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What is Online RX?

What is Online RX
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Online RX is classified as a pharmacy network—a collection of online pharmacies operating under the same company but with various domain names. Drugstore networks like Online RX have similar looking shops with the same name aimed at directing more traffic to one central processing unit. Shops belonging to a pharmacy network have a goal of helping the consumers find the company easier, given the immense competition of web drugstores online.

Online pharmacy networks such as Online RX, although seemingly suspicious at first, are actually legitimate and safe to use. Since stores belonging to the network are only online arms of the original web pharmacy, customers can expect reliable service from these network pharmacies.

Online RX Features

Since network pharmacies, although composed of multiple websites, have similar features, we can scrutinize one be able to characterize them all. Like all pharmacy networks, Online Rx stores have identical characteristics, so we only need to look at one shop.

According to one Online RX store, the pharmacy network is incepted in 1997, which indicates that the pharmacy network is rather established. Web drugstores (not necessarily those included in pharmacy networks) typically last 1 year and close down. There is no known reason why these shops close in just a year, but most experts speculate that these illegitimate online pharmacies close down because they do not have the funds for another year of domain maintenance.

Online RX stores are approved by the CIPA and the MIPA, two of the renowned Canada-based organizations for online pharmacies. These memberships reinforce early on that Online RX shops are reliable places to shop from.

To make things easier for the buyers, Online RX shops have organized their medicines per medical condition these products are relevant to. However, besides the alpha order arrangement per clinical concern, customers can utilize the stores’ integrated search function for their orders.

Medicines commonly bought at Online RX shops include the ones below:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.27/unit
  • Generic Cialis: $0.68/unit
  • Brand Viagra: $2.56/unit
  • Generic Doxycycline: $0.30/unit
  • Generic Clomid: $0.44/unit
  • Generic Propecia: $0.51/unit
  • Generic Levitra: $1.00/unit

Apart from these medicines, customers can also find the plenty of other products for various medical conditions like fungal infections, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal, skincare, men and women’s health, and various other treatments.

Customers can purchase any medicine they need from the Online RX stores even without the necessary prescriptions, but customers are mandated to follow their proper doses as prescribed by their doctors. It is also unsafe for buyers to use medicines they haven’t encountered before, so before using any product, consumers should seek their doctor’s advice.

Like in the other online pharmacies, Online RX stores accept debit and credit payments from VISA and MasterCards. Online RX stores present the total amounts during checkouts so consumers won’t be surprised with hidden fees. Buyers can shop at Online RX sites with ease considering these stores provide adequate SSL security for their buyers so consumers need not fear about their details getting stolen by nefarious operators.

To ensure client savings, the Online RX stores are offering two affordable shipping options (Regular and EMS). Regular shipping costs $9.95 while EMS shipping costs $19.95—the regular fee lasts 2-4 weeks while the EMS option only takes 3-9 working days.

In cases of loss, theft, damage, or other circumstances, consumers are advised to contact support so they can be assisted with refunds or product replacements.

What do Online RX clients say about the network?

Surprisingly, there are only good reports for all Online RX stores. Apparently, the shops cater to international clients and have offered some of the cheapest prices for medications online, to the liking of its buyers. Consumers were happy with their purchase experience with Online RX stores because they were able to receive their orders from the store.

I checked if complaints about the store exist and I only found several consumers saying that their orders reached them much later than anticipated. Although some buyers were mad at the delays, all of the buyers received their items from the shop.

Online Rx Reviews

Online Rx Reviews

Since Online RX stores feature quality products for the least prices, buyers were grateful that they came to purchase their medicines from the store. Buyers were glad that they found more value to their money while transacting with Online RX shops and because of this, the consumers resolved to order from the store again.

Some clients were also happy with the auxiliary deals offered by the store such as free pills, special discounts, coupon codes, free shipping, and bulk discounts. According to the consumers they were unable to find online stores offering the same deals, let alone ground drugstores with the same value-added offers.

Deals on Online RX Stores

Clients planning on purchasing their meds on any Online RX store should know the network’s existing deals they can use. Here are some of the customer deals buyers can avail at Online RX shops:

  1. Free pills. Buyers are given free pills whenever they order from the website.
  2. Zero shipping fees. If orders are able to reach $200, buyers get zilch regular shipping fee, but when the orders reach $300, the consumers can get free EMS shipping
  3. Large-scale order discounts. Buyers with larger orders are entitled to cheaper medicine prices.
  4. Seasonal voucher codes. Consumers can wait for discount codes from the store that are released during special occasions.

These discounts are rarely seen at online pharmacies, more so at local drugstores. This means that consumers are always at an advantage while shopping at Online RX.


The network Online RX is one of the reliable network drugstores on the web. Shops belonging to this network offer the cheapest meds without compromising on quality, making them a great choice for shopping medicines online. Customer reports prove that the websites included in this network are reliable and are safe to use, hence their glowing recommendation for the Online RX shops.

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