Cheap RX Prices and Assortment

Cheap RX Prices and Assortment

If you just had a check-up and your doctor gave you a prescription, it is likely a prescription for a generic medicine. However, generic medicines sold in most local pharmacies are still expensive. This is the reason why internet dispensaries are popular. Online pharmacies are selling generic and branded medicines at a much lower price as compared to local drugstores. If you are looking for a generic erectile dysfunction medicine, you can check the price difference of branded ED drug versus generic ED drug on Cheap Rx. Cheap Rx is a network of online pharmacies that offer affordable medicines worldwide.

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Generic vs Branded

According to the FDA requirements, all generic medicines must meet the standards set by the department in order to ensure safety and efficacy of each generic drug. All generic drugs must have the same ingredient as its branded counterpart, has the same strength, same use, and effect and should pass the same testing standards. Some differences between a branded and a generic medicine include price, appearance, and color. If you are trying to check the generic and branded medicines offered by Cheap Rx, here are some of them and we will be focusing on their price differences.

Cheap RX Prices

Cheap RX Prices

Cheap Rx Branded ED medicines versus Generic ED medicines

Erectile dysfunction category

In their erectile dysfunction category, they offer branded and generic medicines at a very affordable price. A branded Viagra costs $2.56 per tablet while a branded Cialis costs $3.72 per tablet. They do offer branded Levitra for $3.72 apiece. For generic Viagra, the price is $0.27 per tablet and $0.68 for generic Cialis. A tablet of generic Levitra costs $1 as well. Other popular generic ED medicines include Kamagra (generic Viagra) for 0.9 per tablet and Tadapox (generic Cialis) for $1.02 per pill. Other generic ED medicines offered by Cheap Rx are SIldalis, Silvitra, Malegra, Tadacip, Caverta, Fildena, and Eriacta.

A quick glance at the ED page of Cheap Rx will overwhelm you are there are at least 30 brands of ED medicines. The page is also colorful as some ED pills are available in red, some in orange and some in blue.

pasted image 0 116        vs       Branded Viagra vs Generic Viagra Price

Branded Viagra vs Generic Viagra Price

Antibiotics category

If you are looking for an affordable antibiotic, you can find a wide range of options from the Cheap Rx network. For branded ones, they have Biaxin for $2.40 per pill, Cefixime for $2.86 per pill and Ketoconazole Cream for $16.67 per pack. Ketoconazole is a topical solution. Branded Amoxil is on sale for only $0.57 apiece.

For generic antibiotics, you can have Amoxil, one of their bestsellers for $0.39 or Ampicillin for $0.24 per tablet. Another cheap Antibiotic that you can try is Bactrim for $0.34 per tablet. Chloramphenicol is also on sale for $0.46 per tablet and Cipro just costs $0.22. Another generic antibiotic worth considering is Doxycycline for only $0.30 per tablet.

Sugar-lowering (diabetes treatment) category

Among lifestyle health concerns, diabetes is the most popular medical condition. This medical issue also requires lifetime treatment or medication hence finding a cheap drug is of the essence. Here are some of the branded and generic diabetes medicines that you can find in Cheap Rx network.

For branded medicines, they offer Diabecon for $6.30 per tablet, Forciga for $3.34 apiece, and Januvia at $4.49 per tablet. As for their generic medicines for Diabetes, you can get one for as low as $0.48 with Amaryl. Duetact is one of the cheapest offered by Cheap Rx at $0.30 per tablet next to Metformin and Micronase that cost $0.26 each tablet. Glucophage is the cheapest at $0.17 per tablet.

With thousands of drugs on their list, you can always find a generic counterpart of expensive medicine brands. Cheap Rx always makes sure that their customers have a choice hence they offer generic and branded medicines for hypertension, pain relief, heart disease, hair loss, weight loss, and sleeping aid.

Still, remember that not all branded medicines have a generic counterpart. Pharmaceutical companies can only produce the generic version of a branded medicine once the patent has expired. In addition, always take the dosage prescribed by your doctor. If you were given a prescription for a 50 mg Viagra but you decided to take Kamagra, you can do so as long as you will take Kamagra 50 mg. Changing your drug brand is okay but changing your dosage on a whim can be risky.

Rx medicines and Prescription

For prescription medicines, the network of Cheap Rx does not require customers to submit a prescription when ordering. Cheap Rx understands the importance of asking for a doctor’s advice hence they encourage their customers to consult a doctor first before taking any medicine from their dispensary.

Prescription medicines are meant to be controlled because they are susceptible to misuse and abuse. Incorrect usage of a prescription medicine can also lead to the unlikely effect that might harm user eventually. This is the reason why the Cheap Rx network wants their customers to get a valid prescription first before ordering from them. They do not have to show their prescription, they just need it to avoid any risks.


Finding a store that offers generic and branded medicines online is not hard. With hundreds of listed online pharmacies that you can easily find on the internet today, getting a prescription refill online is no longer a problem for most.

In addition to accessibility, online pharmacies paved a way for the introduction of more generic medicines than we can find at our local drugstores. For example, most local pharmacies offer 1 to 2 generic counterparts of a branded Viagra medicine that you need while online pharmacies offer at least 5 different generic ED brands. With more options, you can choose the one that suits budget easily.

The great number of options when it comes to medicines, the affordability, and accessibility to generic and branded medicines – these are among the promise of Cheap Rx.

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