innovative generic ED products has to offer.


In the end, it all goes down to the customer’s preference on which ED drug they prefer to buy from Pharmacy Mall and use, be it the branded ones or the generics. Nevertheless, it’s a win-win situation for them since both the generics and brand-name ED medications at Pharmacy Mall are sourced from reliable manufacturers, approved by the FDA and at very affordable prices.

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