What is SecureTabs?

What is SecureTabs
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Securetabs is an e-pharmacy network that offers low-cost medicines to their customers. They have customers around the world and they cater to any of your medical needs, whether it is a generic medicine or a branded one. Securetabs network of internet pharmacies has one goal – to make medical treatment accessible to anyone in the world.

There are different types of medicines offered by Securetabs. They offer erectile dysfunction medicines and it is one of their bestsellers. If you are interested in trying a few brands of ED drugs, you can check their ED Sample packs 1, 2 or 3. These sample packs come with different ED brands. This way, you can check which one will work best for you.

Aside from erectile dysfunction drugs, Securetabs also offer medicines that can treat or stop hair loss. They offer weight loss pills, pain relief medicines, drugs to treat anxiety, depression, nicotine addiction, birth control pills, arthritis, allergies, asthma, and infections. Securetabs also offer herbal medicines.

With a large pool of medicines to offer, Securetabs also has the cheapest offer when it comes to generic medicines. Their prices range from $0.20 to $2 per tablet for generic brands and at least $3 for branded medicines. For example, a generic Viagra is sold for $0.27 per tablet while its branded counterpart is sold for $2.56 per tablet.

Securetabs Bestsellers

Finding a medicine from Securetabs network is easy. They have a list of medical categories that you can use, a list of bestsellers, and alphabetically arranged list of medicines being offered. If you already know the name of your drug, you can easily find it from the list or just search it using the search box. If you are doing a self-diagnosis (which the website discourages due to risks associated with it), you can just click on the medical categories they have then choose the medicine you need.

Securetabs Bestsellers

Securetabs Bestsellers

On their bestseller list, they have ED medicines such as generic Viagra and generic Cialis as well as its branded equivalent. They also offer Clomid, a fertility drug for $0.44 per tablet. For those who are interested in trying different Viagra brands, they can find ED Sample Pack 1 on the bestseller list of Securetabs as well.

Aside from ED drugs and Clomid, they also have Propecia on their bestseller list. Propecia is a hair loss treatment. Prednisone is also listed, a pain medication and Zithromax, an antibiotic drug. Nolvadex, a drug prescribed to women with breast cancer is also the list as well as Cytotec, a drug for a stomach ulcer. For people with depression, you can find Zoloft in their bestseller list too along with Xenical, a weight loss pill.

Things to Know About Securetabs

Most medicines offered by Securetabs are generic medicines. Securetabs believe in the effect of generic medicines hence they are not afraid of marketing it. Not all branded medicines have a generic counterpart though.

Securetabs doesn’t require a prescription prior to dispensing Rx medicines. They know that you are ordering a certain medicine because you have been using it or it was recommended to you, hence they no longer require customers to send a copy of their prescription. Securetabs want to deliver smooth, efficient, and hassle-free drug shopping hence the easy prescription drug ordering system.

Before making an order, here are more things that you should be aware of:

  • Most medicines offered by the Securetabs network are generic drugs, these are FDA approved generic medicines
  • Securetabs accepts delivery to PO Box addresses, if the local post office in your country doesn’t deliver to local post offices, then a problem might arise. It is important to check your local courier’s policy on delivering packages at PO Box addresses
  • Securetabs only accepts credit card for payment
  • All drugs dispensed by Securetabs has an expiry date on it
  • Delivery grace period is up to 3 weeks for Airmail delivery and up to 8 days for EMS delivery. If it has not arrived in the specified date, give 2-3 more days. If your order is still missing, contact their care team
  • They reship missing or damaged orders, just report it to their care team immediately
  • Securetabs offer ‘customer satisfaction guarantee’, if you are dissatisfied with the package you receive, report it to care team immediately
  • All orders are packed discreetly and delivered at your door discreetly
  • Securetabs doesn’t ask for prescription but they encourage their customers to talk to a doctor first and be responsible when taking their medicines
  • The best way to contact the care team of Securetabs is by 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. If you a phone is not handy at the moment, you can use their ‘contact us’ page to send your question or report.

Securetabs has a policy, terms, and conditions that their customers can easily find on their website. This is to ensure that their rights as a company are protected as well as the rights of their customers.


At some point, more and more people are benefiting from ordering from online pharmacies. It is more convenient, most of the drugs are offered cheaper, and the prescription can be easily refilled. Securetabs offer these things to their customers. As an internet drugstore, they want the optimum satisfaction for their customers.

Securetabs is a licensed Canadian Pharmacy with license number 10311111. According to their website, it was issued in 2017. Securetabs is a network of online pharmacies and is a member of the local pharmacy in Canada called Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. If you are looking for a legit internet drugstore to get your next prescription refill, try them and experience the great customer service and products that most of their customers are talking about.

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