Be Safe Online: Know Your Online Pharmacy

Be Safe Online

Online drugstores have made our medicines more accessible and affordable. Because online pharmacies are offering coupons codes and discounts, we now find it harder to tear away from internet stores that offer our medicines at the lowest cost possible. Online pharmacy has become a million dollar business and as millions of people turn towards convenient and cheaper online shopping of medicines, we can expect more changes with the way we purchase our medicines thru the internet. However, as the benefits of online buying become popular to most users, so are the risks associated with it.

How to Protect Yourself?

Being cautious when purchasing your medicine online is one the key to safer online buying. You need to understand how the internet works and how scammers do their job. Most internet drugstores look legit even if they are not. You might see some labeled medicines on their website but you might end up receiving something else.

In addition, you might end up trusting them with your personal information like credit card data and ends up becoming a victim of identity theft

In addition, you might end up trusting them with your personal information like credit card data and ends up becoming a victim of identity theft. With that being said, here are some of the things that you can do to stay safe while filling your prescription online.

  • Only trust reputable internet pharmacies. Check for reviews from legit users and buyers. Is it affiliated to any local pharmacies in the area where it is operating? If it is a Canadian-based online pharmacy, is it connected to any Canadian pharmacies?
  • Check their website for any spelling or grammatical errors. A legit website will surely work on having the best website to attract more customers and to win their trust. Illegitimate or illegal e-dispensaries won’t care about such. They only care about stealing your money and information
  • Don’t trust easily. If you see an internet pharmacy that offers medicine at 90% off as compared to your local drugstore, start asking why. How would they continue operating if they are giving away their products?
  • If you are going to pay with a credit card, make sure that you are going to use a secure payment website. If they offer to process it for you, decline. Opt to use a third-party processor instead.

There are other steps that you can take to ensure the security of your information while making online drug purchases. There is no reason for you to stay with one online pharmacy that shows red flags such as incorrect names of the drugs on sale or grammatically incorrect description of the drugs being offered.

What you Need to Know Before Making an Order Online

Ordering medicines online is very easy. Just look for a website that looks legit. Now check if they have the medicine that you need. Check if they require a prescription. Now check the price of the medicine and if there are any discount or coupons that you can take advantage of. After determining the price, check if you can afford it and if you can use your credit card. Submit your order then check out. These steps can be done in less than an hour while sitting at the comfort of your home. Who wouldn’t want it?

This is the reason why online filling of prescription is very popular. It is hassle free and if you are lucky, you can get discounts and free pills. Before placing that order though, here are the things that you need to know about online pharmacies.

  1. Not all online pharmacies are legit. Only 4% are according to the Food and Drugs Administration
  2. Not all online pharmacies offer legit medicines, some are offering fake, counterfeit, substandard and expired drugs, be aware
  3. Not all online pharmacies are based in places they claim they were. Some are based in the virtual world they created, just inside your computers or smartphones. Once they have your information, they will easily disappear without a trace.
  4. Not all online pharmacies have licensed pharmacists. If you need to know something, someone who doesn’t even understand what they are talking about will answer your queries. They got the answer from Google
  5. Not all online pharmacies use secure websites. Some are using template websites that are prone to malware
  6. Not all online pharmacies offer legal medicines. Some online pharmacies are selling illegal substances like in the black market
  7. Not all online pharmacies ask for a prescription when dispensing Rx medicines. Most just want to get your money and don’t care whether you are really required to take an Rx drug or not

There are other things that you should watch out for when looking for an online pharmacy to trust. Not all internet drugstores can be trusted. The truth is, only a few are. Imagine, in the last 10 years, the FDA had closed down at least 2,000 illegal online pharmacies!


Purchasing medicine online surely has risks and benefits associated with it. As long as you know how to criticize or judge an internet drugstore, you will be safe from becoming a victim of scam or fraud. For safer online buying, know what to watch out for. Check for red flags, regardless of how legit a website might look like. If it comes with too much positive feedback, try to look at third-party sources. If the prices are too low, check with other internet drugstores. Maybe it is the regulated price online for your specific medicine! Always compare two or three websites until you find the best store that suits all you’re the requirements of a legit online pharmacy.

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