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What is Online Pills?

What is Online Pills
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Online Pills is a renowned online pharmacy network composed of several similar-looking websites. A pharmacy network is a company with several online website arms—websites that look the same and are with the same content. These network pharmacies offer the same products to consumers and despite their different web addresses, they only work for the same company.

Pharmacy networks like Online Pills are legitimately operating and have secured their licenses from prominent associations and approving bodies. Although at first, encountering stores having the same looks but with varying domain names are frightening, consumers actually have nothing to worry about concerning shops involved in pharmacy networks such as Online Pills. Drugstores involved with online drugstore networks are only concerned about reaching as many consumers as they can through their various web addresses and they merely forward the orders to one central processing unit.

More About Online Pills

To help you become more confident in using network pharmacies like Online Pills, here is more information about the network shops involved in Online Pills.

Online Pills is a network that started its business in 1997. It is one of the oldest online drugstore networks around, which means that stores belonging to the Online Pills networks are reliable to use. Besides the long working history, the Online Pills drugstores are also approved by the organizations like CIPA and MIPA, which means that they are certified legitimately operating.

The Online Pills stores are offering a diverse roundup of products for various medicinal uses including products for the following medical conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain relief
  • Fertility treatments
  • Men and women’s health
  • Cancer
  • Digestive disorders

…and plenty more others.

According to the websites, consumers can order their medicines from the shop even without providing the appropriate prescriptions for the products, as the stores do not sell illegal substances or habit-forming drugs that can jeopardize the consumers’ health. However, Online Pills shops encourage their consumers to visit their doctors and ask about the proper doses and intake regimen for the medicines to ensure their safety while taking the medications.

Amongst all the medicines sold at Online Pills stores, the most popular ones include:

  • Viagra: $0.27 each unit
  • Cialis: $0.68 each unit
  • Brand Viagra: $2.56 each unit
  • Propecia: $0.51 each unit
  • Levitra: $1.00 each unit
  • Viagra Professional: $0.57 each unit
  • Dapoxetine: $0.95 each unit

The stores have these products on their main pages so that consumers can easily access them. Online Pills shops also have the medicines grouped per medical condition they are relevant to so they can search for their medicines even without knowing the brand or generic names for the products.

As for the payment options, the stores offer credit and debit card payments but only through VISA and MasterCard, which, by the way, are commonly used by the consumers. There are no hidden charges for the medicines ordered at online pills, so the buyers can rest assured that the amount on the checkout will be the final amount found on their bank statement.

Shipping is charged a mere $10 by Online Pills stores for the regular shipping (takes 2-4 weeks to complete). However, buyers who want a faster transit time can pay for the EMS option ($20) but takes faster to complete (only 2-9 days) even for international consumers. Despite the fast shipping turnaround, there are some countries which are not eligible for EMS shipping.

Even if the Online Pills shops were not as pleasing as the most modern online drugstores, the stores were still impressive considering their lineup and inexpensive drug prices.

Deals Available at Online Pills

Customers can save more in cost when dealing with stores involved in the Online Pills market. Buyers can have the following options at Online Pills:

  • Free pills. The Online Pills shops are offering free pills with every purchase. However, customers are entitled to more pills when they purchase more items from the shops.

Free Pills Offers

Free Pills Offers

  • Free shipping. Consumers are entitled to free regular or EMS shipping if they are able to reach a certain amount.

Online Pills Deals

Online Pills Deals

  • Discounted drug rates. Buyers with bulk orders are given special discounts by Online Pills shops.
  • Over $200 order discounts. Consumers with orders more than $200 are given an added 10% off their purchase.

Discount on the Checkout

Discount on the Checkout

  • Seasonal coupon codes. Although no coupon codes are available at Online Pills shops today, the stores ask their consumers to stay tuned for seasonal deals and coupon codes.

What do customers say about Online Pills?

Customer reviews for Online Pills are available on the web and surprisingly, buyers only had positive things to say about the Online Pills stores.

Buyers admired that the stores were able to send their orders to international locations, unscathed, hence the good reports about buyers receiving their orders from the store.

Apart from the timely deliveries, consumers also praised the stores for their authentic products. Males commented on how effective the Viagra products were and how potent they were compared to other medicines they have tried online.

Prices were also admired about Online Pills—according to most buyers, they were able to save a lot of money dealing with Online Pills instead of purchasing their medicines from their local drugstores or other online pharmacies.

Because of the good service of Online Pills shops, customers wanted to order again from the websites and stated that they will recommend Online Pills websites to their family and friends. According to the buyers, Online Pills stores were reliable and far from the other online scam sites out on the web.


The modest Online Pills shops are more reliable than we think. Customers have spoken and all of them desired to order again from the store. Yes, not all consumers were pleased—some clients had complaints about delayed deliveries, but those were only isolated cases and were dealt with gracefully by the stores. All in all, Online Pills shops are good to use for consumers wanting to purchase cheaper medicines online.

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