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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common sexual health condition that is experienced by a great number of males aged 40 years and above. The medicines for this condition are also referred to as ED drugs and these are the most bought drugs at the online pharmacies. ED is a condition that renders men incapable of getting erections which makes them impotent, unable to engage in a sexual intercourse. What these ED drugs do is they improve the circulation of blood in the body, improving the blood flow to the penis which leads to an erection.

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The most popular brands of ED medication in the market today are Cialis (Tadalafil), Viagra (Sildenafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil). These drugs are sold at top dollar prices in local drugstores, fetching for up to $83 USD for just a single pill. On top of the costly prices that they charge for their ED meds, they require their customers to have prescriptions which is an additional cost on the customer’s end. Thankfully, this is not the case with Online Rx as it freely sells its ED meds at very low prices and requires its customers no prescriptions.

Online Rx Branded ED Pills

In total, Online Rx has 70 different brands for ED treatment but only three of them are branded ones. These three are the three brands which were mentioned earlier, namely Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. These branded drugs of Online Rx came from their original manufacturers and is sold at slightly higher prices than its generic brands. The branded Cialis drug was made by Eli Lilly, an established US-based pharma company. Cialis is also known as the weekend pill for its effects that last for up to 36 hours with an onset of effect of only 30 minutes. The next one is Viagra that uses Sildenafil as its main component. It was manufactured by Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical company who introduced the drug back in 1997. In only lasts for 5 hours and has an onset of effect of 1 hour. The third ED brand is Levitra, a drug which is the product of GSK and Bayer’s joint venture. It uses Vardenafil as its active ingredient and also works for 5 hours like Viagra. Its onset of effect is just as quick as Cialis at 30 minutes. These are the three branded ED pills of Online Rx and each of them can be bought for under $5 USD per pill.

Brand Viagra price on Online Rx

Brand Viagra price on Online Rx

If customers are looking for branded ED drugs, Online Rx is the best place to get it from because aside from saving a lot of money for their very low prices, customers will get them with no prescription required. For customers who are having second thoughts about the quality of Online Rx’s products, they can put their doubts to rest as Online Rx only sells ED meds that are approved by the FDA. The safety of its customers is its priority and it makes sure that its products are only the best.

Brand Cialis Price on Online Rx

Brand Cialis Price on Online Rx

Online Rx doesn’t just get its products from any manufacturer but its sources are internationally-acclaimed pharmaceutical companies who are sanctioned by the World Health Organization. These are companies whose manufacturing plants are regularly inspected by the WHO and have the GMP-certification as a seal of their adherence to international safety standards.

The branded ED drugs of Online Rx appear to be very strong contenders but how does its generic ED medications fare against them? Are the branded ones a much better choice than the generics?

Online Rx ED Generics and Their Variants

Not really. A lot of people might think the brand-name ED drugs have the advantage but the “generic” branding doesn’t mean that it’s inferior. It actually means that these drugs are equally excellent to the branded ones. The rest of the 67 ED brands sold by Online Rx are generic meds which were made with the same active ingredients as the branded ones but only different in terms of color, shape, and taste due to the different manufacturers that made them. But in terms of strength, effectiveness, and formulation these drugs don’t differ to the branded ED drugs at all and they give the exact same results when used.

The generic ED pills of Online Rx also have exact counterparts to the 3 popular brand-name ED meds which are in hard pill forms

The generic ED pills of Online Rx also have exact counterparts to the 3 popular brand-name ED meds which are in hard pill forms. For customers who prefer to use the exact same generic counterparts of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, the hard pill versions are the best choice. The users will save more money on purchasing them while getting the exact same effects and benefits that the branded meds can give. These are the most popular generic medicine versions but these are not all that Online Rx offers. Customers have a greater number of choices in generic medicines since Online Rx has different variants available for customers to try. These variants function in the same way the brand-name drugs work but the advantage in using them is that these variants have a much quicker onset of effect.

Generic Viagra Price on Online Rx

Generic Viagra Price on Online Rx

Generic ED variants such as soft gel capsules are also swallowed like the hard pills but since it’s already in a semi-liquid form, it dissolves much faster and is absorbed by the body a lot quicker. Other variants no longer need to be swallowed as they already dissolve orally and is absorbed in the glands inside the mouth meaning that the pills don’t have to go through the digestive tract anymore. These are the sublingual ED pills, chewable tablets and oral jellies which has a lot faster onset of effect than other ED pill forms, working for as quick as 10 to 15 minutes.


Online Rx is a perfect source for every customer’s ED medication need. It offers a lot of choices to the buyers especially the generic brands which have a total of 67 different brands that the customers can choose from. For people who prefer branded ED meds, Online Rx also has them and sell them at very low prices. Generic ED pills vs brand-name ones actually result in a draw as both of them uses the same active ingredients and only differ in manufacturers and appearances. Generic ED variants, on the other hand, works a lot faster and is perfect for users who prefer fast-acting meds.

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