ED Drugs from Cheap RX

ED Drugs from Cheap RX

Cheap Rx is a known e-dispensary that offers generic and branded medicine. They also offer prescription and non-prescription medicines to anyone around the world. It is a network of online pharmacies that specializes in providing low-cost medicines to their clients. These medicines are safe and effective as they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the regulating health agencies of the countries where these medicines are manufactured. To date, the Cheap Rx network has the largest pool of generic and prescription medicines among all the online pharmacies that you can find on the internet.

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On their website, you can easily determine if the medicine you are looking it is a generic or a branded one. Their branded medicines are marked with the word ‘brand’ such as ’brand Viagra’ or ‘brand Cialis’.

Difference between Generic and Branded Drugs

In local terms, we call generic drugs as imitations of its branded equivalent. With the price of generic drugs comparatively lower to its branded counterpart, many people are wondering if it is as good as the branded one. The answer is yes as per the FDA. Generic drugs are required to be as effective and safe as its branded counterpart is before getting approval from the FDA. This is the reason why all medicines offered by Cheap Rx networks, regardless if it is branded or generic are safe and effective.

Here are the common difference between generic and branded drugs:

Here are the common difference between generic and branded drugs:

  • Generic medicines are cheaper because the manufacturers of generic drugs don’t have to spend much on research and development of the said generic medicine
  •  Generic drugs look different in shape and color as compared to its branded equivalent

Here are the common consistency between generic and branded drugs:

  • They should have the same active ingredient
  • A generic and branded medicine will have the same strength, dosage, side effects
  • If the branded equivalent is a prescription drug, the generic medicine will be a prescription drug as well
  • There will be more options when it comes to generic drug brands as more pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing generic medicines than branded ones

Popular Medicines with Branded and Generic Counterpart from Cheap Rx

Looking at their bestsellers, you can find some of the top generic and branded medicines offered by Cheap Rx.

One popular medicine is branded Viagra. Branded Viagra from Pfizer is offered at Cheap Rx e-dispensary for a price tag of $2.56 per tablet. Its generic counterpart, generic Viagra is sold for $0.27 per tablet. Aside from generic Sildenafil, another brand of generic Viagra from Cheap Rx is Kamagra that costs $0.90 per tablet.

Cheap Rx also offers branded Cialis for a price tag of $3.72 per tablet. Its generic counterpart costs $0.68. Another brand of Cialis is Tadapox that is sold for $1.08 per tablet and Sidalis that costs $0.95 per tablet.

For branded Amoxil, the price is $0.57 per tablet while its generic counterpart costs $0.39 per pill.

Cheap Rx is selling more generic medicines as compared to branded ones because people are looking forward to ordering affordable medicines that they can trust.

In fact, for their hair loss treatment, they only offer generic medicines such as Proscar, Rogaine 2, Rogaine 5, Dutas, Propecia, and Finpecia.

Popular Generic ED Medicines from Cheap Rx

When it comes to popular ED medicines, that Cheap Rx offers, most are generic brands. The price ranges from $0.27 to $1.50 per tablet. The cheapest generic ED medicine they offer is generic Viagra that costs $0.27 per pill. They also offer generic Cialis and generic Levitra that costs less than $1 each.

ED Drugs from Cheap Rx

ED Drugs from Cheap Rx

Other popular brands of generic ED medicines they offer include Sidalis for $0.95 per pill, Silvitra for $2.80 per pill, Kamagra for $0.90 per pill, Tadapox, Tadacip, Avana, Nizagara, Silagra, Zenegra, and Suhagra. Cheap Rx also offers generic hybrid ED medicines or those ED drugs with high dosage formulations. Among the brands they offer is Levitra Plus for $0.73 per pill, Viagra Plus for $0.66 per pill, Super Avana for $4.91 per pill, Soft Viagra for $0.91 per pill, Soft Cialis for $1.11 per pill and Cialis Professional for $1.20 per pill. If you are looking for affordable ED medicines with stronger dosage, you can also check their Viagra Extra Dosage for $1.95 per pill and Cialis Extra Dosage for $2.05 per pill.

Since the maxim of Cheap Rx is to provide quality medication to everyone around the world, most of the drugs they offer are generic medicines. This way, more and more people can have access to their treatment and can continue to get better.


Cheap Rx is one of the best e-dispensaries that you can find online when it comes to medical line up. They offer a wide list of medicines with branded and generic selections. Their generic selection is also long as they offer most of the popular generic medicines in every category. For example, when it comes to ED medicines, they offer at least 20 generic brands of ED medicines that customers can choose from.

Cheap Rx is confident in offering generic medicines because they believe that generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterpart is. It means that all generic drugs on their list are effective and are safe for human use. Most of their offers are generic brands because these are cheaper and are easier to acquire from its manufacturers.

Should you trust generics too? The answer is YES! According to the FDA, there are no risks associated with using generic medicines. In fact, most doctors are now into prescribing generic brands for pricing reasons. If you have a prescription and you want to save on your medication, check the list of drugs offered by Cheap Rx network, who knows, your medicine might be on their list of available generic medicines.

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