Buying Prescription Medicine Online: What Are the Risks?

Buying Prescription Medicine Online

When the internet was introduced, it was to facilitate and improve communication between working people. It was to make jobs easier for people in the government, businesses and academic institutions. After a decade, the internet became more popular because of social media, media streaming, online buying and selling, and fraudulent activities. Everyone now days seems to be on the internet, doing his or her thing. Everyone seems to be ordering everything online, including his or her medicines.

Today, the internet has become an avenue for selling medicines. Business-minded people started dispensaries that don’t need much capital, just pictures of the products being sold, prices, and some contact information that customers can reach out to in case they have questions. It is now called an online pharmacy. It started as mail-order pharmacies but as the world of the internet improved, so was the way that online pharmacies operate. Internet pharmacies of today have greatly designed homepages, easy to use interface, and a system that allows their customers to choose their needed medicine, pay it online and have it delivered in their home in a short span of time. According to medical experts, the advent of online pharmacies is very rewarding for most but because not all people are honest, there are also risks associated with ordering from online pharmacies. This is especially true if you are ordering prescription medicines.

Risks of Ordering a Prescription Medicine Online

The threat associated with purchasing a prescription medicine online is profound hence if you are not vigilant in checking an internet drugstore to trust, you might end up losing more than saving some.

  • The risk of drug abuse increases. Most internet pharmacies, especially the illegal ones are dispensing Rx medicines without asking for a prescription. Anyone who needs an ADHD medicine can order it online and ADHD medicines are known for misuse. Sleeping pills are also being misused by people hence if they can have unlimited access to it, chances are, they will use it even if their prescription period has already expired.
  • The risk of receiving fake medicines. Only 4% of online pharmacies are believed to be legal – the rest are illegitimate, fraudulent, or unaccounted for. It means that if you happen to order from any of the 96% of these fake online pharmacies, you might end up receiving counterfeit medicines too. If it is not counterfeit, then it can be substandard, untested, or expired.
  • The risk of not getting well. One reason why people order online is because they want to have a continuous treatment and the only way to do so is by purchasing their low-priced prescription medicine online. If you are not that good in choosing an internet pharmacy, you might end up picking an e-store that will send you substandard drugs and taking substandard or expired drugs is dangerous to your health.
  • You might think you are saving but ends up losing your money for nothing. With ads saying that their medicines are 70% cheaper as compared to other local pharmacies, who wouldn’t get entice? This is a good news unless you end up with an illegal e-store and ended up becoming a victim of fraud. You will be paying a specific amount and spend days waiting for your medicines that are not coming.

Benefits Ordering a Prescription Medicine Online

Even with risks, you might be wondering why the internet pharmacy business is thriving. It is because people are always thinking of the benefits of ordering their Rx medicines online. For them, these benefits outweigh the risks associated with online shopping.

  • The low prices. Most e-dispensaries are offering medicines, both generic and branded for as low as 50% of its original price. Imagine that amount being saved from your regular medication.
  • Privacy and Anonymity. There are medical conditions that we don’t want to share with the world such as erectile dysfunction or skin allergies. We wouldn’t want to spend an hour of our lives talking to a stranger, discussing this shameful condition we are in just so we can get a prescription and a medicine. Since we can self-diagnose ourselves with the use of the internet, why not proceed with prescribing our medicines too, right? If I have an erectile dysfunction problem, ordering an ED drug online would be my best resort too.
  • Very convenient. If you are working during office hours, needs to be home to pick up your kids from school and do household chores at the end of the day, where would you get the time to go to your local drugstore? This is how people live their lives that 24 hours is no longer enough, why not just order your medicines online?

With these benefits in mind, it is important to take note that you can only enjoy these if you are cautious in choosing the right internet drugstore to trust

With these benefits in mind, it is important to take note that you can only enjoy these if you are cautious in choosing the right internet drugstore to trust.


Buying a prescription medicine online is very easy. All you need is an excellent internet connection, a credit card to pay your order, and the name of the drug you need. If you are aware of how to spot illegitimate online pharmacies from real ones, you can easily minimize the risks associated with buying prescription medicines online. In addition to being cautious, you should be aware of how you are taking your medicine as well. Prescription medicines are made for reasons and the purpose why you should be taking it is because of those reasons intended it for. It is always best to get a prescription from a doctor to get the best out of your medicine. A doctor’s advice can go a long way as well in terms of knowing the do’s and don’ts when taking your prescription medicine.

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