Buying Prescription Medicines Online: What are the Risks?

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The possibility of shopping medicines online is one of the best things that has been brought to us by modernization and technological advancements that even the most basic task of purchasing meds can now be done digitally through the internet. The entire process is so easy that even beginners will find it very easy. The first step is entering the domain name of a pharmacy site on a browser and then the user will need to hit enter. After that, the webpage of the online pharmacy will show and the customer can simply select the medicines that they need with just a click of a mouse button or a touch from their mobile devices. The selection of drugs that these online pharmacies have are just as great as what the local drugstores have and customers can just search for the medicines that they need using its search box and that’s it. They can also pay for all their selected medicines by simply using their credit cards and their purchases will be shipped right at their addresses. But along with this ease, there’s a great risk that every customer should watch out for and that is the danger of buying from a fake/scam pharmacy site.

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There’s a great number of legit online pharmacies today on the internet but along with the growth of the genuine ones, opportunists and scammers took advantage of the opportunity to set-up fake online drugstores to deceive customers and steal their credit card details. They have cleverly imitated the web content of genuine pharmacy websites to the point that these scam drugstores looked legitimate themselves. As a result, many customers unknowingly fell victim to them and by the time that they realized that it all was just a sham transaction, it was already too late. The money has already been taken and that they waited for a package that will never arrive. What’s worse is that some of these scam pharmacies will send medicines but the customers are unaware that what they’ll be receiving are fake or expired drugs that could put their health in even greater danger. Other scammer-operated drugstores also infect the customer’s device or computer with viruses and malware that will allow them to remotely access the device and steal personal and financial information from their computers.

These and many other dangers can happen to a customer if they will not be able to determine a fake pharmacy site from a genuine one. But even if there’s a lot of risks that these scam pharmacies pose to customers who are buying medicines online, there is a guaranteed way to identify and avoid them altogether. There are certain characteristics that separate them from the legitimate ones and the customers only need to look for them before proceeding with their shopping. If they manage to see these traits on an online drugstore, they should immediately navigate away from that site and look for a different one. Looking out for these traits in pharmacy sites before buying from them will save customers from a world of headaches.

Traits to Watch Out For

Ridiculous Discounts, Absurd Bargains

Customers should already be aware that not all bargains are real. Fake pharmacy sites are already aware of the innate weakness of shoppers in resisting a great bargain that’s why they fill their sites with very tempting discounts and unreal bargains to bait them. As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest methods that they can employ to get the customers to type their credit card numbers in and it’s game over. Buyers should not be hasty when it comes to grabbing deals. Online medicine purchases should be given careful amounts of consideration to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. If customers really find it hard to resist, they should first test it by using a fixed-amount credit card and making only a small purchase so just in case it’s really a scam, they would only lose a small amount of money.

Poor use of the English Language

Buyers should first take time to explore the features of a certain pharmacy site before deciding to make a purchase. Customers should first try reading the website’s About Us section, FAQ’s, and Policy to find clues in whether there are poorly constructed sentences, bad grammar or even wrong spellings as these are signs that the site was made by someone who is not very familiar with the English language. The pharmacy sites with these kinds of errors are likely to be fake online drugstores who are just waiting for customers to prey on. These types of websites are usually located in remote parts of the world, operated by syndicates who profit by scamming innocent people online.

No Padlock Icon Before the Domain Name

Padlock Icon

Padlock Icon

This is a very important thing to spot because online pharmacies with no padlock icons before their domain names are not secure to transact with. The padlock icon before the domain name or any padlock icon in the customer’s browser when they are on the website is a sign that the page is secure and is protected by SSL certificates which encrypt all the information that the customer will send and receive from the website and that includes all the personal and card information that the customer will be filling out in the payment forms. Pharmacy websites without padlock icons should not be trusted because it means that the information that the customer is entering on their site is not encrypted, exposing them to various third parties in the web that could intercept the data that they have entered and begin using their personal and card details in fraudulent activities.


Online shopping is convenient but customers should always be careful in choosing the right pharmacy website to trust to avoid getting scammed. Buyers should watch out for these simple traits as they could mean the difference between avoiding a dangerous website and getting scammed. It always pays to be extra careful when making transactions online.

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