Cheap RX vs Other Online Pharmacies

Cheap RX vs Other Online Pharmacies

Cheap Rx is a network of online pharmacies that offer generic and branded medicines. They offer affordable drugs at the lowest price possible. Their goal is to offer popular and trusted generic brands to their customers worldwide. With more than a million of satisfied customers, there is no doubt that Cheap Rx has been doing a great job in fulfilling their promise to their customers. To date, they are proud of their million happy customers.

There are number online drug stores that you can find today. In fact, a record shows that there are thousands of online pharmacies with only 3% as legitimate. This means that most of these websites are just pretending to be online pharmacies. The 97% of online pharmacies that you can find on the internet today are either scammers or fraudulent websites that aim to steal your money and personal information.

Why Choose Cheap Rx?

Cheap Rx Front

Cheap Rx is one of the 3% legitimate online pharmacies that you can find on the internet today. With a lot of possible options in the web, from legitimate to illegitimate internet dispensaries, why pick Cheap Rx network?

  • Cheap Rx has a lot to offer. They have a wide list of medicines to offer, mostly generic brands that are affordable and safe to use
  • Cheap Rx has an easy to use website. If you need to order a medicine, you can easily check its availability by searching for it or by going through the catalog of medical conditions on the right-hand side of their website
  • Cheap Rx offers a lot of information about each medicine they offer. They offer information such as the price, the available dosages, the common use of the said medicine, the dosage and direction of using it, precautions when using it, contraindications, the possible and what to expect adverse reactions, drug interactions, what to do in case of missed dosages, what to in case of overdosage, proper storage of the said medicine and disclaimer from Cheap Rx.
  • Cheap Rx offers low-cost medicines like generic ED drugs for as low as $1. They offer the cheapest generic Viagra at $0.27 per pill. Most ED drugs offered here are generic and only cost $1 or less
  • Cheap Rx offers fast delivery and they have 100% guarantee, they offer bonus pills and a discount offer

Cheap Rx Bonus and Discount

Cheap Rx Bonus and Discount

  • Cheap Rx offers secure and private ordering system to ensure the protection of your data and private information
  • Cheap Rx is one of the few online pharmacies that have phone support for their customers. Imagine yourself buying something from an online store then you have a question and you cannot find a number to reach them!

With so many online pharmacies on the web, finding an e-store to trust can be challenging. However, if you know what to look in order to identify a legit pharmacy, you won’t fall for any scamming websites.

Identifying a Legit Online Pharmacy

Even if you spend hours comparing 2-3 online pharmacies such as Cheap Rx with other e-stores, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you will still become a victim of fraudulent internet stores. To help you out, here are some of the things that you need to check when comparing 2-3 websites to figure out which one is legit from the one that is not.

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  • A legit online pharmacy should have a contact information aside from their ‘contact us page’. If they have a chat support or a phone number that you can dial, then it is a good sign. For Cheap Rx, they have two number that you can reach them with
  • A legit online pharmacy should come with a website that is free from grammatical errors. A quick look at Cheap Rx page will tell you that a professional web developer made it and the owner of the website spent money on it
  • A legit online pharmacy should come with reviews. If you cannot find reviews for an internet store, that is a red flag. Luckily, Cheap Rx has a lot of customer reviews from their satisfied customers
  • A legit online pharmacy should come with health regulatory logo such as FDA or WHO or CIPA, MIPA among others depending on the country where the e-store is based. Cheap Rx has a logo of FDA to show that all medicines dispensed by this online pharmacy are FDA approved
  • A legit online pharmacy has a secure website to ensure the protection of your personal information especially credit card info. Cheap Rx understand this hence they are using 128 SSL bit encryption

If you cannot find any of these indicators of a legit e-pharmacy in a website that you are currently looking, then it is time to close it and look for other e-stores. Remember that using a fake internet pharmacy doesn’t just put you at risk of identity theft, it also put your health at risk as you are vulnerable to receiving counterfeit medicines. If you will end up using a fake medicine, your condition might get worse and it would be too late before you knew it.


With the introduction of internet pharmacies offering low-cost medicines, more and more people are taking advantage of it. If you are not sure on which e-store to trust, you can check Cheap Rx and its network of online pharmacies. Furthermore, you can check our advice on how to identify a legit online pharmacy from an illegitimate one.

Most internet drugshops will make promises. Promises such as 100% money-back guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction are common offers. They will also claim that most of their medicines are real and of the lowest price possible. Be vigilant and do not become a victim of fraudulent internet pharmacies. If you cannot trust a specific website, leave them. Remember that you have a thousand more options online and Cheap Rx is one of them.

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