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What is Trust Pharmacy?

What is Trust Pharmacy
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Trust Pharmacy is another big online pharmacy network or a collection of online pharmacies having the same appearance but different web addresses. These network pharmacies aim to collect more traffic from the consumers online and also aim to reach more consumers through the varied websites. Sometimes, consumers are freaked out by seeing similar-looking pharmacies with different web addresses, but networks like Trust Pharmacy are reliable and are safe to use.

Trust Pharmacy: An Overview

Trust Pharmacy started its online journey in 2001 when online pharmacies have yet to be recognized. Despite the initial hardships in marketing and in gaining consumers, this network persisted and continuously improved its service until it was recognized as one of the most reliable drugstore networks in the market. Today, the Trust Pharmacy network has served more than 1M consumers (and counting) all over the world, indicating that the shop has indeed successfully captured the trust of clients for its quality products and reliable service.

Trust Pharmacy network stores are neat-looking and although light on graphics and not as impressive-looking as the more contemporary stores, these shops are easy to navigate and easy to understand by prospective buyers. Medicine stocks are neatly grouped per medical condition and the bestsellers are posted at the network stores’ main pages for easier buyer access.

Products available at network sites linked to Trust Pharmacy are known for their quality, as Trust Pharmacy sources its medicines directly from the product manufacturers. This ensures that the medicines are genuine and are therefore safe to use by the patients. Apart from this, Trust Pharmacy’s products are also certified by the FDA—generic medicines are at least local FDA certified, while the brand name drugs are US FDA approved.

Medicines sold by every Trust Pharmacy network website include the following examples:

  • Fertility medications
  • Blood pressure treatments
  • Hair loss restoring medicines
  • Allergy medicines
  • Anxiety and behavioral treatments
  • Smoking and alcohol cessation medicines
  • Erectile dysfunction products
  • …and plenty others

According to the Trust Pharmacy shops, prescriptions are not required when ordering to help the consumers save more when it comes to doctor fees. However, this no-Rx policy is no excuse for consumers to skip doctor advice for their medical conditions; in fact, Trust Pharmacy is strongly suggesting that patients should consult their doctors prior to ordering their medicines from the stores to ensure that they will take the medicines properly and stay safe while using the products. Also, Trust Pharmacy stores do not have addicting or illegal medications consumers can purchase so it is generally safe for Trust Pharmacy to implement a no-Rx policy.

Since the network is keen on serving the consumers with the best it can, it offers payment methods that are common to consumers. Trust Pharmacy shops accept VISA and MasterCard credit and debit card, which are two of the most commonly owned credit cards in the world. Clients can shop at Trust Pharmacy stores with confidence because of the stores’ SSL encryption and because of the assurance that they won’t have hidden surcharges.

Consumers enjoy budget shipping rates at Trust Pharmacy—the shops only offer regular shipping for only $9.95 (takes 2-4 weeks) and only charges $19.95 for trackable or express delivery (3-9 days transit time). If in case the orders do not arrive within the specified time (plus several buffer days), consumers can ask for refunds or product replacements via contacting the support team using the phone numbers or email. Customers can also claim refunds or replacements for damaged, incorrect, or incomplete orders.

What are the deals available at Trust Pharmacy stores?

You can expect the following consumer deals at Trust Pharmacy web drugstores:

  • Free shipping (regular and express) depending on the total purchase amount of the consumers
  • Complimentary pills on every purchase, regardless of order amount
  • Discounts for consumers with orders  more than $200
  • Repeat buyer discounts
  • Seasonal coupon codes

Although the shop did not have coupons for buyers to use, the store advises customers to stay tuned for discounts (coupon codes) during the holidays or special occasions.

What do consumers say about Trust Pharmacy shops?

All in all, complaints about Trust Pharmacy do not exist—this means that buyers were generally satisfied with the performance of this pharmacy network. Most of the customers, though, are praising the store for a job well-done.

A few Trust Pharmacy Reviews

A few Trust Pharmacy reviews

According to buyers, they have experienced utterly low prices from Trust Pharmacy shops and despite the affordability of the items, customers are still assured of the excellent quality of the products available in the store.

Apart from the good prices and effective products, some buyers also appreciated the network’s swift and reliable delivery of their products. Some clients even mentioned receiving their orders earlier than anticipated.

Buyers resolved to order from the websites again given their positive encounter with Trust Pharmacy and even vowed to invite their friends to order from the store.


Trust Pharmacy is classified amongst the pioneer online pharmacy networks around. It started in 2001 and has served its consumers only quality medicines at affordable prices. Buyer reviews for the pharmacy network indicate client trust for the shops involved with the network and so far, no complaints about Trust Pharmacy were aired online.

Clients appreciated the low prices the most and also commended the store’s delivery, reliable service, responsive support team, and quality medications. The majority of the consumers with buying experience at Trust Pharmacy would order again from the Trust Pharmacy shops given their positive experience from the online pharmacy. Overall, Trust Pharmacy network websites are highly recommendable and can be a go-to pharmacy for buyers with the need for cheap but reliable products.

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