Buying Prescription Medicine Online: What Are the Risks?

Buying Prescription Medicine Online

Convenience is one of the reasons why most consumers prefer to purchase their prescription medicines online. Aside from convenience, the affordable prices of medicines online are also enticing. Still, you should practice caution when refilling your or a family’s prescription online. One of the risks of trusting an illegal online pharmacy is receiving a counterfeit or fake medicine. Fake medicines post a great risk when taken hence instead of feeling better; the user might end up with more health issues.

Risks of Dealing with Illegal Online Pharmacies

There are online pharmacies that dispense Rx medicines or prescription medicines without asking for a prescription. Beware of these e-dispensaries because all they care is to make a sale without considering your health. Most illegal online pharmacies will do everything to lure their customers and here are the risks associated with dealing with them so be aware:

  • There is no guarantee that the prescription medicine you will be receiving is genuine. It is easy to identify a branded medicine from its generic counterpart but it is hard to tell if a medicine is fake or real unless you purchase it from a legitimate online pharmacy
  • Online pharmacies offer drugs from all over the world claiming them it to be effective and safe. There is no way for you to check if their claim is real and you cannot check if the medicine you will be ordering was indeed tested for human use
  • Illegal online pharmacies offer medicines from shady manufacturers. Oftentimes, they will say that their medicines are from reputed manufacturers from this country yet they cannot provide the pharmaceutical company’s name
  • Illegal online pharmacies don’t put proper label on the medicines they are selling and you might end up receiving an expired one
  • Your money might end up on their hands while you are left waiting for nothing. After having a successful transaction, illegitimate online pharmacies are no longer accessible and are closed down
  • Your information will be at risk. Illegal online pharmacies have a way of stealing your information just by signing in to their website and keying in your personal information (especially credit card data). If you ends up a victim of these fraudulent websites, you might end up seeing your credit card with zero remaining limit

With these risks associated with illegal pharmacies, it is not advisable to order prescription medicines online unless you are dealing with a known online pharmacy. Online pharmacies that are associated with known local pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart are among your best options along with few known online pharmacies recommended by internet users.

How to Determine an Illegal Pharmacy

In watching out for rogue online pharmacies, here are some of the things that you should be aware of to avoid becoming a victim

In watching out for rogue online pharmacies, here are some of the things that you should be aware of to avoid becoming a victim.

  • An illegal internet dispensary will offer to sell a prescription medicine to customers without a prescription
  • An illegal internet dispensary doesn’t have licensed pharmacists to answer queries and they do not offer phone support because they do not have the necessary resources
  • An illegal internet dispensary offers floor-priced medicines, too low for them to even earn or benefit from it
  • An illegal internet dispensary sends spam emails once you signed up with them
  • An illegal internet dispensary has typo errors on their website and grammar mistakes
  • An illegal internet dispensary doesn’t have clear terms and agreement and policies on refund and return of orders
  • An illegal internet dispensary doesn’t have a physical address to show-off to their customers

If you are seeing red flags and signs that you are dealing with an illegal online pharmacy, it is best to stop and search for a new one. There are too many online pharmacies on the web today. The only challenge is finding the right one to entrust your money and health with.


With the mentioned risks of ordering from an illegal online pharmacy, should we stop ordering our prescription medicine online? The truth is no!

There are too many risks associated with ordering from an illegal internet drugstore but it doesn’t mean that we should not use online pharmacies anymore. As we already know, online pharmacies offer low-priced medicines on both generic and branded prescription medicines because of the low maintenance cost of their stores. What we can do is to learn to identify a risky internet drug shop from safe ones. Here are some tips:

  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies ask for a valid prescription when dispensing Rx medicines
  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies have license to operate from their local state health agency
  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies have licensed pharmacists or healthcare professionals to assist customers 24/7
  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies share their history, physical address and terms and agreement on their website
  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies offer low-priced medicines but not cheap enough like they are giving it out
  • Safe and legitimate online pharmacies have legit reviews from their customers and you can find it not only on their website but on forums and third-party review sites as well

If you are familiar with these things to check regarding safe and unsafe online pharmacies, then you are one-step ahead of scammers. It means that you are knowledgeable now to avoid being a victim of a scam. It also means that you are safer to do online prescription refill and continue enjoying the perks provided by legit online pharmacies.

Remember that taking a counterfeit medicine is as risky as being poisoned little by little. Illegal online pharmacies are not just shipping counterfeit medicines; they are also shipping expired drugs. In addition, they might be sending you tampered medicines. For you and your family’s protection, always do a research when ordering online, especially if it is your first-time to deal with an online pharmacy.

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