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What is Good Pills?

What is Good Pills
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Good Pills is a network of internet dispensaries that offer medicines at a very affordable price. Known as the world’s famous pharmacy, this internet drugshop brags about its million happy customers. In their website, they boast of three things – their million customers, their low prices, and their guaranteed fast delivery. The Good-pills website is available in four different languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish. All prices of their medicines are in US dollars ($).

On the homepage of Good Pills is a catalog of medical conditions that they have drugs to treat it with. They have medicines that can treat specific conditions like erectile dysfunction, allergies, infections, anxiety, depression, arthritis and pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, for high sugar level in the blood or diabetes, gastrointestinal problem, and viral infections. They also have medicines for weight loss, hair loss, birth control, herbal supplements, and sleeping aid.

In their homepage, you can find the bestsellers of Good Pills. Their bestseller doesn’t just include erectile dysfunction medicines like branded Viagra, branded Cialis, generic Viagra, generic Cialis, and ED sample pack. It also includes medicines for other medical conditions such as Clomid, Doxycycline, Propecia, Amoxil, Prednisone, Zithromax, Nolvadex, Cipro, Zoloft, Lasix, Propanolol, Metformin, Antabuse, and Valtrex.

When it comes to pricing, Good-Pills shelves are full of low-priced medicines such as generic Viagra for only $0.27 per pill. Their generic Cialis is also affordable at $0.68 per tablet. Even for branded medicines, Good Pills offer low-cost medicines. Their branded Viagra costs $2.56 per pill and branded Cialis is $3.72 apiece. All other medicines in their bestseller lists cost less than $1. Most of these medicines are generic brands. Most of the drugs sold by Good Pills are erectile dysfunction medicines in different types. They don’t just offer regular ED drugs, they also offer Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft.

All orders are shipped by Good Pills to their customers via EMS and Airmail. The delivery takes up to 21 days for Airmail and 8 days for EMS. The delivery price depends on the country of destination. Good Pill advises its customers to give more time for the delivery as there might be some delays with the customs. All orders are paid via credit card, the only mode of payment accepted by Good Pills. For issues with your order, delayed or missing orders, you should contact their support team immediately. The support team of Good-Pills can be reached thru 1 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. They also have a contact page if you want to send your message thru email.

According to their policies, all orders that were damaged upon reaching the customers or missing will be reshipped free of charge. All orders are also packed discreetly. All orders are handled with utmost sensitivity and because the international law prohibits returning of medicines, Good-Pills is not allowing returns of ordered medicines.

Good Pills Reviews

Customer reviews are like free advertisement. When people see good reviews, they can easily form a good image of your business. This is why it is important to invest in getting good customer reviews. Luckily, for Good-Pills, it looks like they have plenty of happy customers that shared their experiences.

Good Pills Reviews

Good Pills Reviews

For the first reviews of Good Pills, we found some from Germany and France. Erica who lives in Germany shared that the medicines she got from Good Pills are cheap and effective. She said it as what people are saying about it, a reliable online pharmacy.

Sophia from France has shared that she chose Good Pills after reading some reviews. The reviews she found for Good Pills were good hence she tried it. Sophia says this internet drugstore is the best she ever dealt with. She found the website easy to use and their medicine lists long. The list of medicines was great according to her just like its prices. Sophia said that she was prescribed a medicine for hypertension and it caused a lot in their local market. Luckily, she found a brand with Good Pills that is suitable for her budget.

Good Pills Reviews 2018

Good Pills Reviews 2018

Good Pills Reviews 2018

For newer reviews, we found some shared stories from Good-Pills customers in the US and UK. We found a story shared by Matthew who said he just received his package and from Smith S who said he had such a wonderful experience using Good Pills.

We also found a story from Sarah of Spain. Sarah shared how happy she was with the courteous service she received from Good Pills people and how her order was delivered at the quickest time possible.

Piter from Italy also promised to return for another order after having a great experience with Good Pills.

These customers continued to support Good Pills because of their great experience and for receiving their orders on time.


Good-Pills is an internet pharmacy that aims to provide people with quality medication wherever they are. Good Pills is a network of online stores that dispenses quality medicines. They offer to ship worldwide and their policies are embedded in their website, for their customers to see and understand before making an order.

This network of online pharmacies aims to help people who find it hard to continue their treatment because of expensive medicines from their local pharmacies. They offer a wide range of medicines, different brands of generic drugs and different options when it comes to certain medical conditions. For example, you are looking for an erectile dysfunction medicine; you can find at least 20 brands of ED drugs from this store that you can consider. In addition to these wide ranges of options, these medicines are FDA approved and are safe to use. Check more of their customer reviews if you still have doubts.

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