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Shopping for medicines online is indeed more convenient and a lot easier than purchasing medicines at local pharmacies. But making online purchases of drugs requires customers to be very careful and cautious at all times because the internet is a very big place and also contains dangerous elements that constantly pose risks especially to people who will be careless. There is always this danger of being scammed, getting spyware and malware or worse, getting your card details stolen so it is really important to be alert and to be always on guard when making online purchases.

A lot of people have already experienced paying for orders that they never received, receiving expired or fake drugs, and getting their debit cards sucked dry. These experiences and many other unpleasant and ugly events can be avoided by simply continuing on reading this article where various tips will show how to stay safe online and have a problem-free shopping experience. Buyers should always look beyond the great offers that most online pharmacies have and take a closer look before making orders.

It is very important that customers should first know the online pharmacy that they are purchasing from. There might be a great number of legitimately-operating and genuine online drugstores to be found on the internet but the number of fake and scam pharmacies are also alarming, growing in number daily. These fake pharmacies have the interface of a legitimate drugstore with the products and prices and all but these sites are not what they seem as they are only fronts made by hackers to steal credit card information. To avoid them, customers must simply check a website’s reputation before making orders and putting in their card information. They can use sites like and to check if an online drugstore is indeed an authentic store or just a bogus site that preys on the unsuspecting clients.

Fool-Proof Precautions to Protect Yourself

Here are some other tips that customers can use to make their online shopping for meds a safe experience, leaving no chance to scammers and fraudsters. These are airtight and fool-proof precautions that customers can use to protect themselves on the internet:

  • Use a dependable antivirus program

This first option may sound a bit too common to consider but yes, it is due to most people disregarding this basic security measure that most of their computers get infiltrated with various malware that allows hackers to peer into their computers and steal valuable data.

Trusted Antivirus Programs

Trusted Antivirus Programs

An antivirus program acts like a computer’s firewall, the first line of defense from suspicious programs being sent secretly by malicious sites. Having a simple and reliable antivirus program can save a user from a world of headaches as these programs will protect their computers from attacks that might be launched by fake and scam pharmacies.

  • Use only cards with fixed amounts when placing orders

This is one of the cleverest ways to pay for orders online since the use of cards with fixed amounts will prevent vendors from charging extra amounts to the user’s card just in case. And if by any chance a customer wanders to fake pharmacy sites by accident and makes a purchase from them, these fake sites can only take a very small amount from them, keeping their primary cards safe. It is also a wise choice to make very small initial purchases to see if a pharmacy is really the real deal. If they are able to deliver even in the smallest amount of orders, then they are legitimate.

  • Use a separate email account when doing your online shopping

Buyers can really save themselves from the stress of receiving hundreds of thousands of junk and spam emails on their email addresses by not using their personal emails when making their online purchase of medicines. Since not all online pharmacies have the same privacy policy when it comes to sending emails to its customers, buyers should anticipate this one and use a different email which they could use for this purpose only. It would be a truly bothersome mess if they would be receiving lots of unnecessary emails in their inbox which could even contain harmful links that might compromise their email addresses.

  • Enter your card details only on encrypted pages

This is perhaps one of the most important items on a customer’s checklist when doing their medicine shopping online. They should only enter their card information on web addresses which have “https” instead of only “HTTP” on the site’s checkout page. A padlock icon will also be showing next to the “https” on the site’s address which means that the page is secure and no third-party sources are eavesdropping or monitoring the transactions being made.

How Encryption Works

How Encryption Works

Without the padlock icon and the “https” characters before the vendor’s web address, customers should just look for a different pharmacy to purchase from. This means that the connection is not secure and their card details could be at the risk of being stolen from them.

  • Use a strong and uncrackable password

Buyers should never underestimate the protection that a strong password can do. Using birthdays or nicknames or any such combinations of passcodes are so predictable that hackers would only take a few minutes to break them. A good password could mean the difference between the security of a customer’s account or its breach that’s why buyers should pay very close attention when creating them. Using uppercase letters combined with other letters and numbers that the customer is familiar with could make a nice and strong password that would be very hard to crack and hack.


Security is everything when purchasing medicines online since there are also a lot of suspicious elements in the web that are preying on customers who are not aware of the security basics. A customer should be very careful when choosing a site to get their medicines from, first making sure they are legit and reliable. Other things like strong passwords, separate emails for shopping, using cards with fixed amounts and other are also vital information that will keep a customer safe from being vulnerable to scam sites and hackers.

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