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What is Trusted Tablets?

What is Trusted Tablets
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Trusted Tablets is a pharmacy website that sells a very wide variety of medicines to its clients worldwide. It is famous for the very affordable prices of its products, both for the branded and the generic medicines. It has already been in the business for quite a while and is an established online drugstore that is trusted by many.

Though it’s also selling brand-name medications, what Trusted Tablets specializes in is selling generic medicines. Having generic versions for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs sold at the local pharmacies, its aim is to provide customers with cheaper alternatives that would allow them to save more money. Getting the proper treatment through effective drugs don’t have to be expensive. Generic medicines use the exact same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts that why they give the exact same results. It may be a lot cheaper than the branded drugs but these medicines are also of the same great quality, made with the same raw materials except that they’re made by different manufacturers.

A Complete Pharmacy

This online pharmacy has a great range of medicines and it covers a lot of categories from Alcoholism to Women’s Health. Customers can be assured that its assortment is complete with only the most effective medicines, both for branded and generic meds. A search box is available on its site for the customers to get to their medicines in no time. As long as they know the correct spelling of the drug they’re looking for, they’ll be able to find it quickly. For buyers who can’t remember the correct spelling of their medicines, Trusted Tablets can still assist them perfectly through its alphabetical arrangement of drugs where they can effortlessly find what they’re looking for.

Its website is very smooth to use and very navigable, a customer-friendly website where buyers can easily access all the options that they need to select. All the choices are plainly laid out on its website so the customers don’t get lost. The interface of its site is also pleasant to the eyes using only light colors which are convenient to look at. The options are also easy to read as it uses clear fonts which can be enlarged for the customer’s easy reading. Since Trusted Tablets caters to customers from all over the world, it will be receiving orders from clients whose first language is not English. For its site to be much easier to use, Trusted Tablets has made it possible for its onsite language to be changed to the customer’s preferred language so that they will be able to choose the right options. The default USD currency on its website can also be changed to the customer’s own currency so that they’ll be able to calculate the total amount of their purchases in their own money.

Since Trusted Tablets is just as devoted to selling medicines to assisting its customers, it makes sure that no one is left behind by placing open and toll-free customer hotlines on its website for customers to call. If buyers will be needing assistance with anything like the ordering process, order status, its products and other things about Trusted Tablets, the customer support people will be helping them until their concerns get sorted out. The customer hotlines also welcome the suggestions of the clients, all to further improve the service that Trusted Tablets can give its customers in the future. For clients who won’t be able to contact the hotlines, they can still reach the customer support team through email by using its Contact Us page. Customers can send their questions in, suggestions, complaints, and concerns and they are guaranteed to shortly receive a detailed response from the email team with the answers to their messages. Trusted Tablets will do everything that it can on its power to help its customers with whatever they may need.

Trusted Tablets Bestsellers

Of all its products, the most popular medicines that Trusted Tablets sell are the pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. Not only are these pills the most popular products of Trusted Tablets but they are also the best-selling ones. Of course, the branded Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills would be on the list because of their cheaper prices here compared to the local stores but what the people prefer to purchase the most are the cheaper generic ED drugs.

Viagra, Cialis, & Levitra

Viagra, Cialis, & Levitra

At the local stores, the branded drugs can fetch for up to $80 USD for just a single tablet while at Trusted Tablets, they can be bought 80% cheaper from only $7 to $10 USD each. But as for the generic ED meds which have the exact same effects and benefits, they can be bought for as low as $0.69 USD to $1.50 USD. These are prescription drugs but Trusted Tablets don’t require its customers any prescriptions. They can purchase these drugs freely and without any restrictions.

The products that Trusted Tablets sell are also very safe to use as all of them are approved by the FDA, passing the thorough quality and safety examinations. Not only are they safe to use but these medicines are also effective for the treatment that they will be used in.

Trusted Tablets basically have two delivery options for customers to choose. The first option that the customers can select is the standard international mail which costs $10 USD and takes 10 to 21 days of waiting time. The next one is the express international mail which only costs $30 USD and the waiting time is for only 5 to 9 days. Unlike the standard mail which cannot be tracked, customers can follow the movement of their shipments through the tracking service offered by Trusted Tablets.


Trusted Tablets is not just an online pharmacy but it’s a complete package of a drugstore. It has everything that the customers will ever need from savings, great customer support, quality meds, reliable deliveries, convenience, and many more. It has a great selection of drugs where customers will find whatever medicine that they will ever need all at very friendly prices and great quality.

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