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What is Pharmacy Mall?

What is Pharmacy Mall
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Apart from your regular online drugstores, there shops that we call online pharmacies, which, as their name implies, are web-based services that function similarly to local pharmacies. Pharmacy Mall is one of the many drugstore networks composed of several online pharmacies. Network pharmacies, like Pharmacy Mall, are “families” with a collection of websites with basically the same appearance and the same content and only differing in their domain names or web addresses. These network pharmacies, like the Pharmacy Mall network, for instance, only exist to multiply (or expand) buyer access to the central website, so more buyers can discover the shop online.

Pharmacy Mall Facts

Pharmacy Mall is a legitimately operating online pharmacy network which started its service in 2001. Most web drugstores have come and gone, but the stores belonging to the Pharmacy Mall network still thrive. Pharmacy Mall is legal and has its certifications from Canada-based organizations like MIPA and CIPA, which means that it is a legitimately operating store network recognized by these Canadian associations.

Consumers would be surprised that such a modest-looking store is actually packed with a wide variety of products for a plethora of medical uses—just like the regular local brick and mortar pharmacies. The difference between Pharmacy Mall shops and the local drugstores is that Pharmacy Mall’s drug line-up isn’t limited to locally manufactured medicines and the brand name products—Pharmacy Mall rounds up medicines from various parts of the world and showcases them to interested consumers.

Here are some of the things you may need to know about Pharmacy Mall when it comes to their medicines:

  • FDA-approved medicines – Pharmacy Mall only features Food and Drug Administration-certified medications from international manufacturers.
  • Handpicked medicines (high-quality products) – All the medicines on Pharmacy Mall are properly checked by Pharmacy Mall staff to ensure that they are safe to use and effective for medicinal use.
  • Affordable medications – Products on Pharmacy Mall feature good prices and are typically less costly than local pharmacy prices and other online pharmacies.
  • Generic and brand name products – Pharmacy Mall offers both brand name and generic medications, which enables consumers to become more flexible with their choices for the medicines

Medicines found in the shop include products for common medical concerns like pain relief, heart attack symptoms, hypertension, cholesterol, cancer, fertility treatments, and others. These medicines are available for international consumers and are often bought without prescriptions.

Some may find the leniency for the prescriptions a bit disturbing, but it is actually because Pharmacy Mall products are not habit-forming or addictive. Consumers can safely purchase medicines at the shop since their items are far from illicit.

Customers benefit from Pharmacy Mall stores not only for their low prices but also because of their affordable shipping rates. Pharmacy Mall shop only charges $9.95 to $19.95 depending on the customer choice for their shipping option. International consumers are made to choose between these two shipping options:

  • Regular shipping ($9.95)
  • EMS or Express shipping ($19.95)

Regular shipping is a cost-effective shipping option offer and takes about 2-4 weeks to arrive. On the other hand, EMS, although a bit more expensive than the regular shipping, but only takes 3-9 days to arrive. Although the Pharmacy Mall stores typically do not accept product returns, these stores allow consumers to process refunds or product replacements.

Promotional Offers at Pharmacy Mall

What do buyers enjoy at Pharmacy Mall shops? Here’s a rundown of the available offers at Pharmacy Mall stores:

  • Free shipping – Customers can enjoy free regular shipping for their items if their orders are worth more than $200 and they can enjoy free EMS shipping if their orders are worth more than $300.
  • Freebie products – Buyers are entitled to pills (for zilch fees) whenever they order their medicines at the stores.
  • Bulk product markdowns – Clients with larger orders come to enjoy lower individual prices for their orders compared to consumers with bare minimum orders.
  • Loyalty points – Second and further-timer clients are given discounts.
  • Special discounts – If client orders are worth more than $200, 10% of their orders are deducted outright during checkout.

What Do Customers Think about Pharmacy Mall?

Pharmacy Mall shops have buyer testimonials available for their service. Overall, the positive Pharmacy Mall customer comments indicate buyer satisfaction for the shop’s products and performance. Most of the reviewers concluded that they will reorder from the shops because of their pleasant experiences from the store.

Some customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall

Some customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall

Customers often thanked the Pharmacy Mall shops for being able to deliver their orders timely. Though the medicines travel internationally, buyers attest to receiving their medicines in perfect condition. Besides timely deliveries, the customers were also grateful for the good deals on the Pharmacy Mall shops—according to clients, they were able to get the best prices for their items they needed. No buyer ever complained of getting bad products from any Pharmacy Mall store, which means that the shops were true to their word when it comes to delivering medicines of utmost quality.


Pharmacy Mall, one of the longest-running pharmacy networks in the biz, is still thriving online. This shop, compared to other more modern online pharmacies, looks too simple, but despite the appearance, Pharmacy Mall shops are reliable in terms of product quality and service.

Buyer testimonials available for the store attest to the shop’s excellence when it comes to delivering their medications and it is amazing how most of the clients of Pharmacy Mall shops repeatedly recommend shopping at the network stores. Buyers also cited their intent to reorder from the sites, which was another indication of their satisfactory experience with these stores.

Overall, I do hope this Pharmacy Mall network continues to thrive and serve clients all over the world. Although I have yet to try stores included in the network, they are definitely on my list of websites to visit and purchase from in the future.

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