Cheap RX Customer Reviews

Cheap RX Customer Reviews

Cheap Rx is an online drugstore that sells medicines around the world. They have great shipping facilities and system that allows them to send orders to their customers, anywhere in the world. The medicines they offer are safe and effective as they are all approved by the FDA.

Cheap Rx Home

This internet pharmacy has a lot to offer. They offer branded and generic medicines as well as Rx and over the counter drugs. For Rx medicines, a prescription is not required hence if you need to refill your ED medicine, you can just search for your ED drug and order it from Cheap RX. Aside from erectile dysfunction medicines. Cheap Rx networks also offer drugs for diabetes, weight loss, anxiety and depression, pain relief, hair loss, allergies, and infections (viral and bacterial). Cheap Rx also has a listing of supplements and herbal medicines so if you want to go all natural, you can click on their herbal category and choose the supplement that you need.

Cheap RX Customer Reviews

Cheap RX has a lot of promise. They promise quality products at the lowest price possible. According to their website, they are currently enjoying having more than a million happy customers. They are giving out bonus pills and are offering free shipping to qualified customers (those who ordered medicines worth $200). With so many promises, how can we determine its legitimacy?

We decided to search for customer reviews and testimonials and we were not disappointed!

Cheap Rx Customer Reviews

Cheap Rx Customer Reviews

We found a review shared by Michael from Deutschland and he admitted that he is a loyal customer of Cheap Rx. He has been ordering and had ordered 4 times already. Michael said that he never had issues with the delivery. He stayed with Cheap Rx because of the price, which is very affordable for him. We also found a story shared by David of Germany. David said that even if he was in Germany, his order arrived on time. David and his wife are thankful for the drugs he received because it keeps them busy now, night and day! Another German customer, Erica shared how she loves the cheap yet effective products of this e-dispensary.

Cheap Rx network of online pharmacies has wide access to its customers and it was not surprising to find many happy customers from different countries. We also found some reviews written by their customers from Spain, Italy, Sweden, and France.

Sarah from Spain wrote her thank you to Cheap Rx because of the fast and efficient service she received from this e-dispensary. Sarah added that it is rare to find service providers that do so, especially virtual businesses. As for Italian, Piter, the fast delivery astonished him like Barbara from Sweden. Barbara said that her order arrived earlier than expected and the product was of great quality. She is a 100% satisfied customer. Lastly, we found a review from Alex of France who was unable to process his order because of some technical glitch. When he called the customer service of Cheap Rx, he was lucky to talk to someone who placed the order for him. He was even happier when he received his order.

These are among the numerous positive reviews and testimonials that Cheap Rx has. Most of their customers are praising them for their on-time delivery, responsive and efficient customer service, and great value for money products.

Cheap RX Customer Reviews 2018

For this year’s customer reviews for Cheap Rx, here are some of the latest we found:

Cheap Rx Customer Reviews 2018

Cheap Rx Customer Reviews 2018

The first review we found was shared by Matthew from the US. Matthew said that his order arrived and the delivery was okay. Another US customer of Cheap RX was Simona who was also happy after receiving her order on time. Simona said that everything was okay and she was just happy with it.

We also found a review from two UK customers, Kaiman and Smith. Kaiman’s experience was great as he finds the website of Cheap Rx easy to use. He added that placing his order was stress-free. It looks like Smith had the same experience. He said his experience with Cheap Rx was awesome.

What You Need to Know About Cheap Rx Policies

According to some people we talked with, if you understand the terms and conditions of a certain store or business that you are dealing with, you won’t have to worry about being scammed. For Cheap Rx, here are some of their policies that you should know:

  • They do accept PO Box addresses for deliveries but deliveries will be done by your local post office once it reaches your country. Delays in deliveries often starts at the local post office because they do not deliver on PO Box addresses
  • Defective or damaged products can be reshipped free of charge. You just have to call customer care team to report it
  • The packaging of your order is private. Your parcel will arrive in a perfectly anonymous package with no label to keep your privacy protected
  • The only option to contact Cheap Rx is thru their ‘contact us’ page. If you need to report anything and you want them to call you, indicate it in your email


Cheap RX is an internet drugstore that served more than a million customers. According to their website, their customers are satisfied and happy and most of them are returning customers. Based on the customer reviews we found, these seem to be true.

Cheap Rx has a lot to offer. If you are looking for cheap generic medicines, you can always check their list of available drugs. If you are looking for an affordable prescription, medicines but you don’t have a prescription at the moment. Cheap Rx will help you acquire your medication without a problem. Indeed, it is one of those online pharmacies that you can trust based on people’s experiences.

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