ED Drugs from Online Pills: Generics Vs Brands

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Drugs for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), a male sexual health condition, are known to be expensive medications that require customers to have at least $60 to $75 just to be able to purchase a single pill. These are quite costly prices that not every customer can afford and on top of these prices, local pharmacies also require them to provide prescriptions which will cost them additional money. ED drugs don’t really come cheap that’s why it’s truly a relief to have an online drugstore that sells affordable ED pills to all and without any prescriptions required.

Online Pills Store Front

Online Pills is a Canadian online pharmacy that has been operating since 2001 and continues to sell top-quality medicines to its clients all over the world. But among all of its pharmaceutical products, the fastest-selling ones are the meds for the treatment of ED. As a matter of fact, the popular ED drug brands such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have been constantly on top of its best-selling drugs along with their similarly effective generic versions and variants. And the good news about these pills, the ED generics, and brand-names, is that they are sold at very cheap prices at Online Pills. Customers can basically purchase their brand-name ED drugs at Online Pills 80% cheaper than the prices that the local pharmacies have. The equally-effective ED generics can be bought at even cheaper prices and customers only need to spend from $0.30 to $2 USD for each tablet.

Online Pills Traits

Online Pills Traits

Branded ED Drugs of Online Pills

The selection of Online Pills in their ED pills section consists of 70 different ED brands and generics but only 3 of them are what we can call branded. These three are the three most famous ED brands which were mentioned earlier; Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Instead of getting these ED drugs at the local pharmacies, it would be wiser for customers to purchase them at Online Pills because of the very big savings that they can get. If branded Viagra 100 mg is sold locally for $83 USD per tablet, customers can purchase the same Viagra 100 mg at Online Pills for just $3-$9 per pill, a price that’s 89.99% cheaper than what the local pharmacies have. Cialis and Levitra are usually in the same price range locally but they can be purchased for only $10 USD per pill at Online Pills. Prescriptions are also not a requirement in purchasing here which gives the customers additional savings and allowing them to maximize the value of their money in enabling them to purchase more.

Brand Viagra Price on Online Pills Pharmacy

Brand Viagra Price on Online Pills Pharmacy

Customers may wonder why it’s cheap at Online Pills and may even be suspicious about it. It’s a normal reaction especially when a certain customer is not used to spending less for a drug that they used to spend a lot of money on purchasing. Online Pills can indeed sell their drugs at very low prices because they have the original manufacturers as their direct suppliers. It enables them to get the drugs at low prices compared to getting them from distributors who have already marked the prices up.

Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. It uses the drug Sildenafil as its active component and it was introduced in the market way back in the year 1997. After ingestion, Viagra will take effect after 45 minutes to 1 hour and will have effects that last for 5 hours. Cialis’ manufacturer is Eli Lilly and Company, also a leading global pharma company. Its onset of effect is quicker than Viagra at 30 minutes and has longer lasting effects that last for 36 hours. It uses Tadalafil, a PDE 5 inhibitor drug like Sildenafil and was introduced in the market back in 2003, 6 years after Viagra. Levitra is also released in the same year as Cialis by Bayer and GSK, two global pharmaceutical giants. It uses Vardenafil as its main ingredient, has a 30-minute onset of effect and effects that last for 4 to 5 hours.

Generic ED Drugs of Online Pills

Compared to the branded ED drugs, how well does the generics fare? Generic ED drugs are actually very strong challengers, so much that they are on equal footing with the brand-name ED medicines. Contrary to the preconceptions of many customers, generic ED drugs are not inferior versions of the popular ED drugs but rather, they are exact copies of these medicines in formulation, strength, effectiveness, and performance. Generics may not look like the actual appearance of a branded drug due to the prohibitions of the trademark laws but these drugs have the exact same active ingredients that allow them to work in the same manner as the branded ones. For example, generic Viagra can be obtained for about $1 per pill.

Generic Viagra Price Offered by Online Pills Shop

Generic Viagra Price Offered by Online Pills Shop

Price is the most obvious advantage of the generic drugs over the branded ones because they are only reproductions of the original brand. Making them did not cost their manufacturer large amounts of money compared to the expenditures of the original manufacturers. Sixty-seven of the 70 ED brands of Online Pills are composed of generic meds that come from various renown generic drug manufacturers around the world.


These may be generic ED drugs but they are all approved by the FDA and Online Pills made sure of that to ensure the customer’s safety in using them. If the branded ED drugs are only available in hard pill form, ED generics have variants that have forms that work a lot faster or even better. Sublingual pills, oral jellies, and chewable tablets already dissolve in the mouth making its absorption in the body faster, resulting in a quicker onset of action. Soft gel capsules and effervescent ED tablets are also innovations made by generic drug manufacturers to make ED drugs work faster than usual.


Whichever the customer prefers in buying, be it brand-name ED pills or the generic ones, they will always be winners at Online Pills because of the very low prices that it offers. Branded ED drugs here cost a lot cheaper compared to local pharmacies and generics that work just as good as the brand-name ED drugs can be bought at even lower prices. All ED medications here at Online Pills are approved by the FDA, making them safe and effective for use.

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